Thoughts of a Carboholic On A Fitness Journey

Hello fellow bloggers,

I like to think of myself as a fitness obsessed gym bunny who tries her best to stay healthy. But, I’ll be honest, I am a total sucker for carbs through and through. They get me every time!

So I thought I’d share my constant thoughts when face to face with a carb whilst on a fitness journey…surely I can’t be alone on some of these right? If so, that’s embarrassing.

*WARNING* Maybe you shouldn’t read this post as motivation…and instead read it as some entertainment. I was hungry by the end of it. Sorry. You may be craving carbs.

1. What type of potato shall I have?



Boiled? Chipped? Roasted? Baked? Mashed?….Did I miss any? If I did, well then what kind of carboholic am I. This decision is one I’m faced with nearly every day when deciding what to have for dinner.

The added ingredients cross my mind such as, butter & milk for mash (not good) and oil for chips and roast potatoes (also not good). But funnily enough, these are the options I normally go for. Oops. But that’s just the carbs taking control again!

Of course…mine are white. I know they’re not the best for you but – nothing compares! I can’t betray them like that. And plus – I hate sweet potato.


2. Is that enough pasta? Surely not. 



I have this incapability to measure the right amount of pasta. I don’t know if it’s something to do with the fact it’s in water (distorting the vision) of how much is there…or if my subconscious is just screaming MORE MORE MORE!!! whenever I’m measuring. Guilty. Anyone else?


3. How am I supposed to measure rice? Oh. Too Late.


Just like pasta, I don’t have any way to measure the right amount of rice. I actually think I’ve mastered this one recently – handfuls? One and a half – two. I think. But I’m never a fan of cold rice the text day and don’t want to risk food poisoning by heating it back up again so I’m left with a HUGE mound to get through. Waste is not an option.

4. I’m eating brown bread. I’m so healthy. 


Really? I mean really Katy? I need to be more realistic with myself for sure.

Eating no bread is being healthy. And plus my brown bread isn’t the seedy/nutty ones you can get. It’s just boring old wholewheat bread.

It kinda does feel like a betrayal to the good old classic white loaf, but I can’t really taste the difference when I have whatever I have ontop. My dream is to be that person who voluntarily goes out and buys the seeded bread.

5. Why is the bakery section of all stores SO tempting?



You know the smell. Especially if you get there early in the morning and they’re fresh out the oven. It’s so buttery and sweet and savoury…sometimes it all gets a bit too much and I’ve already got the plastic bag in one hand and the tongs in the other. It also doesn’t help when your boyfriends bagged himself a cheese twist.

The sweet AND savoury options create a problem too. Do I go all out and have a meal? If so, do I have the sweet as my pudding? Or do I chose one over the other….if so, HOW.

6.  That is an embarrassing amount of cheese I’ve just grated. Excellent.


I’ve just been reminded by a lovely follower that…cheese isn’t a carb. Totally my fault, but couldn’t then take this out!! Maybe because I have cheese so often WITH carbs…it all blends into one – and with the amount of cheese I use – it LITERALLY does.

I have one of those graters in the photo above…meaning you can’t really see how much you’re grating. You kind of have to judge by the number of grates you do. If you’re paying attention that is. 9 times out of 10, my housemates will be chatting away to me or my heads just elsewhere. I discover that I haven’t concentrated once I lift up the grater and see the equivalent to Ben Nevis in cheddar cheese form. I’m annoyed but at the same time DELIGHTED.

This really didn’t take long to write in comparison to my other posts if I’m being honest. And I think that really does say something about me. I just llllllOvvvvVVvEeeeeEE me some carbs. The important thing is, I do exercise it off. Almost like ‘earning‘ my carbs. But, I understand this is not going to help me LOSE weight, just maintain it.

Any other carb lovers out there??? Let yourself be known – share thoughts in the comments. I love reading and responding to you.

Love Life, Lexi!

36 thoughts on “Thoughts of a Carboholic On A Fitness Journey

  1. I always encounter the same problem. Whenever I see the things you see, I can go crazy sometimes and it’s like I’m some kind of metal and those food act like magnet; they pull me up to them all the time. I guess I’m with you in this. But… I think we need to do something about this before it’s too late! 😛

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  2. 1) everyone needs carbs as part of a balanced diet, anyone who tells you otherwise is wrong

    b) Cheese is not a carbohydrate…

    iii) have you considered buying a weighing scale of some description 🙂

    4) yep I’m with you on the bakery section 😀 even worse is I LOVE baking!!


