Tips for Sticking to My Workout Resolution

Hey Peeps!

Thanks again for the 200 followers! It’s been a while I know, but I have good reason. My university work and lifestyle has completely swallowed me up this term – in a good way. My works flowing and my workouts are killing me! Also, my new years resolutions seem to be going good too. So I’d thought I’d share with you ways that help me stick to a workout routine and most importantly, my resolution!

1. Be in the right frame of mind

Whenever you choose to start your detox/exercise journey, it’s almost compulsory to be in the right frame of mind to succeed. Just start when you can and when your head is in the right space. I think many people will agree, starting to diet when all you want to do is eat crap will never work. Do it on a day where you just ‘know’…yano? It doesn’t matter that it’s not the first of the month. Guarantee you’ll do better than the people that force it because it’s the first day of the new year.


2. Tailor your day

Making time and space for a workout can make all the difference. Especially when it gets to that free time and you’re not doing so, it makes you feel bad or guilty even that you’re not using this time that you set it aside for. Just don’t think about it and determine that time slot as your workout time and nothing else. Having your day shaped out in front of you can also help you get in the right head space referring to no. 1!

3. Have your workout clothes ready to go

A way to enjoy your workouts more, is the clothing. It’s all very exciting when you buy new workout gear/gadgets as you just can’t wait to use them! A way to keep the excitement is to have your outfit laid out and ready for the morning/evening/whenever. (Pretty outfits also help with this)


4. Fitness Classes: Book in advance

As I’m more of a class-taker than a gym-goer, I like to find classes at the right time for me everyday in order to get a routine fixed in place. The way my gym works, is you can book up to a week in advance. This means that I can get my next week sorted a whole week before. This gives me time to adjust and (referring to no. 1 again) get in the right head space for the upcoming classes. So if you have the opportunity to book in advance – do it!

Also the cancellation system my gym has is a real pain in the arse as you have to call up to do so every time. Very clever on their behalf as more often than not… I’ll end up going!!

5. Listen to workout music before

On the half hour walk to University, I like to (AGAIN jees) get in the right frame of mind. Having a good ‘pump up’ music blasting in my ears as I walk gets me in a real feel good mood and motivates me to do the best I’ve ever done or lift the heaviest I have in the class that’s coming up. If you don’t walk blast it in the car. You’ll notice the difference once you find the right tunes.


6. Wearing workout clothes throughout the day

If you’re like me, you prefer an evening workout before dinner and bed, wear your workout clothes as your outfit for the day. At university, I’m not too bothered about fashion or ‘who’ i’m wearing. No one really cares anyway. So why not blend in with all the other sporto’s and wear your gym clothes? You look hot as hell anyway so ditch the knee high boots and camel floor length coat and get your trainers on! It’s also a reminder that you have a workout to do and that wearing workout clothes would be pointless without it.

7. Tracking Kcal burnt

Since I got my fitbit Charge HR (BIG LOVE!) I have gone all out to reach my many goals that are adjustable and steps. It can sync with My fitness pal too so you’re able to see calorie intake as well as an accurate calorie outtake. Having these figures on paper in front of you can motivate you more than you know. I was totally unaware that I’m walking 6,000 steps everyday just to get to and from university – thats over 300kcal burnt already.


My ultimate motivator. I have it in plum too – any questions just ask!

Whats your trick in sticking to a workout/healthy lifestyle? It’s so interesting knowing different peoples ways to keeping on track.

ALSO, if you want me to do a blogpost on my gorgeous FitBit Charge HR just say – I’m more than happy to share details and add you guys as friends for a bit of healthy competition! Comment below xx

Love Life, Lexi!

8 thoughts on “Tips for Sticking to My Workout Resolution

      • Speaking of anxiety, I think I have a little hint of it. And it’s only come up in the past year or so. It only crops up when I’m in a situation I don’t feel safe in and my body just tends to go into panic mode. So situations like being on a plane, too many loud noises at once, cramped bus/public transport. My natural reaction is to cry and let it out that way…it’s just odd that it’s come all of a sudden now and I can’t really work it out. (Thanks btw xxx)

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      • Only in certain situations like planes ect. I’m absolutely fine in everyday life – it’s just sometimes I find myself in situations that my body and mind doesn’t like and I’m not sure where it all comes from.

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  1. Thanks for these awesome tips! It’s helpful to remember these things when I’m feeling discouraged. Packing my bag with my workout clothes the night before definitely helps me. And I agree with you about cute workout clothes – I just bought some cheap active wear from Old Navy and I can’t WAIT until it arrives. 🙂


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