Jealous Thoughts From A Blogger Who HATES Running

Hey peeps!

I just want to start off by saying thank you to all that have followed me over the years as I’ve reached 500 followers. I love the community on here and can’t wait to reach out to more of you!

So what better way to celebrate the half way mark to 1,000 than a moaning blog post. Right up my street. And it’s yours too, don’t lie.  First things first, I HATE RUNNING. Now that summers on it’s way, the runners amongst us are emerging and I am truly jealous of every single one of you. Here’s a few reasons why..

 *WARNING* this isn’t to offend anyone who runs at all, it’s all for the sh*ts and giggles – promise!

1.Scenic Running Pictures


I’m forever in awe of some of the places that you guys run to. I kind of understand why you do once you’re there with the amazing views. I’ve seen so many different type of pictures but they seem to normally be the following:

  1. ontop of of hills – meaning you’d have to run up a hill to get there, no thank you

  2. in a wood – they can creep me out a little, no thank you

  3. or on a beach – f*ck running on sand, no thank you

But this still doesn’t stop me from being jealous of the amazing things you runners can see, I just may need to walk to these places instead.


2. Running Tech


Looking at screenshots of a runners route, how long it took them and the distance they ran…is pretty depressing. As someone who cannot stand running and loves the gym, it’s probably hard to get the same type of accomplishment…unless you wanna count the route from the squat rack to the ab section.

I imagine the feeling is quite unique for a runner…but it’s one I’m yet to feel.


3. The passion


Now I do have a passion, however not for running. Mine stays within the gym walls but that doesn’t stop me from being jealous of the love people have for runs.


4. Achievement Pictures


This is similar to the scenic point, you have to do the hard work to get them. Seeing the end of a colour run picture is the number one image I’m super jealous of. It seems to be everywhere on wordpress too.

After that comes all the medals and trophies along with the amazing amount of money raised kinda pictures. I mean, I can always attempt to raise money through a cake sale but…I don’t think it gives off quite the same feeling of accomplishment. And instead of burning calories, you’re scoffing them.

I wish every time I went to the gym and did a good workout I got a medal with some energy bars and a bottle of water!


5. Community


As a student in the UK, running groups aren’t as popular as they are in the US. All good exercise crazes seem to stem from the USA and take minimum 5 years to make it all the way over here. But I am jealous of the cute running trips that you can take with the joy of sharing it with friends.

It also means pictures can be taken by someone else and you could be in them (with your friends) alongside the sunrise.

Unfortunately, I like to workout alone in the gym as every partner I’ve had when training seems to distract me and we end up having a gossip session and planning what bad food we can have to eat that night. Not the motivation I need. At least the gossiping can continue when jogging! JEALOUS.

I hope that one day I can grow to love running. I know a few of you have had a progressive kinda love for it. But at the moment – these are the top 5 things I am TRUELY jealous of relating to runners. Are you a runner? If not, what makes you envy them?

Comment below your thoughts, as always, I love a chat! 

Love Life, Lexi!



33 thoughts on “Jealous Thoughts From A Blogger Who HATES Running

  1. Hahaha!
    I run sometimes…
    But I am not a runner and I flit from hating it to thinking it is not too bad! Yet I still do it because I dance better when I run! But running and talking with people….no! I am an angry solitary non runner who runs! You would laugh at how angry and grumpy I get!!

    I guess I envy people who an be cheery and run a half marathon without plotting to kill all the supporters!!
    I really love deadlifts!! They make me happy!

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    • Haha I think I’d laugh at your temper but only because I can relate to it so much! As much as I love my friends, working out with them is just a no go for me. I feel you on that one!! Glad you enjoyed and thanks for commenting Xxx

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      • Exactly, I love my friends but they don’t believe me when I tell them not to run with me, they force me into it then are shocked at how grumpy I am…
        They have learned to just leave me alone 😀

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  2. i’m not even a running/walking is one of the hardest things I’ve had to deal with on my journey, but i hope one day i can run a good time. i can’t even jog for long (maximum of 20s), but I’m working on improving my time and now i average 30-40s.

