Starting Advice for Women & Weights

Hello peeps,

Something a little different today…this post is in response to a few questions i’ve received over how to start the lifting process and not feel like a complete numpty, so here’s my advice, to you, from me!

I started using weight training as a way of exercising for nearly 2 years now, and I can honestly say, I’m sure you’ve read all this before, that my results are on another planet when compared with cardio…so thought I’d at least TRY and encourage some of you lovely lot to give it a go…

Please note I only use loose weights and not machines, mainly because its easier and can do all exercises in one spot, and they’re supposedly better for toning.

1. Start With Classes. 



I originally got into weights down to these beauties. Have a look in your local gym for the class timetable and sign up. When I first started, toning classes were my favourite, they were gentle and you could do it do your own taste (speed & weight).

Don’t stress about being the new person in the class, everyone was there once. And tbh, we’re all too busy sorting out our equipment and finishing the set to be looking at anyone else, honest!

2. Low Weight, High Rep



By keeping the weight that you are lifting low but the amount of reps high, you’re working on toning and becoming more lean rather than bulking up. Women seem to think that by touching a dumbbell, they’re gonna be the next Terminator…if only it was that easy for guys ay! Weight training as been proved to work you harder than cardio, but if they’re low weights your simply toning. So get pumping!

You will know whether the weight is wrong as you’ll either be struggling after the first 5 reps (too heavy), or you won’t feel a thing after 20+ reps (too light). Try it out, trial and error. Move your weights up or down half a kilo accordingly! The aim is to feel the burn after a long set.

3. Listen to your Body


If you’re doing a squat set and are desperate to finish it, but your knee is playing up or your backs aching badly, then stop. Yes, its frustrating. But you need to love and care for your body, pushing it too hard because mentally you can do it, but physically you know you can’t, is the wrong thing to do.

Try to find alternatives that put less stress on the body part, if not – check out the achey bit of your body at a physio or get a sports massage…I have one booked eek.

4. Use the Mirror



Mostly for technique and for making sure your exercise is having the maximum effect on your body.

Like most women, you know you’re hot and sweaty. You don’t need to look at it!  Well actually, there was a study that found men found women more attractive sweaty and working out, then all dressed up for night on the town. So maybe it wouldn’t hurt to uhm, check yourself out every now and again …


Even with a tomato face, trust me, you do not look ridiculous. The ones that do are the girls who go in with a full face of makeup on and leave looking exactly the same.

5. Be In A Bubble


Unfortunately, we’re in a world where it is impossible to workout without a man having a stare or 5 occasionally. Yes it can be empowering at times, but most of the time – really really uncomfortable. If you’re self conscious and are working out to change that, then good on you.

If a girl is staring at you the wrong way – all be it, I have a resting bitch face and on behalf of other girls: we’re SORRY – or a guy is checking you out while your exercising and making you feel really awkward, get yourself some headphones and turn. the volume. up. Zone out. Focus on your technique in the mirror and finishing the set. Just think, while they may be staring at you, you’re getting on up on them by exercising instead.

If they’re really doing your nut in, turn around and ask them if they’re ok. It really flusters them.

6. Freeweights or Advice


As a newbie, I was terrified of the weights section. Actually, who am I kidding, I still am. That’s something I’m working on personally. It’s full of testosterone and pervy men. So I stick to free weights and do it all within my own space.  If you’re not into the free weights section, I would advise you speak to a worker there or a PT on how to use the machines properly. I still have no idea!



The cool down after weight training is just as important as the work you just did. You’re muscles are tearing while working out and need stretching to aid the healing process. In english, the more you stretch the more you won’t be walking funny and struggling to squat down onto your toilet seat!! (It happens to everyone).

I hope this helps, even if one person has reconsidered weight training at all. Is there any advice that you’d give to your younger self? Or any advice you have for me? Comment below, I love hearing from you lovely lot!

Love Life, Lexi!

14 thoughts on “Starting Advice for Women & Weights

    • Thank you so much! it means so much to hear back from you! I love the simplicity of your blog. Great style and shows you know who and what you want from your blog!! That is amazing that this has helped someone, all i asked for was just a bit of an entertaining read so thanks so much for letting me know it’s encouraged you. Please do let me know how you get along, because 1) I care 2) I love a good chit chat haha xx

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  1. Great post 🙂
    I’ve been trying to do more weight lifting but I sometimes feel like I’m not doing it right so end up going back to cardio. This really helps. Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

    • That’s great that I’ve been able to help you out! I cannot recommend weight training enough! I’d been doing cardio for years and as soon as i started lifting, the results came through! Stick at it and let me know how it goes or if you need any more advice/motivation, always here to help xx

      Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! It’s really satisfying to know that you enjoy my posts. I have another coming up at 3 today woop! I suppose I initially aimed it at woman as they’re the majority of my followers and it’s a lot easier for me to write about (being a woman myself) but thinking about it, yeah! It can! I don’t see why not! xx

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      • Cool! Glad to hear from you about this. I think it won’t be a problem for a guy to do the exact same thing. Thanks for your advise on this. 🙂

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  2. I love this post too! I have just started doing weights, like JUST started and I can tell it’s something I am going to like. It is amazing how much it hurts at first but I know that means something is working ahaha.


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