Top 5 Struggles of being a Student Gym Bunny

Hey peeps!

It’s the christmas break over here in the UK which means I’ve escaped the cold, damp walls of student accommodation and returned back to a warm, toasty home. However, it’s got me thinking about the every day struggles that I, a student gym bunny, have to go through and am left wondering if there’s anyone else that can relate??…Here goes..

1. Overcompensating on food

We’ve gone roughly three months living on a budget rifling through the reduced aisle, filling up on hot drinks rather than actual food and having odd dinners as, sometimes, sweetcorn, Heinz beans and a baguette is all you have in. Glamorous life as a student, I know. But now you’re back in what feels like a giant, fresh pantry full of life’s dreams…you tend to over-eat. And my over-eat I mean just eating for the sake of it because A) its free B) it’s good C) you’re back at uni in 3 weeks and need a good feedin’! It’s all bitter sweet really once you begin to notice the love handles coming back *sigh*.

2. Having to do an outrageous amount of washes (£££!)

Gym = sweat. Sweat = Smell. Smell = Wash. The weekly routine of someone who attends the gym/gym classes on a daily basis. One highly domestic thing I’ve noticed since being at uni, is that washing tablets are f*cking expensive. And so using the washing machine (power, electricity). But for hygienic reasons, I’ve started to wash the same clothes, week in week out. I get that this is normal for people, for a student, it’s really not. Trust me.

3. Choosing Gym over Studying


This too is a daily occurrence for me. At the end of the day, I’m at university to study and get the best grade possible. But sometimes I need that release I get from gym classes…being adrenaline, stress relief ect. I feel like it refreshes me and therefore enables me to focus more on my work. But I’m sure some of you will agree with me, when you see someone in workout clothes or post-workout…JEALOUSY. Instantly.

4. Constantly avoiding a hangover

The beauty of university is that there will always be somewhere to go no matter what time or day of the week. But once you catch the workout bug, you seem to tailor how your nights go (if you decide to actually go out in the end). Whether its just two drinks or none, a 1am job or a 4am job, a salad and pitta or a full on kebab…you will find a way to avoid the hangover. Nothing is worse than working out with a piercing headache or being on the brink of barfing!

5. Forgetting about normal clothes

Living half an hours walk away from my university campus and gym, I tend to try and kill 2 birds with one stone by wearing my workout clothes throughout the day in prep for my gym class later than evening. This means I don’t have to venture back to my dingy student house to get changed. But this can also mean that no one ever see’s you in normal, every day clothes. EVER. You almost forget what you own as it’s been so long. You’ll forever be the girl constantly dressed head to toe in lycra!


So there you have it, my top 5 struggles being a Uni Gym Bunny. Please tell me there’s others that have similar problems such as these?! Otherwise, this is awkward…

Let me know any of your issues. Is most of your money based being students and all?

Love Life, Lexi!

5 thoughts on “Top 5 Struggles of being a Student Gym Bunny

  1. This christmas I cant eat proper food, since my tooth started aching and I had to go to the dentist and it is still sore. But then again, I don’t feel like working out when I haven’t had enough sleep and a normal food (not just tea and yogurt)


    • Tooth ache is the worst. Head back to your dentist, I didn’t and if I left it for a further 3 months I would’ve had to go through root canal!! Once they get it fixed you’ll be able to see things clearer and (most importantly) start eating food and workout! x


      • They gave me the root canal treatment, which was SO painful, like seriously my entire mouth ached after my visit, but it’s better now and hopefully can start working out soon


      • I feel for you!! Since that comment ive been flossing and brushing like never before! Thats great though, ill be sure to follow your progress hun x


      • thank you 😀 atleast I went to the dentist at the right time, like it would have been worse when I would have been out of town :O And it is a chance to get over my dentist fear 😀


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