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  3. You are too cute!! I love this post!! When I first started running, I felt the same way you do! I love experiencing nature. I hate running on treadmills; therefore, I think nature is the link (if that makes sense)! You are awesome! Have a fabulous weekend! XOXO


  4. Saw your post you put on the dancing runner about find up to date playlist! Check out my blog
    I put all of my spin playlist on this website which also great for running!


  5. Hi lexilife my daughter is a gym buff like yourself. She hates running. But we find the competetion between myself and her fun. I get selfie of her gym mirror and she gets the setting sun. She sends me pics of quads from leg day…I send her pics of quads from cycling and running. I love it. Just remember never give up.


  6. The gym is all about self improvement. You still get the satisfaction of pushing your limits but like you say without the bling. On the charity side of things it isn’t enough nowadays to just run and people will sponsor you for it. If you want to make good money for charity you have to throw in cake sales or raffles to top it up. I see a lot of runners on instagram taking great pictures whilst they are out running. What i dont get is most of the time they look like they haven’t been running at all. I cant even take a half decent selfie so i too am a little jealous of these guys. Good read.

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    • Thanks for stopping by. I noticed you followed my other blog about beauty looks and not the blog that posts these kinda things. Just double checking that youve followed the right one? Need to sort out if people press follow on this site and end up following an old one on makeup looks!

      As for the selfies… I hear you. Glad you enjoyed!


  7. Ha,

    I’m a beginner runner and unfortunately there ain’t much scenic about where I live, however I’ll be sure to post some pictures of rural Essex and maybe a chav or two for you to be in awe of!

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  8. Haha!!! girl! I hate running too! I will do it in increments: sprint/jog/walk. Running hurts me more than helps. To each his or her own, right? Truth be told, when I do incorporate it back into my cardio portion, I do cut lean and cut quicker.


    • So glad you could relate!! It let’s me know that I’m not alone. I’ve recently downloaded couch to 5k app on my phone, I’ve heard great things about it and am yet to give it a try. Today would’ve been the perfect day for it actually….oops? Thanks for commenting hun!xx


  9. You make some good points! I’ve told myself I’m going to start running so this is just the inspiration I need, However I am envious that you go to the gym, I’d love to but unfortunately the gym near me is crazy expensive but hopefully sometime in the future I’ll be able to 🙂 But for now it’s do it at home exersices for me xo

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    • I’ve actually had to unsubscribe from the gym since this!! It’s been too expensive for me too, so…home workout buddies together! Thanks for commenting hun, so glad you enjoyed and could relate! It’s all I aim for 🙂 xx

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  10. Cute post!! I’m grateful that my husband signed us up to run our first marathon – Disney in 2010! I took some time off due to party habits, but return to running in 2014. I haven’t stopped since then. I can’t imagine not running – and yes, it’s a nature, Earth relationship. Give it a chance!! 😉
    Stay well and keep writing!


  11. I’m ashamed to say I am a runner and I love it but I definitely have a love/hate relationship with running. I really like this post!

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    • Haha I’m sorry if I offended you and your love for running at any point, I just do what I do best and blog honestly I guess! But I’m so glad you enjoyed it, hopefully you enjoy some more of my posts coming up. Thanks for commenting xx


      • Oh no I am far from offended! I completely understand how everyone has a different view on running. To be honest, mine can change every day depending on my mood (that’s pretty much what the whole of my blog is about)

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  12. Really enjoyed your post. Love your wit and humor and your style of writing. I have only been running for 3 years and there is definitely a love/hate relationship with it. My wife and 4 children are the “hate” part of my family. 🙂

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    • Yay so glad you enjoyed it Carl! That’s all I want from my posts. I’m glad I’m not alone in the love/hate relationship – the one relationship I am happy to share lol! Thanks for stopping by, hope you get to see more of my posts. I try to keep the same wit throughout xx


    • Hey! Welcome to my blog, so glad that you enjoyed this post. It’s kinda handy that everyone’s thinking the same things as me lol! So glad you could relate and that you enjoyed it, lets hope I keep it up with some more posts! xXx


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