The Best Feelings A Gym Fanatic Will Feel

Hello guys,

Happy Sunday & Mothers Day! I hope you’ve all spent it just how you’ve wanted to. It is a Sunday after all. I’ve spent mine working out, studying and blogging. Literally my life at the moment. I’ve been reading all of your lovely comments and cannot thank you enough! You keep me going.

To keep things on the positive side, I thought I’d try and collect all the best feelings that a gym fanatic will feel. If there’s any I’ve missed, put it in the comments box!! Here goes…try not to get too excited now…

1.Seeing Changes

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 10.56.46
Excuse the dust…I didn’t think my selfie through. Insta: lexilife95

I had to start with obvious really didn’t I. I don’t think theres a better feeling than for a fitness geek whose really working on making a difference to their body, to then visibly see a change. Whether it’s through progress pictures (highly recommended!) or the way your clothes hang on you, it’s the most motivating thing.

What MAY just top it… is when other people see your progress before you do. I once heard a saying that it takes a day to feel different, a week for you to see the difference and a month for others. I think that’s right …may’ve just made that up…

2. Finishing a set

For my fellow weight trainers out there, this is one heck of a feeling right? If you’re not into you’re weights yet, read my recent blog post on advice in getting into it.

The best is when you hit the wall and you’re only half way through your set. There’s all those voices in your head telling you to give up, but somehow, you don’t. And you finish the set just like any other day.

I’m feeling pumped and it’s only number 2.

3. Getting into bed



There’s something about lying vertically flat, nestled in with a soft duvet, pillow & blanket (optional, well not if you’re a student) that makes everything better. You’re in full relax mode and can feel your muscles beginning to chill out after the workout they’ve just had. It now takes you maximum 10 minutes to fall asleep into one of the deepest sleeps in your life!

4. Foam Rolling

Now for me, this is bitter sweet. I’ve only just recently started as mentioned on my instagram and twitter, and I haven’t got used to the pain just yet. My boyfriend has had to physically hold me on the roller to stop me from walking away and sacking it off (i’m glad he did btw). Almost immediately after, it’s like I was a new woman. My quads were feeling, I guess how they’re supposed to.

I can compare it to when you’re back clicks and you weren’t aware that it needed to and you end up questioning your whole life before this point. Yeah that.

5. When injuries heal

One of the worst feelings is obviously, injury. But when you find a solution to heal the injury and care for it, meaning you can do those split lunges again or you can lift up for that shoulder press once more, it’s an incredible feeling! You feel back to your old self and then are left trying to make up for lost time…

6. Feeling sweat drip



I know this may be a bit of a gross one. But for me, there’s no better feeling than having a sweat patch on your back or down your front. Or feeling it drip from your forehead down the side of your face. Not the best feeling when it runs into your eyes though, but it just empowers me more so to carry on and push through.

7. A Good Track

I don’t really know what gets into me, but when the right song comes on at the right time = BEAST MODE. Whether I’m doing interval training on the treadmill of kettlebell swings & goblet squats.

If it’s a more sultry song…it kinda makes me feel hotter? Right? Every girl has got that song that makes them wanna be the next pussycat doll…?



I originally had number 8 as just BATH but thought of you guys that consider baths as ‘bathing in your own dirt‘ (my boyfriends influence here.)

Do we all make that mistake in wanting the shower really hot but then going too far and burning our bodies a little? That’s me everytime I’ve worked out. And also I’m pretty sure I use half a bottle of shower gel a time too.

9. Aching

The next couple of days after a workout, where it hurts to laugh or sneeze, to get up from sitting on the loo, to reach your top kitchen shelf…makes it all worthwhile. Your muscles are letting you know that you’ve worked it to the point where it’s changing. That achey feeling is like a massive pat on the back…just more painful and inconvenient. But I’m grateful for it all the same!!

10. Taking off your sports bra


This ones obviously just for my lovely lady followers, but I’m wondering – do you guys have the equivalent feeling somewhere?? I dunno. But it’s pretty awesome.

A lot of people say taking your bra off after a long day is nice…not sure they’ve tried peeling off a tiny, sweaty, tight sports bra!! It feels like it’s at one with you and having to scrape it off your body is almost a workout in itself, sometimes a fight. But taking off a normal bra now feels like a baggy jumper…anyone else?

These are some of the best feelings I get. Are there any of you out there that share the same best feelings?? Or are there some that I’ve missed…let me know in the comments, always love hearing from you!

Love Life, Lexi!

Instagram: lexilife95

Twitter: @lexilife95

21 thoughts on “The Best Feelings A Gym Fanatic Will Feel

  1. Lol cool post! To answer your question, guys don’t have any similar feeling of release to a sports bra. At least I don’t 😛 Its just nice in general to shed sticky clothes after a workout and shower off.

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  2. Agreed! Especially that going to bed one, but I always struggle to get up then in the morning. It’s like I have sunken far into my bed and it never wants to let go haha! It is such a struggle but so good when I can sleep a little longer. I love being sore afterwards though. Weird that. And we are defiantly two on the sweat feeling 😛 xx

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  3. Love this post! I was struggling with intense pain in my thighs and hips when I first started working out and foam rolling saved me, lol. It definitely helped keep me going. Peeling off a sports bra and jumping into a too hot shower are great feelings after a workout! 🙂

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    • I can’t believe just how fast the changes happen when you start foam rolling, it really is a life changer – just horrible to force yourself to do. I’ve attempted to book in to sports physio for a sports massage….eek! Glad you enjoyed it Daisy, thanks for the comment xx

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  4. Foam rolling is definitely one of my top favourites! I encourage you to try spiky tumble dryer balls, hockey/softball balls and a wooden stick! They are all very cheap to get hold of and get into places that foam rollers can’t!!
    Also one to add to your list of good feelings – Motivation! Not just for yourself but for others around you! If you have ever had someone say to you that they have changed their diet or exercise and feel better for it because of something you have said or shown them. Helping someone else reach their fitness goals is far more rewarding than anything else!
    Great post!

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    • Great addition to the list – thanks for that! Maybe I’m so used to reading motivation on here and other blog posts that it totally slipped my mind. Thanks for commenting and taking the time to read – and also the follow: welcome! I hope to give you some more content to read xx

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  5. Taking the bra off at the end of the day is literally the best feeling in the world!!!! Especially the sweaty ones… I would probably add the edorphins to my best feeling list. Even if you are exhausted you feel so amazing after a great workout! 🙂

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    • Of course, how could I forget! To be honest, i dont think i knew the word for the rush you feel after a workout… So thanks!! Learn something knew everyday. And yes i think ill be detaching the sports bra from my skin tonight after a sweat session – yippee! Thanks for commenting and hoped you enjoyed xx

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  6. Lovely post!

    Seeing changes and the feeling of sweat are definitely high up on my list. Muscle definition and looser clothing are welcome anytime! They keep me going when I start to think I’m not making any progress And as for sweating, it can be icky, but I absolutely love it. It just shows how much of a hard worker you are!

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    • I’m so glad you enjoyed the read and found some things relatable. At least I know I’m not alone when I blog!! Thanks for stopping by and commenting, I hope you can enjoy some future posts to come!x

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