Every Girls Thought Process In Their First Exercise Class

Hey peeps,

Thanks for all the support within the latest blog posts of mine, especially my recent on the most annoying gym questions! Loved your feedback. ALSO thanks for all the follows on my twitter and insta!

If you’re into exercise classes and enjoy this post – check out my Most Annoying People in a Fitness Class blog post!

On with the blog post, something a little different today but hopefully just as entertaining and relatable as all of my others. I’d like to see how similar my thought processes are in one of my first exercise classes in comparison to you lovely lot! These are all in jest and meant to be humorous…now I’ve said that they kinda have to be don’t they. Maybe you’ll read something familiar…let me know if you do!


  1. Is this the right studio?

  2. I’m guessing so…everyone’s in sports gear and loitering in random spaces

  3. I guess that’s how people mark their territory a.k.a where their space is

  4. I’m just gonna go at the back

  5. and hide

    *Instructor walks in*

  6. wow. she looks like she’s been chiseled out of marble.

  7. GOALS

  8. weights. ok everyones grabbing weights.

  9. I’ll stick with 1.5kgs

  10. literally everyones heavier than me

  11. lets get the 2’s

  12. right I’m ready

  13. water bottle full

  14. ticket handed in

  15. weights are at my feet

  16. no backing out now

  17. or can I quickly sneak ou-

  18. nope she’s started

  19. ok there really is no backing out


Warm Up

  1. JESUS that mic screech

    *music starts playing*

  2. I could so pre-drink to this CD

  3. I need it

  4. ok the warm up

  5. marching through…well I feel silly

  6. just spotted the overly keen older women in the corner

  7. she’s doing these marches like its an olympic sport

  8. aw

  9. i want to be her when I’m older

  10. she doesn’t give one sh*t

  11. missed that change to step curls, balls.

  12. too busy staring at the keen woman

  13. pretty sure I heard 5 different cracks doing those warm up squats

  14. I’m so out of sync with everyone

  15. they’re all so coordinated

  16. glad I’m at the back

  17. ok seriously is this still the warm up?

  18. this is a workout in itself

  19. I’m so hot already, is this normal

    *looks round at everyone else*

  20. nope. not normal.

  21. Time for the weights

  22. come on you 2’s

  23. holy crap how is she going to squat with 8kg’s in both hands

  24. firstly, how can she even pick them up

  25. am i holding these right

  26. I’m so gonna drop these weights

  27. my hands are too sweaty

  28. re-adjust

  29. ok here we go



Working out

  1. am i doing it?

  2. I’m doing it

  3. im squatting

  4. am i doing it right?

  5. i dunno but it hurts

  6. is it vain to keep looking in the mirror

  7. everyone else is doing it

  8. but why

  9. i look so gross i don’t wanna see that

  10. i’m just gonna look at the greek goddess of an instructor

  11. woah look at that girls bum

  12. do I look like that from behind?

  13. am i staring for a bit too long?

  14. think i am

  15. stop

  16. but its so peachy!

  17. GOALS

  18. ok concetrate

  19. weight through heels weight through heels

  20. wait what she said that was the last one

  21. not.fair.

  22. this is why I have trust issues

  23. ok phew last 2

  24. wait hold???

  25. she lied again

  26. fine i’ll hold

  27. ….

  28. ….

  29. christ almighty 

  30. ….

  31. 5, 4, 3, 2

  32. wait what, pulse? PULSE???! 

  33. fine i’ll pulse cos everyone else is

  34. ….

  35. ….

  36. 3, 2

  37. 8 singles???

  38. to loosen?? 

  39. tbf they are loosening.

  40. finally. done




  1. my legs are like jelly…how am I going to make it down the stairs I just came up

  2. is everyone else in as much pain as me?

  3. why am I so red? 

  4. uhm…and no one else is…

  5. am I not getting the benefits of the air con like others?

  6. maybe they know all the good spots

  7. oh wait I can feel it

  8. I’m just ridiculously unfit

  9. great.



Hit the floor

  1. ah, the long awaiting cool down

  2. why are we turning over onto our-

  3. oh. planks

  4. forgot about my abs…just like I have done all my life.

  5. I feel like my bums up in the air like i’m trying to twerk

  6. is she shouting ‘bums down’ aiming it at me?

  7. she’s coming over, oh god

  8. I feel like a nervous teenage boy

  9. yup. it was to me. she’s just shoved my hips down towards the floor

  10. this is making me shake

  11. can other people see me shaking?

  12. how embarrassing


Cool down

  1. I am not moving for at least 5 minutes

  2. pfft who am I kidding

  3. she scares me

  4. I’ll do whatever she tells me to

  5. leg up in the air

  6. omg its shaking uncontrollably

  7. what the hell

  8. i need to hold it

  9. it’s making my laces come undone

  10. standing up

  11. deffo did that too quick

  12. everyones still rolling up like it’s a yoga class

  13. do I go back down and join in or

  14. nope just gonna stand here

  15. upright

  16. waiting for them

  17. oooo a shin stretch

  18. everyone loves a good shin stretch

    *all the classic stretches*

  19. clapping

  20. ok everyones clapping

  21. I will too

  22. how american of me

  23. cool

  24. I did it

  25. now to fall down the stairs and call for help when I can’t get off the loo.


I hope everyone else’s thought processes were the same if not a bit similar at times to mine. Writing this post made me laugh. I did think not to post it as it wasn’t exactly the same as my usual posts – but if it makes me chuckle I’m hoping the majority of you find it funny too – even if it’s just a smirk or an inside laugh.

Any thought processes you found the same? Or any that I didn’t quite nail and cover? Let me know in the comments – it’s all out in the open now!

Love Life, Lexi!

Twitter: @lexilife95

Insta: lexilife95 





8 thoughts on “Every Girls Thought Process In Their First Exercise Class

  1. hahaha 😀
    19 – 41 of the work out section describes every squat track of every body pump class I have ever been to!!
    Coupled with “dammit why am I stupid enough to think I should do this with 20kg!!”

    also..I think this a lot: “what do you mean when you’re ready…you don’t mean that because if you were waiting until I was ready we would be doing this tomorrow!”


    • Hahaha – yes a lot of their catchphrases if you like get on my nerves too a little…some people prefer a softer approach while with me – I like to be shouted at and made to do it otherwise I never will!! x

      Thanks for reading and I’m glad you enjoyed it and found stuff to relate to! xx

      Liked by 1 person

      • The problem is finding interesting and inspiting/motivating things to say over and over again is tricky!

        I am totally different when in a class to when I am teaching a class…

        on my Insanity Instructor course I resorted to:
        “go lower in your press up for some reason!!” Apparently this is not as motivating as it could be!

        Liked by 1 person

    • Hiya! Hahaha that’ so interesting that we think the same things…I kinda hoped I wouldn’t be alone in this and that I wouldnt be looked at as a weirdo!! So glad you enjoyed, that’s all I ask for 🙂 Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment xx

      Liked by 1 person

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