The Most Annoying Gym Questions

Hey peeps!

Before this blog post starts, I just wanna let you know I’ve opened up some new social media platforms for this blog so you can follow my life a bit more personally if you wanted! Check my recent blog post on it if you’re interested.

After a long, stressful week, I seemed to be getting more and more snappy with people. Whether it was the usual victim (my boyfriend), my poor friends or my family, they all felt the wrath of a stressed Katy. AND IM REALLY SORRY!

But a couple of questions I’ve been asked this week have really been bugging me, I’m not sure if thats the short-tempered stressy vibe I’ve adopted this week or just a clearer mindset but…I thought I’d share to see if they annoy everyone else as much as they do me. (it’s cool if not, I know I can be an aggymaggie sometimes).

1. “You eat loads, but you’re skinny?”

Yes. I eat. Like a human would do. Food is way to good to cut out drastically, I like my food ok! I just tend to watch what I eat a bit more when I’m wanting to lose weight and tone up. To be honest, this question tends to come from girls that attend the gym 4 days before their holiday in the hope that they wake up looking like GiGi Hadid. Yeah – I kinda have to keep my cool and smile.

Plus, where do they think all my energy comes from to then be able to workout? *sigh*



2. “You actually lift weights?”

This question is a judging type of question. A question that normally comes with a raised eyebrow look and snarled lip. Again, it’s from the same type of girl as mentioned above. One who is all cardio and no weights. Thats totally cool, I have nothing against that for sure! But what I do find hard, is that some girls think that by picking up a 4kg dumbbell you’re going to immediately turn into Arnie. No hun, not the case.

Resistance training comes out on top when wanting to burn calories and lose weight. And you won’t be getting that Kim K booty on the treadmill that’s for sure.


3. *see’s you’re wearing gym kit* “Are you going to the gym today?”

Na just squeezed into this teeny tiny sports bra that makes me look as flat chested as an Action Man for fun. Oh and chose the option to get harassed by random, sad old men on my walk into uni due to me wearing tight lycra *squirms*, just for the sh*ts and giggles.

Yeah I’m going to the gym.



4. “Why do I hurt so much?”

Because you worked out, that’s kinda what happens.

It’s then followed with, “no, i don’t think you understand how much it hurts”, UHM YEAH yeah I do I was right next to you in that class, doing the same thing remember?

I feel like this post is getting more and more catty…oh well.


5. “Are you okay?”

This is often asked to me when I’m gritting my teeth, pulling a weird probably scary looking face in the mirror within an exercise class. Actually, I don’t really blame them for thinking somethings wrong…but maybe, seeing as I’m exercising and pushing my body to the limits, they could’ve guessed I was okay.ting-wang-last-rep-face-gym

6.”Do you not feel the pain?”

This is asked whilst they’ve stopped, not finished the set, to ask me a question. I’m not quite sure what pain they’re talking about seeing as they’ve given up!! But yeah I do, you push through it as much as you can – that’s when your body will change. Not when you stop at the first signs of uncomfortableness. Thats a better term for it, it’s not PAIN. Pain is dislocating your shoulder or breaking your leg. It’s just uncomfortable for however long you choose.


I’m gonna stop here before I end up offending someone – which is totally NOT my intention here! It’s just some light-hearted observations that have grated on me so I thought I’d make the best out of a bad situation and blog! Sue me!

It is a little different to what I normally do but I hope you guys liked it the same if not more. Let me know what you thought of it in the comments! Do you have an annoying question that winds you up beyond belief? Share it with me – I love hearing from you. Honest.

Love Life, Lexi!

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21 thoughts on “The Most Annoying Gym Questions

  1. I’m not a huge fan of the term “newbies” because it feels a bit condescending or derogatory sometimes, but there’s no other term I can use right now. It sounds like a bunch of newbs have been talking to you. ^_^ lol I’ve actually said that first comment about eating before but that was always to my fellow “older” people when we’re looking at teenagers stuffing their faces with about a thousand calories in one meal and we know they don’t exercise. Their bodies are soft and skinny rather than any kind of toned.

    That “Are you okay” question is viable though. Your face probably looks like it’s in a severe amount of pain and they just want to make sure you’re not injured and trying to push past it. Makes me laugh thinking about it though. Usually my eyes are closed when I get to the grunting, OMG-THIS-SERIOUSLY-BURNS stage of exercising so I can’t see how I look. But other people in the house give a shout out that I sound like I’m dying. LOL ^_^ Very helpful people. My fat is dying! My weakness is dying! And then the next day I feel more like, OMG my legs died.

    That last one they’re just voicing their amazement on how much will power and dedication you have that you can force yourself through the burn that they can’t deal with. It’s a compliment even if it is voiced in a weird sort of way. 😉

    Weights though. They’re worried they’re going to beef up. No one’s told them they should do both cardio and strength training for optimum results.

    Holy cow! This was way too long! =O Enjoyed reading your post. ^_^;


    • Hahaha thats totally fine – I loved reading through it, I can totally see your thought processes before they even come if I’m honest hehe. With regards to the last one, everyone thats spoken to be has actually thought that weights is just for boys and that it only builds muscle and doesn’t have any other advantages – thats kinda where I was going with it!! But I’m so glad you enjoyed it and felt like you could relate, even if it was just to the one point! That’s what I aim to do when I blog so yay! Thanks for stopping by and commenting Katie (p.s, we have the same name) x


  2. Haha love this! Especially the bit about lifting weights! Personally I think weights/resistance exercises are an integral part of any training plan. Strong is beautiful!


  3. I get the “you lift weights?!” thing all the time too! Lifting is what took my weight loss and fitness to the next level though! These common questions are great. 🙂


  4. Haha if people saw me in the gym they’d think I was dying of something lol! The faces I pull are horrendous! If I told them to shoulder press 16kg dumbells they’d probably make the same damn face lol!

    Great post – made me chuckle

    Liked by 1 person

      • It’s only improved in the last month – the PT has been really helpful with that! I hadn’t moved away from 10s, like ever before that!


  5. Awesome post! Your first section on ‘you eat loads – but you’re skinny’ is brilliant. There is a reason why athletes Eat and Train. There is no reason to ‘diet’ (…in the generic sense of the term) if you work out


  6. That tank top! Love it.

    I usually find that Random Gym Males (RGM) will think that either I don’t know what I’m doing, or that I need them to show them how to do things “properly.”

    The worst though, is the more unconscious bias I get from male trainers who assume I need to start at really low weights because I’m a girl. Or assume that I can’t do a push up except from my knees. Shout out to the trainers (male or female) who holler at me to stop wasting time and up my weights!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Wow, i think that just wound me up just from reading it!! Especially about men feeling the uncontrollable urge to show off. Really??? And people say women are bad for going to the gym and doing nothing!

      Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment x

      Liked by 1 person

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