Struggles From The Weights Room

Hello peeps,

Sorry for not keeping in contact over the last few days, I spent Easter with my family. You can follow my doings over on Twitter but I’m getting round to replying to you all – promise!

I recently did a post that gave advice for women and weights, and it seemed to get a lot of comments based on the weight room itself and me calling it ‘the male area‘. So I’m curious if people feel the same (or different) to some more of my thoughts…let me know in the comments peeps!

1.”Male Zone Only”



Every girl, or guy for that matter, would’ve felt the initial intimidation of the weight room. A room filled to the brim with testosterone and armpits. I dunno where armpits came from but it’s true, they’re everywhere. Some manage to grab the bull by the horns first off and dive right in, while others (ME) avoid it for as long as possible.

Initially it was the fact that I didn’t know what I was doing. A scary prospect for all. But a stronger issue I found, was the uncomfortable stares from guys – normally under 18’s. I would take it as a compliment, but it gets to the point where I’m having to turn around and ask them if they’re ok…I want to finish my workout without feeling uncomfortable.

I’m ok now, but the more girls in the weight room the easier it gets. COME ON. 

2. Taken benches


As a girl who likes to use free weights as opposed to machines, having a free bench is just as important as having available weights. I like to have my own space until I decide that I’m done. I think that space is normally claimed by the placing of a water bottle or towel. 

So when you see the signs of every bench taken…you’re now dealt with the task of keeping yourself busy whilst keeping an eye out for when a bench becomes free.

3. The awkward resting time eye contact


When lifting heavy weights and wanting to exhaust your muscles, the rest period is an essential, yet awkward one. Where do you look?! I mean, I get pretty bored of looking at myself as it’s non-stop when working out to correct form. So when I’m not lifting weights, my sweaty mug is the last place I want to look. I’m sure it’s the same for everyone else seeing as everyone ends up looking at each other or their phones ready for the next set…am I right? 

4. The noises


You know the ones, the cavemen-like grunts when it gets near to the end of a set. I’m all for letting off steam, but the screams that come from grown men sometimes can be a little excessive. Well, for a public gym open to anyone it is. Perhaps it’s different in a specialised body building gym but I’m quite content with just a puffing of the cheeks and gritting of the teeth when it gets tough.

Not to mention how distracting it is. 

5. Wanting to refill


As mentioned earlier, leaving something like a bottle or towel where you’re working out can help to ‘claim‘  your area. However, when you need to leave to refill your bottle, a.k.a your chosen apparatus to mark your territory, things get a little complex. I’m not entirely sure what I do when it comes to this situ. Maybe I finish a set and find a good place to stop incase someone nabs my bench (just like I would do).

6. Putting Weights Away 


If you’ve done any arm work, you know the struggle of having to re-lift those weights to put them back on the rack for others to use (if you’re a good gymmer). I, more often than not, end  up putting one at a time away due to me being physically unable to lift them both up. They feel like 100lb dumbells! Signs of a good workout though right?

7. TV zombies


This isn’t so much a thing to moan about (SHOCKING FOR ME I KNOW), it’s more just a funny observation.

Whenever there’s an important match on, I’m often found being the only one actively moving. The rest are stood at their machine or bench, mouth open, swaying a little without taking a single blink, some dribble. All over a sports game. When really, the sooner they get on and finish their workout, the sooner they can go home to watch it on their sofa!

So there’s a few thoughts I’ve moaned about in my head for the past couple of years and now outloud on my blog. If any of you have thought the same or have other struggles in the weight room – feel free to share below, we’re all friends here. 

Love Life, Lexi!

31 thoughts on “Struggles From The Weights Room

  1. It was exactly the same for me when I started out!
    The weight area is quite the intimidating place at first.
    I learned to not care and get in there and do my thing.
    I can imagine it’s even harder for girls.
    At my gym I honestly don’t know a lot of girls that dare to enter the free weight zone (too bad).
    If they do, they almost always get creeped on.
    So they tend to end up using machines only.
    I’m not saying t’s not ok to talk to girls in the gym (if they’re open for it) but let them do their thing just as anyone else wants to do their own thing.

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    • Hey! Thanks for commenting and stopping by. I would almost prefer it for guys to come up and talk to me – it would be far less uncomfortable and that way they can get the hint that I have a boyfriend. No one’s ever approached me and instead I’ve been perved on from a short distance away and been followed around the gym. Nice.


  2. I hate when guys do not re-rack their weights. Sometimes in order to use a piece of equipment I have to put away multiple 45lb plates so that I can put mine on. That can be a warm up in itself and I hate how it wastes my time.

