What To Do After A Good Old Binge

Hello again people,

I thought this post is a very relevant one to me right now. As mentioned in My Reasons For A Bad Workout post, I’m home for the weekend. And being home for the weekend means FOOD. AND A LOT OF IT. Also, it’s a shed load of birthday celebrations in the family. So, I guess you could say I’m indulging right now. Like a pig in mud. And it’s great!!

But I thought maybe I could offer some tips and tricks (some of which I will be taking and doing myself when I return back to uni tomorrow) for any of you who’ve had a binge weekend or got one coming up or even just to keep in mind for the near future…

Let It Go

The first step after having some treats and throwing your diet out the window, is to be guilt free. It’s happened, it’s done and there’s nothing you can do about it. So why continue to feel bad and corrupt with guilt when actually, you really enjoyed it at the time (lets not kid ourselves), it was the best. You should never regret things when at the time it was exactly what you wanted. So don’t! Let’s just let it go and move on to where you are today.


Couldn’t not really could I. 

Sweat Session

Personally, a real good sweat sesh is what I need to make myself feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Head to the gym and crank up that treadmill, or whatever you do to get some beads running down your nose, and don’t stop. Keep it going until you’re happy and move onto the next exercise, faster than you can think to have a breath! (btw please don’t take this literally, I just mean have an awesome workout…I don’t want a law suit on me) Afterwards, when you’re drenched in your own sweat, it gives you that buzz that yeah, you’re back on track and it’s gonna stay that way.

Only Shop Clean

Chances are, if you’ve been away for the weekend, you won’t have any food in to scoff when you’re back. This is perfect as now you have the exact chance you needed – a chance to start FRESH. Only shop clean with a few minor treats to have throughout the week. Veg, fruit, protein, snacks. Sorted.



Ignore Those Hunger Pains

After a weekend of over-eating, you shouldn’t really be hungry. Like hungry as in your stomachs rumbling at times where it normally is fine. If you are, then it’s false hunger. Your body’s smart and is now adapting to the amount of food it’s been fed over the last couple of days, meaning it’s gonna want more all the time. You need to control and ignore the hunger and push through, sticking to your guns in terms of normal eating habits. Some people advise that doing a 20-24 hour fast helps. Personally, I think I’d go right back to eating probably even more than I did over the weekend if I fasted for a day. So my advice to you, is to either cut right back down to where you were before the treats and stick to your guns, or feed that hunger with only clean food. It’ll be satisfied that you fed the cravings but you won’t be suffering with calories.

Drink Water

Drinking water can help to flush out your body and start fresh. It also stops those cravings from sneaking into your belly. Something that I didn’t know prior to this blogpost, is that water can help with carb bloating – perfect for just before my uni nights out!

Freshen up

Spend an evening pampering yourself. Whack out the razor, exfoliator, tanning mitt ect and give yourself some self-love. Or take a trip to your local drugstore to find the BEST smelling shower products you can find. The next day you’ll be right as rain and be ready to tackle the week of clean eating ahead of you. Plus you’ll smell extra fruity and that’s always nice.



Keep it Calm

Investing in some quality stretching time can help me when it comes to a week of exercise.  I like to start my week with some yoga/pilates and end it with the same, knowing I’m taking care of my body and mind whilst getting in those extra gritty workouts.

Accept that it’s OK to Indulge

Much like the first point, I thought it’d be more positive and motivational to end with the same sorta thing. It’s 100% fine to have these indulges. We wouldn’t be human if we were harsh on ourselves all the time. Of course, if you want that celeb skinny kinda look then these treats aren’t going to help, but remember strong not skinny!

Get Perspective

There are seriously bigger things happening in the world other than that slice of cake you had or the chinese takeaway you ordered. Sit and read the news, whether in paper form or online, and you’ll soon realise and forget all about the tiny blip in your diet!

 Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 09.19.01

I hope you found some things to relate to and perhaps take some on board. A little less cheery than my normal posts but, it was way too relevant for me right now not to post!!

Do you have binge moments? How do you get through them?

Love Life, Lexi!

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15 thoughts on “What To Do After A Good Old Binge

  1. Nice post 🙂

    It’s so important to understand that it’s normal to overeat. It’s basic human nature!! All of the problems come when you let it stress you out and destroy your self esteem.


    • Aw you’re the best! I’ve just had your follow on instagram too and will be sure to follow back. I love hearing back from my followers – I have a new post scheduled tomorrow too. I hope you’ll like it!xxx


    • Me too! I need to have a re-read hehe. Welcome to my blog, feel free to have a look around – I have a youtube channel too which you may or may not like lol. xo


      • I always have to re-read over my motivation posts to get my head back in the game haha! Need to take my own advice sometimes! Will do, enjoying it so far xo


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