My Secrets to Dieting

Hey peeps,

Just want to say thanks for all the great feedback I’ve had – it’s so lovely to know people are supporting you out there and/or like what kinda stuff you’re writing for them.

Now for me, I don’t really tend to look at a ‘diet‘ the same way everyone else probably does – and that may be one of the reasons why it works so well…guess this starts me off for number 1!

1. Be Realistic

Do what’s right for you and your body. Everyone is different, I think we all know that by now. But what I mean by this is that, little changes to your diet can surprise you. I tend to think that drastically cutting out carbs or saturated fats is a recipe for disaster if your body isn’t used to it. My whole life I’ve pretty much lived off carbs, fish and vegetables as I’m not a fan of meat in general. So for me to go on the Atkins diet (no carbs) would be ridiculous as I’d have no energy to workout on top of that whatsoever!

Basically, just do what you know what make you hate yourself for dieting – thats the trick!

2. Little Steps

Dieting can be a scary thought for people who haven’t tried it before. So to follow a diet that’s very alien to you would be a bad move. It could almost scare people away (it would to me). Little steps towards eating healthier is the way forward! Try the following:

  • cutting down on portion sizes slowly but surely

  • healthier replacements (sweet potato, brown pasta ect)

  • less/healthier snacking

3. Change your Plate Proportion

If, like me, you struggle to cut your portion sizes down, try changing the proportion of the food on your plate. What I mean is, try going from 70% carbs 20% protein 10% veg (that makes 100% right?) Up the protein and veg but it’s crucial to remember to decrease the carbs whilst you do so…otherwise you’ve got yourself a mountain of food to get through and thats not helping anybody.



4. Ditch the scales

I know this seems silly, considering we all diet to lose weight. But I HATE weighing myself. I think it’s dangerous to focus so much on the figures when actually, these little numbers that you see between your toes are gonna change – up & down – for reasons other than your weight. Time of the month being a main contributor.

I’m 5ft 9/10″ so I’m always going to be on the heavier side even at my slimmest so – there’s never really been a point to focus on the numbers.

Base your dieting on how GOOD you feel and how you SEE your body, not those stupid numbers that fluctuate when you breathe in more air.



5. Nibble 

I’ve found that by eating slower, you actually don’t eat as much. Recently, I’ve been into Celebrity Big Brother (don’t judge) and find that I can’t multitask (eat & watch) while watching it. So that ends up in me eating very slowly and minimal bites as they end up falling off on the way up as I’m too busy watching the latest drama unfold.

Anyway, 9/10 I don’t end up eating the whole plate as I’m full so….watch big brother…I mean eat slow.

6. Brush Your Teeth

I’m assuming you do this twice a day anyway, but brushing your teeth after dinner can stop you from snacking on any naughty treats in the late evening….because the taste is f*ing grim.

7. Log your food

You’ve probably heard this step before, but tracking what you eat is a really insight for me. I use MyFitness Pal (Katy ferguson – add me!) and it really puts things into perspective in terms of fat levels, protein, sodium and calories. The important thing is to be honest with yourself.


Aaah the day of the week where you can eat whatever you want. I tend not to go all out in the day as I know I’m planing for a naughty dinner (mac n cheese normally lol). But, it helps me get through the week.


So there are just a few points that help me stick to my diet whilst still loving food as much as I did before! What are your tricks? Let me know – I’d love to see if they work on me!

Comment if you do any of the above to help too!

Love Life, Lexi!


12 thoughts on “My Secrets to Dieting

  1. Excellent tips I have found that I am awful at dishing up a dinner far bigger than I actually need or want but it looks silly having a half empty plate so I actually bought smaller dinner plates and that has really helped.


  2. Thanks for the tips. I find myself going back to my festive eating habits now and then.
    These will be really useful for getting back to healthy eating


  3. Great tips! Love the suggestion to be realistic! With ~100 lbs to lose, along with terrible eating habits to break, cutting all carbs & sugar out completely wouldn’t set me up to be successful. Thank you!


  4. Love this post!! Thanks for sharing
    Glad about finding your blog and instagram because of your comment on my blog. You’re great! xxx


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