    To get around the “guys who stare” factor I go to the gym at 5 AM. It’s a much smaller group of people at that time and the ones there are generally more serious about just working out and are not using it to hit on chick’s. I highly recommend going at the same time consistently because you become familiar with the group that goes at that time and it becomes way more comfortable in the free weights area when those around you have become acquaintances and/or friends. That’s just been my experience.

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    • That could seriously be the best advice I’ve ever had. It’s annoying that we have to tailor our lifestyle to accommodate feeling comfortable, when that should just be a given in life regardless. But I will take that onboard and head in earlier. Thanks so much for this and glad you could relate xx

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  3. OMG all of these!!! Especially the guy to girl ratio and awkward eye contact… def the worst part about the gym. Then there’s the “awkward machines”, I think we all know which ones for the ladies lol 🙂

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  4. Hey!! I’ve grown up in the gym and I’m 30 now so I’ve observed lots of gym peeps throughout the years and yeah, these are all really great! The eye contact during rest time is a good one for sure! I love a crowded gym because it’s more motivating for me, but yeah, it can definitely get awkward at times when trying to be in your own space and get a bench, etc. I don’t like the grunts, either! Eeeek, it’s very distracting! XOXO

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  5. This is an AMAZING post and so true for most if not all females! I used to avoid free weights since that area was full of just guys and my favorite is how guys ask each other if they’re done using something before hoping on it but with females forget it. I can’t tell you how many times I’m doing a superset and step away for a hot second and some guy just jacks my equipment. So glad it’s not just me that literally thinks all these things!!

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    • Sometimes respect for women just goes out the window when we’re in the gym. Or even, in spandex. Glad you could relate so I know I’m not alone too!! Thanks for commenting it means a lot xxx

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  6. Did laugh at your TV Zombies bit. If only I watched something as masculine as sport – only this morning they had little kids TV on and I found myself drawn into watching something with Fairies…

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    • I’m glad you enjoyed the read. That’s all I aim to do when I write. Haha – in my eyes, I do not discriminate TV gym zombies. No matter what they like watching…you’re a zombie none the less!! Thanks for stopping by and commenting xx

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  7. 1 and 3 really stood out for me! Intimidation city add to that men staring which makes me even more uneasy sometimes. Usually for the resting period im the type to grab my phone. A friend of mine once expressed to me how much he appreciates his gym because people were actually there to workout and not be on their phones…..*eyeroll eyeroll eyeroll* I nicely told him if you’re at the gym focusing so much on what other people are doing…are you actually getting anything done??? Doesnt seem like it. Lol.


  8. I thought this was a really cute post, I laughed a lot while reading it. I’m usually the guy who jumps head first in any gym because I don’t know if it’s my ego or I just think I’m the shit but, I do get stared at a lot you would think it would be from women but oh the contrary it’s guys that want to look like me. I can’t relate to any of the struggles you posted up above but it was good seeing a different perspective. And don’t mind the stares it just mean you’re looking good, I think I have my own little fan club when i walk into a gym 😉

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  9. Oh this is all so true!! And especially the loud and screaming people (seem to be guys most of the time) is quite disturbing while training clients…even tho we always end up having a good laugh about it 😛 xx

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    • So glad you enjoyed and that you could relate to this!! Half the time I think “I could so totally post this and people could have no idea what I’m going on about” so I really appreciate the comment! Yes me and my fellow gym instructor pals always giggle…its too funny when they’re OTT! x

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  10. I’m a guy, but I totally had that intimidation thing when I first started working out seriously. I joined Gold’s Gym, which is basically filled with huge guys that have been lifting for years. I was 145 pounds and felt like I was getting looked at constantly lol But I kept grinding. I thought I was the only one who had the “Where do I look?” thing too. That’s hilarious.


    • I’ve heard of Gold’s Gym before for that exact reason! Good to know I’m not alone, as a girl. And happy to know that we’re both awkwardly find somewhere to stare!! It’s great hearing back from my male following as I feel so gender biased sometimes, I’m really trying to appeal to everyone. So thank you xxx

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      • It’s something I think everyone goes through at the beginning but all it is is a hindrance. Once you get rid of that feeling it’s all good and time to get to work! You’re doing a great job

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  11. Funny thoughts on the weight room.I think it scary women a lot .They think there going get huge like a body builder and a lot of men can be quite rude to women lifting g weights .But I still love weights.Lovely post some very valid points

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    • Hey – glad you enjoyed it Betty and welcome to my blog! 🙂 I try to be as honest and relatable as possible so it can help others come to terms with their own journey as well as entertaining you lovely lot! Hope you enjoy some more of my posts, I have one going up in 10 mins! xxx


    • Yay! Glad there was more on this for for ya hehe. I’m sorry I couldn’t relate to your country – I’m trying really hard to appeal to both genders let alone nationalities…I will try with that one once I’ve nailed the unisex blogs!! xx

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