7 Gym Problems that Only happen in Winter

Hey Peeps,

I live in the UK and it seems to have gotten down to BALTIC temperatures overnight. So I thought I’d share with you the unexpected, yet mandatory issues I have to go through as a frequent gym-goer…I hope I’m not alone here…

1. Not Wanting To Go

Ok this one may occur all year round, but I thought I’d start out with the obvious. Waking up and feeling pinned down by your warm, toasty duvet is clearly a sign telling you not to venture out into Narnia…and for me, being a student renting out a house, it’s seeing my own breath in my room that does it.

2. All black erythaang

So that gym wardrobe you’ve just tried so hard to collect and refine over summer? Yeah forget about that. If you’re a frequent class go-er, you’ll sense the change in seasons, not by looking out the window, but by everyone else’s wardrobe choice. It all starts to go very grey/black/greens with a slight hint of colour because, well, you’re at the gym, bright colours somewhere are acceptable. But if you’re planning on heading to a class with your bubblegum pink top with your turquoise leggings and yellow Nike trainers on, you go for it, just know you won’t go unnoticed amongst the sea of black. It’s cool. I do it with some bright trainers every now and again.


3. Layers

The walk to the gym, whether it’s from the car or a half hour trek (yes, being a student really does suck at times), you’re gonna need the extra layers. When I mean ‘extra’ I mean that heap of clothes that have a permanent position in your room somewhere for you to just pick up and grab when you need…no? just me? Cool. Well, it will definitely consist of a scarf, gym jacket, jumper, coat, beanie and gloves (optional if you’re smart and have pockets). Be prepared to take an hour delayering before you workout and another hour to redress.

4. Cold Ankles

After layering up so much so you can’t put your hands above your head, there’s one part of your body where you’re defeated…those damn ankles. Why most this joint be so difficult! First you cut and bleed out for 10 minutes when shaving and now you’re just awkward to cover up and keep warm. So now the small shaving scars are on full show, goosepimpley from the cold.

5. Having enough of ‘summer bodies made in the winter’

Now that you’ve made it to the gym, you’ve done the hard part. I love my class instructors, don’t get me wrong, but to hear the same phrase over and over drives me nuts. If you don’t know what I mean and have just come across this saying for the first time, then 1) I envy you, and 2) it has the same effect as the whole ‘new year new me’ that’s waiting for us at New Years. Annoying. And if anything, the people you need to be saying this to is the ones that aren’t working out…unlike us! tumblr_mzbbtsUFH01r7bagdo1_1280

6. Shrivelling up in the showers

Ahhh, the end of the workout (and post). If you don’t make the most of the warm, hot water on your skin before heading out into the winter temperatures again then you’re doing it wrong. So much so, your fingertips turn into pink raisin-like things. When you see that sign, thats not only you telling yourself you need to start getting dressed, its your actual body. But..just one more minute..

7. Being Abnormally Red

This is something thats normal when in hand with working out if you’ve not had the extra long shower. After what feels like you’ve had a sweat shower, it’s time to leave the gym and walk home/to your car (‘to your car’ people, I envy you). Everyone else is the same colour as the frost on your car that morning, meanwhile you’re almost luminous red, like a pink highlighter. You don’t blend, you don’t cool down quick, and the only way to do so is to get outside into the minus temperature, in front of normal coloured people. Great.

These are all but a few issues I face in this winters gym season. I hope at least one person can relate to one of them! Please let me know – I love hearing from you guys and it makes me laugh to know we’re struggling together! If anyone has any more struggles comment below!

Love Life, Lexi!


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