Easter Problems For A Fitness Fanatic

Hello peeps,

I kinda wish I thought of this blog post a little earlier seeing as it’s a couple days after the Easter holiday weekend, but by reading a lot of you easter related fitness posts it’s inspired me and helped me create this. Hope you enjoy and let me know your thoughts in the comments! 

I’m just gonna dive right into it – just like all my eggs this weekend…



Self-explanatory. The number one love/hate relationship at this time of the year. You have it for breakfast and it’s genuinely socially acceptable. No one would look twice at you tucking into an ostrich-sized chocolate egg in the morning, and if they did – they’d be the weird one. And it doesn’t just stop at breakfast, it’s a key element in all of your meals for the day, by. law.

But at the back of your head, like any fitness fanatic, is the niggling pain of breaking your diet and undoing all of your hard work.

2. Limited Edition Chocolate


So for those of you fitness gurus who have AMAZING self-control and didn’t break their diet completely, the limited edition chocolate is that second hurdle. For me, I chomped on chocolate right from the start so it’s less of an issue…but for those of you who resisted, these bad boys get you right where it hurts.

LIMITED. EDITION. You won’t get another chance to taste these mini eggs or creme eggs until next year. A full year, 365 days away. Along with the malteaser bunnies a.k.a the best thing on earth right now. What’s your country’s limited edition chocolate? 

You’re thinking about it. thinking about it. trying to find an excuse to buy some. and then it hits you: STOCK UP FOR MY NEXT PERIOD. 



3. Presents

M&S outdid themselves this year.

If you didn’t receive any gifted easter eggs/chocolate this year then I’m sorry, this one won’t really apply.

I received three easter eggs and some hotel chocolat mini eggs for me and my boyfriend to enjoy (well, whatevers left by the time he gets here). This is great and all and I’m really grateful but…f*ck. 

Goodbye abs.


4. Family Do’s


I’m not sure what you call them anywhere else, but in the UK we call them ‘do’s’. And no, not they’re not the opposite of ‘dont’s’.  The parties and gatherings that are thrown because either you all get along swimmingly and LOVE each and every one of their company, or that it’s a compulsory thing and you know they’ll be tension/drama but, it’s easter.

Wherever there’s a party, there’s food. So for once, you can put down your easter eggs and spend time socialising…at the buffet. With twice as many desserts necessary and mountains of potato salad.

When in Rome…..

5. No Gym


Some bloggers posted about their gym being shut not only on Easter Sunday but on Good Friday and the following bank holiday Monday too. Way to make a girl feel better about eating her body weight in chocolate!

For others, there was just no time for the gym due to family commitments. Again – not helping all that much.


6. Starting Fresh


This gives many of us the chance to treat the end of the holidays like a second new years resolution. You’ve had ya fun with the eggs, now crack on and get moving again. I should really take my own advice.



The more you accept that you’ve had a bit of a binge and get on with it, the better training and weight loss you’ll do. I did a post a while back that proved popular on this topic, click here to have a snoop. You’re more likely to get moving faster than if you were to mope around feeling sorry for yourself – we’ve all binged, promise!

If you’ve binged this easter holiday, check out my other blog post on how to get over your little hiccup in the diet! Click here to have a snoop.

So there we have it, this year’s Easter problems for fitness fanatics. Have I missed any out? Let me know in the comments so you can join in with my giant rant. Let’s be honest, it’s a rant.

What problems do you have at Easter?

Love Life, Lexi!

18 thoughts on “Easter Problems For A Fitness Fanatic

  1. Hahaha brilliant. Luckily I have no actual real friends and even family don’t buy me easter eggs. Also my gym was open. Win win. Or lose lose depending on how you view an antisocial life 😂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yeah, the Cadbury Crème Eggs have been a problem for me in the past but somehow, this year, I didn’t buy any. I know I’m going to regret it! 😦 Enjoyed your post!


  3. Fortunately I don’t really like Easter eggs but those Malteaser rabbits are deadly for my self control. I just end up giving in and telling myself it doesn’t matter if I’m just one week later at achieving my next set of goals.

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  4. Another awesome post! Thankfully the gym was open and Easter didn’t present me with any chocolate. 😦 what got me was all the works do’s this weekend instead haha

    Liked by 1 person

    • You have it so lucky!! I’ve still got half an egg to work through…although I’m not complaining. Such a love/hate situ! although maybe we evened each other out since you were on the piss all weekend am i right? hahah x


      • I’ll finish the egg for you 😉 yeah I think we have it pretty even! I was out for a meal on Thursday and then out on the piss last night. Jumped on the scales this morning and I’m down 5lbs but I guarantee that’s just through dehydration! Hopefully some of that weight will stay off haha


  5. Hi Lexi, thanks for your very entertaining post, I, like you, have had problems with Creme eggs in the past, but one year I ate one too many and the next morning woke up with a boil about the same size as a Creme egg producing from my neck. Needless to say I only have one Creme egg per year now. Totally agree that Malteasers Bunnies are dangerously divine. Xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh my gosh! Are you talking about a spot or an actual boil!? If there’s anything that’s gonna put me off creme eggs it’s this…keep talking lol! Glad you enjoyed and thanks so much for stopping by – hope you enjoy more of my posts Xx


      • Sorry for the delay replying Lexi, I promise I wasn’t ignoring you, just trying to get to grips with the finer workings of WordPress!

        Well put it this way, if it was a spot it was a blumming big one. Maybe it’s just me but I only need to look at box of quality street and a zit appears on my chin. Drinking hot water and lemon is the best cure I’ve found. Keep up the good work with your blogging xxxx

        Liked by 1 person

      • No worries babe, I’m constantly coming across comments from months ago – we’re all guilty of getting a little distracted hehe. Wow, I would say that’s unfortunate but, when I’m a stone heavier you’ll be thanking your skin for warning you off chocolate right? hahah. If you need any help with wordpress just let me know and I’ll see if I can help! Thank you so much it means a lot xx


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