Beauty Products A Gym Girls Treasures

Hey fellow bloggers,

As a fitness fanatic whose into her makeup, I tend to find myself caught in two worlds. One where you look dolled contoured-up, lashes glued and highlighter on fleek, and the other with little to no makeup on, red-faced and sweating through your top. It can get stressful at times, but we’ve always got these products to hand to help sort out a bad, gym-related situation. If they’re not in your hand already, they’ll be in your bag waiting to be viciously grabbed to quickly fix the mishap.

Let me know if you’re the same and that I’m not alone in this beauty/gym world…

1. Dry Shampoo



I had to go straight in with a classic can of dry shampoo. I think buying the miniature sized cans would be straight up wasting money…you’d get XXL if you could. You know all of the Batiste range off by heart and have a FIELD DAY when there’s a buy one get one free offer. But nightmare strikes when the spray just doesn’t spray anymore and you turn to your old friend…the talcum powder. I think I’ve seriously considered using flour as I was all out of Talc too. That’s embarrassing to admit Katy – we’re all friends here right?


2. Deodrant



The second most obvious beauty product we’ve all got is the good old Deo. We all have our favourite brands/smells, personally I like a good cucumber scented one (not fussed about the brand), but boy do we know about it if you go a little OTT on the spray. I feel like I’ve just smoked 20 after inhaling the fumes. Or if you spray it at a funny angle and it either burns or gets re-directed straight into your face. Not fun, but we couldn’t do without it.

3. Hair Bands



Always keep at least 3 spare. I think everyones had to endure the pain of using an elastic band to tie your hair up. If not, go do it now and attempt to take it out without ripping 20 separate hairs out of our head. AGONY. The feeling you get when your last hairtie breaks is similar to opening your bronzer/favourite eyeshadow and finding it shattered into a million pieces. There’s nothing more you can do. Except put your poor hair through the torture of wearing an elastic band.

4. Powder


This may apply to the some of you that are into your makeup, like me. Having a SULA (sweaty upper lip alert, for those of you who know, you know) or shiny forehead isn’t the best look. As a full-time student, I’m forever heading off to the library after a gym class. The library being the place where you see everyone you’ve ever known your entire life at the times where you look your worst. So having some powder handy to at least try to look less sweaty is a must.


5. Grips



I’m forever finding places in my hair to use a grip for. If it was socially acceptable, I’d cover my whole head in grips because I have SO MANY FLY AWAYS. It’s like my hair is rebelling against being tied down. As would anything. Wait, what. That’s not the point, you get it! Also, I’m pretty certain I’ve owned roughly 5,000 of them and I’m left with four. FOUR.


6. A Razor



Haven’t we all experienced the sheer panic when you’re in the middle of an exercise which involves lifting your hands above your head and you can’t remember the last time you shave your armpits. Or when a class instructor is heading your way to adjust your legs when doing leg raises…and you know they’re in for a prickly surprise. Even if its a quick dry shave of the pits, you’re always thankful to have your razor in your gym bag.


7. A Fruity Body Spray/Mist




Mist/Spray/Sweat Cover up, what ever you want to call it, it just makes everything better doesn’t it? Whether its a foul smell that’s lingering near you in your place of work or the fact that…you are that foul smell, it sorts everything out just like your fairy godmother would do.


8. Makeup/Baby Wipes



Ending with the good old, family favourite. I think they’re up with the wet wipes. You may not think they’re that important, but when you don’t have them and your in a moment of need…you realise you’ve made a big mistake. How could you betray them and leave that on your dressing table?? Next time you won’t be so forgetful.


That’s all I can think of that I would consider CRUCIALLY IMPORTANT to have on you if you’re a gym bunny. I’m sure theres a few gems that I’ve missed.

Are you the same? What can you not go without? Let me know in the comments!

Love Life, Lexi!


7 thoughts on “Beauty Products A Gym Girls Treasures

  1. Great list! Only things I would add are pre-soaked cleansing pads (like Oxyclean ones) if your skin is feeling grimy, and an “apply and go” gloss (something fairly natural with a bit of shine to look polished without trying to hard).

    Liked by 1 person

    • Glad you enjoyed it – and that I’m not alone in my love for Batiste hehe. And yep there’s definitely a line where there’s just no going back n terms of greasiness…I think that’s today for me tbh… xx


  2. I’ve pretty much got everything on this list in the pockets of my gym bag. Always leave elastics and pins in there, forget I use them and they never return! I’d add a lipbalm and hand sanitiser! 🙂 x


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