Lazy Gym Day Hacks

Hey peeps!

Hope everyone is well and your fitness journeys are going swimmingly! I’m just about to reach 250 followers…eek! Motivation levels at it’s peak! I’m thinking about setting up an instagram and twitter for this blog too – what do you think?

After a week of finally deciding what I want to do with my life after university (Digital and social media marketing), I’ve been having a bit of a lazy weekend. And the fact that its valentines day. Ok so you caught me slipping..I can’t be alone though right?

Here’s some lazy gym girl fitness hacks that help me push through a workout when I really really don’t wanna. Hope it helps…

1. Caffeine

We all know that sluggish morning feeling where all you want is your duvet to cuddle you back. The motivating voice inside your head has gone AWOL and all that seems to make you even think about moving is coffee. Get some down ya neck and rinse the energy that comes with it by working out. After all, it’s all the energy you’re gonna get for today.


2. Lie in

Admittedly, that last point assumed you all liked coffee. My bad. So try this one. Have a lie in, and ENJOY IT. This can almost help knock the laziness out of you for the rest of the day seeing as ‘I had a lie in this morning’ tends to kickstart some motivation from within me…and plus, who hates a lie in!

3. Pack Early

Packing your clothes the night before, or having them laid out for you can help to get your workout mind set on from the start. Just don’t think about it, get into them and you’ll feel awful for even think about changing out of them. Also, it helps if they’re pretty.

4. Commute Change

If you know you’re not gonna make it to the gym, whatever you do today, do it in the most active way possible. Whether it’s riding a bike, walking or a light jog to get from A to B, it all helps.

If you are heading to the gym and you know it’s gonna be not your greatest workout, do the same – it all adds up!


Young woman running by the beach

5. Floor Work

Lying on the floor is always the best part of an exercise class or workout at the gym. So if it’s a lazy day, why not have your whole workout based on the floor? Some donkey kicks, planks, crunches, tricep dips, press ups. Sorted.

6. Short Sessions

Again, if you know it’s a lazy day and you’re not gonna do your best. Don’t over complicate things and go for a 45 min-1hour workout. A simple 30 minutes HIIT session can do just the same, if not more. And you spend less time working out.

7. Walk During Phonecalls

If, like me, you know that by calling that one person, you’ll be behind schedule for a couple of hours, why not go for a walk during? Buring calories for having a chat…yes please.

8. Don’t leave the sofa

Home workouts are probably the best lazy gym hack, and if you don’t wanna leave your sofa…don’t! Tricep dips, planks & press ups (feet on the sofa) can all be done…whilst watching tv too. Bliss.



9. Or even your bed!

If the sofa is too much being all the way downstairs, why not do some workouts in bed? Donkey kicks, toe touches, leg raises ect are all possible. Super lazy right? It’s great!

10. Go Slow

If you simply don’t have the energy for HIIT/cardio sessions, crank up that resistance and lower the reps (if you want). A calm, collected and peaceful workout. Maybe this is one for a hangover?

11. Music Pump Up

Listening to some of your favourite gym tracks that motivate, pump you up and get you raring to go can kickstart your energy levels ready for the gym. Get changed into gym gear,  go for a walk with your power tunes and see where it takes you – you may just end up in the gym. If not, then you’ve done a walk!

12. Multitask

Add some weights for some resistance in toning exercises. With a forward lunge do a forward raise, side lunge with a bicep curl and a wide squat with an upright row. Can’t go wrong and saves a ton of time!


13. Water

If you can’t be bothered to cook, drink some water. It suppresses your hunger for a while longer so you can get some extra rest in. Up until that point, cook! I am in no way promoting liquid diet peeps…


Chocolate, some new workout gear or some pampering time. Anything that makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside and acts as a congratulations for being not so lazy on your lazy day!



There you have it! Some hacks that help me through the dark, dingey days of laziness. I hope some work for you! Do you do any of these yourself? 

Also, HAPPY VALENTINES DAY EVERYONE! Did you notice the subtle number 14 in my blog posts hehe (14th Feb).

Any questions or just fancy a chat – comment below!

Love Life, Lexi!

4 thoughts on “Lazy Gym Day Hacks

  1. ahh totally love this post! I have the same idea in my list to write about soon so really enjoyed reading this! Hope you don’t mind if I reblog this on my page? One other thing I find works for me is buying some new activewear – totes a motivation booster when you’re not feeling the workout vibe (and let’s face it – you can never have enough activewear right?) x


    • That’s cool – I always do that!! Thanks for checking out my blog hun, of course you can reblog it! That’s what bloggings all about, I’ll be sure to give you a follow. Thanks again xxx


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