Gym Habits I Need To Stop

Hello fellow bloggers,

Before I get into the meaty bits of this blog post, I just wanna say that I reached 50 blog posts! Im chuffed with myself for persevering with this blog and giving you guys some interesting, funny (I hope) and relatable blog posts. That’s all I wanted from this. So thanks for all of you support!

Anyways, as you’ve read the title, this is me sharing with you some habits that I’ve picked up along my fitness journey, not sure where from, but they’re frickin’ annoying. Do you have the same?

1.  Forgetting to eat

Some days at university can get pretty hectic. Lectures, seminars, gym classes, study sessions, all with me living half an hour away from the campus with no means of getting there other than walking (the bus makes me anxious).

In amongst this, I tend to forget to feed my body before a workout. I know. Forgetting to eat is a crime. But not to worry, I’ve worked out on an empty stomach before and it really wasn’t pretty. Shops are everywhere around uni so I can easily grab something to stuff my face with. Its just…annoying.

2. Mistiming meals

This point may seem contradictory to number one, but it seems whenever I DO eat, I mistime it all to the point where I get stitches whilst working out. People must have done this with me surely…What even are stitches?! They’re the most frustrating little knot that stops you from doing something you’re very capable of doing. ANNOYING.



3. Stopping when there’s pain

More often than not, in gym classes I have to remind myself that PAIN is GOOD. It’s so easy to stop working when that lactic acid starts to build. But science proves that you’re changing your body when that pain hits, and pushing through the pain is where you make your progress. Having your head switched on and focussed on not giving in is when this habit disappears…it’s just remembering to do so 24/7 is what I struggle with.

4. Drinking TOO much water

In a lot of my cardio classes (step n tone, GRIT cardio, ALBT), instructors allow time slots for you to take a sip of water. Note: A SIP. I tend to get carried away and think I’m going to collapse if I don’t half empty my bottle. Why? I don’t know. What I do know, is that I end up so bloatey and watery…you know what i mean? When you’re jumping around and you can hear and feel the water inside that you just drank…yeah, uncomfortable. I should stop that.



5. Paranoia 

I think a lot of people can relate to this when working out. Mainly for me, it’s at the gym. A horrible place for students to judge, stare, make feel uncomfortable. Nope, not for me. Luckily, I have my classes to escape to where, frankly, no one gives a shit what you look like, they’re too busy doing the same thing as you. But maybe I need to get over this paranoid, self-conscious thing and go to the gym. After all, I’m not doing it for anyone else. Hm..

6. Going easy on the stretches

My class instructors are constantly telling me that stretching is just as important as the work you’ve just done. However, some classes don’t allow much time for excessive stretching, making you feel like you need a good oiling in all your joints the next day. I kind of accept that. When actually…maybe I should set aside some time to focus on my muscles.

Saying that, I’ve recently joined an Holistic Conditioning class on Fridays. It’s Pilates/Yoga inspired but each movement is done with one breath in and the next on the way out and so on. It’s such a nice end to the week after going HAM at gym classes and lets you focus on a bit a self lovin. Maybe I’ve nearly got rid of this habit??



7. Routine

Ok yes. This one I’m guilty of. I like to get my routine, and stay in it. And I’m well aware this isn’t good for your muscles, but it’s so hard changing routines when you have classes at the same time on the same day doing the same kinda stuff! I think I should prioritise a bit and switch up my schedule.

There you have it. One honest and open blog post about my gym habits.

It would be more than reassuring to know if another people did the same type of things! If not, share and share alike…whats your habits? No judging here, promise.

Love Life, Lexi!


9 thoughts on “Gym Habits I Need To Stop

  1. I am guilty of some of the same things. Being self-conscious, drinking too much water, not stretching enough, and doing the same classes over and over. I do a lot of Les Mills classes and they tend to repeat the same moves. Sometimes I wonder if I need to do something different, but I love working out with others. It’s a catch 22 situation.


    • I’m not completely hooked on the GRIT series Les Mills has released, but maybe thats because I’m reluctant to change my routine of classes! I know exactly what you mean, stuck between a rock and a hard place…

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