Beauty Problems of a Gym Girl

Hey fellow fitness bloggers,

As a 20yr old active student who’s into beauty, and I mean fully caught up in it all (watching makeup tutorials and hacks on youtube for hours, spending ludicrous amounts on eyebrow wax), I come across hygiene/appearance issues daily. I can’t be alone here surely?! Hence why I’ve decided to list a few down to you in order for you to reassure me on this one girls…hehe.


I thought I’d start with the most obvious and frequent problem I have with working my butt off in the gym. Every time I break a sweat, dead skin, excess oil and even bacteria can become trapped underneath the skin, causing me to grow what looks like a second head the next day. Not fun. It’s almost like a punishment for exercising!! What is this! Now, of course there are ways to avoid these spots – perhaps thats another post for the future? Let me know if you’re intrigued in the comments peeps!

2. Sweaty Hair

This is, probably the most frustrating issue I have with being a gym bunny. Washing your hair becomes almost a daily occurrence and for someone with crazily long, thick hair (words of my hairdresser) I can safely say I DO NOT enjoy washing my hair. But the feeling of sweat being left by the roots of your hair makes it feel the same as it would if I left it for 10 days. So, another beauty punishment to add to exercising. Hello dry shampoo!



3. B.O

I don’t mean this one as in while you’re working out – that is totally cool – actually, it might be more weird if you didn’t smell of B.O in a gym/class. ANYWAY, my point is. Does anyone else workout in the morning, shower and feel totally self-conscious that you still smell? Sometimes I get the feeling that I do when I used nearly half a bottle of body scrub. I dunno, maybe it’s all the sweat that’s still stuck in your hair – ew.

4. Suitable Makeup

As previously mentioned, I’m into beauty. So going to the gym without ANYTHING on my face is a big no no. And just to be clear, it’s not for anyone or to impress anyone, it’s for me. I don’t like to clog my face up with foundation, so I like to substitute it with some tinted moisturiser. The rest includes making myself look human so: eyebrows, mascara and a bit of concealer where needed. I feel like that’s ok right?!

5. Shaving

You never know what’s going to happen in a fitness class. But having hairy legs or armpits when an instructor (especially male) is walking around the room and offering help with technique i.e TOUCHING LEGS, is nerve-wracking to say the least. If you opt for the full length leggings then I salute you – where were you when I purchased all the three-quarter lengths! Does anyone else realise last minute that they’re king kong on the lower legs and quickly shave the calf and shin??? just me? Ok.



6. Bra Support

When you’ve been made to do jumping jacks or skipping in a class, it’s then you realise you should’ve spent the extra tenner and got the high impact bra. Once you notice them almost whacking you in the face through looking in the mirror, you just can’t stop looking…and soon you think “everyone in this room are looking at my boobs moving from the floor to the ceiling like their flubber“. Opt for high support no matter what…

7. Hair falling out

So seeing as in number 6 we’re doing big jumpy movements (not the technical term), there’s nothing worse than watching your perfectly braided hair or pony tail gradually become non-existant. And it’s not like you want to stop your workout to fix it either…talk about being stuck between a rock and a hard place!!

8. Applying post-workout makeup

There’s nothing worse than, having done your workout and showered and got all dressed and ready, than having to wait for your face to de-redden. I try everything, splash with water, fan myself, sit and wait. Nothing works fast enough so I end up applying foundation to my beetroot face making me go a weird red/orange sunset colour.  *sigh* I’ve normally given up by this point.


9. Mix n Matching

I’m all for creative gym outfits and making the most of the clothes that you have. It’s more fun that way. But at the end of the week – you may be left with clean clothes that make a pretty weird combination. And you just have to go with it.


I hope you saw some similarities in these points…comment below the numbers that you found matched your 21st century beauty/gym problems!

Is there anything else beauty & gym related that frustrates you?

Love Life, Lexi!




12 thoughts on “Beauty Problems of a Gym Girl

  1. so much to relate to here!!! after I cut my hair shorter the sweaty hair became less of a problem because I could wash it or dry shampoo and blow dry it really quickly…but that comes with the new problem of not being able to put it all up and having the warmest neck ever working out! great post x


  2. Ahahaha! Yes you are not alone. I’ve been experiencing this sort of new weird issue.. Greasy/sweaty hair, continuing even after I shower… I swear I need to wash it twice now. It’s so annoying! And the post workout makeup is pretty awful too! At least I’m not alone!


    • Its literally so annoying right!! The amount of batiste i buy now lol! Im so glad you enjoyed it and that you can relate… Im glad im not alone too – we can all be greasy/sweaty together!


  3. I feel you on the makeup thing, I don’t like going to the gym bare faced! I mean I will sometimes. And it’s totally not to impress anyone. But I feel more confident when I look like a normal, bright eyed human, and more confidence=better workout for me. A little BB cream and mascara does wonders.


    • Yes I’m the same! I hate the thought of people looking at me thinking I’ve put on this makeup for every one else at the gym… let’s just get on with each others workouts shall we haha! Glad you enjoyed this xx

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I relate to lots of these!! Especially the sweaty roots and red face. What kind of dry shampoo works best for you? And if you find a solution to the red face not going away fast enough please let me know!!


    • I use Batiste dry shampoo and it really is my SAVIOUR, you should check out all their different ones if you haven’t already! AMAZING. Yes I’ll be sure to let you know if there’s a solution for tomato + Makeup face, I have circuits in the day tomorrow so it’s the perfect opportunity! x

      Liked by 1 person

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