  3. When I started on the clean eating challenge a year ago, I was a total carb addict. It was bad. Carbs are still my nemesis, and I still find it hard to turn down a good piece of bread.
    Also, the cheese thing is a big one for me. When I did the aforementioned clean eating for 56 days, the ONLY thing I was still craving was cheese. Bread I stopped after the first 4-5 days.


    • So sorry for the late reply – I’ve been snowed under at the moment! Well I’m glad I mentioned the cheese point especially as people are picking up on that one and relating to it once…even if it isn’t a carb! Maybe because it goes SO well with nearly everything!?

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      • No worries about the late reply. How much snow did you get?
        I don’t know what it is. It’s just magic, and there’s so many different types that go with some many different things.


  4. Cake, cake and more cake oh and cheese, cheese on toast, cheese on fries, cheesy pasta oh heck cheesecake! I just can’t stop myself. I honestly think I could spent half the time I do in the gym if only I could get rid of my carb/cheese addiction!


    • Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment hun! SO GLAD that I’m not the only one with a cheese addiction…the more mature the better right? Life too short to not have cheese 😦

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  5. I swear when pasta is in the pan they mingle together and have pasta babies as there is always so much more than what I thought I put in in the first place! (I know pasta swells, but, eh…)

    Pasta is my only real carb I crave the most. I can happily live without bread and rice and potatoes. It doesn’t bother me all that much.

    I love pasta so much I can eat it raw, cold, plain. Basically anyway it can get in my mouth is a-ok haha!

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    • Hahaha. That made me laugh. Pasta offspring. I feel you on the real cravings for pasta – it comes to a point in my life where I NEED it. (3 days). Thanks for commenting, glad you enjoyed xx

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  6. Omg. Hahah. This is my life! Thank you for sharing this, I and a great laugh. And I’m glad to know I’m not alone in my absolute undying love for carbs!


    • Yay!! So glad that you enjoyed it babe (and more so that I’m not alone in this). We can fight the battle against the carbs together…well, if you catch us on a good day – and even then I’m partial to some bread and oil.

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  7. Thank you for this post! I was beginning to think I was alone with my love of carbs! I am, always have been and always will be a carboholic! I am right there with you in not liking sweet potatoes. If I had my way, I would eat pasta with every meal, plus my two snacks!



  8. Beginning this month I said I was going to be more active and watch what I eat. Carbs were a big issue for me (my husbands Italian and he loves his pasta) but 17 days later, I found that properly stocking my kitchen and preparing the majority of my meals at home was a really great way to stick to a low-carb diet (cause really no carbs at all is just completely unrealistic for the long haul.) The proper way to do it is to just find the right substitutions. Instead of regular fries, I’ll bake my own sweet potato fries. Instead of white rice I have brown rice, and I think multi grain bread is delicious (multi grain, not just whole wheat). In the end, the most important thing is to just be prepared. Have other options available when you get a craving and if you cheat once in a while, what’s the big deal as long as you start the next day fresh and renewed.


  9. Lmao this is brilliant! This is why I love carb backloading after a workout so I can eat ALL THE CARBS!
    Cheese should be a food group in it’s own right! LOVE LOVE LOVE

    Keep up the hilarious posts! x

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    • So glad you can relate to this!! Im clearly not alone in this carb obsessed world im in at the moment… Ive just ordered a mac n cheese after gym this morning! Oops. Love you for letting me know youre enjoying my posts! Keep the love coming💖


  10. Love this post! I’m so with you on the rice thing, I put some in the pan, doesn’t look like much, put a bit more in and ta-da by the time it’s done I have enough rice to feed the whole street!
    Also fresh bakery smells kill me when I’m trying to do a healthy food shop, nothing worse than smelling fresh bread when your putting kale and broccoli in your trolley! Xx


  11. I love carbs. I know a lot of people try to cut carbs, but you need some in your life. I know you’re saying you can’t stay away from them, but not all carbs are bad. I’m mainly talking from a runners stand point, but I am a huge carb loader.


  12. This is totally my life. I’m attempting once more to go back on the wheat belly diet and my husband is a total carboholic. Sigh. While I too enjoy carbs it’s hard when my partner HAS to have it. Totally enjoyed reading this.

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    • I’m glad someone else enters their life around carbs. I can understand living with temptation, is there any way to encourage him to cut down with you?! Let’s not scare him off by cutting all carbs out all together! Glad you enjoyed and thanks for commenting xx

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  13. Goodness me! Finally someone who speaks my language and you certainly got my attention with the very first line 😀 You must check out my blog to know what I’m talking about 😀 Pleasure meeting you. Cheers!

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