My Self-Conscious Fitness Thoughts

Hey again peeps,

I started off this blog post by saying I’m not a naturally self-conscious person………… What a load of crap. I am. That’s exactly what a self-conscious person would say. I’m self-conscious over the fact that I am self-concious so I cover it up. Sorry.

I thought I’d share with you some of the things (fitness related – otherwise we’d be here all week) that I feel self-concious about. Some of these will be for us girls, seeing as I am one, think it would be worrying if it was relating to any other gender, so bare with me guys. Maybe you have equivalent things you’re dealing with? Let me know in the comments, we’re all friends here.

1.Sweat Patches


Now let me get one thing straight, the opening point is definitely not referring to the NORMAL, SOCIALLY ACCEPTABLE places to sweat i.e armpits, forehead,  back.

What it is doing however, is referring to the WEIRD, ODD and UNCOMFORTABLE places. You take a pew on a piece of workout equipment or on the floor, do all your lovely little exercises, and next thing you know, you don’t wanna stand up. You can feel a slight dampness from, ok I’m just gonna come out and say it, your arse (I’m British, I can’t force myself to write ass).

Some of the ladies that attend the same gym classes as me seem so care free or, blissfully unaware, that there is a dark, damp line forming in-between their butt checks on their light grey leggings. It’s important to remember that, places where there’s natural creases/folds in the skin are gonna sweat! It’s just so bloody embarrassing and I guess this proves that it’s something I’m self-conscious of. Anyone else?

2. Hair


I wasn’t sure whether to include this point, but it’s really relevant to me so – I’m curious if any other girls out there are the same.

The majority of you will probably just chuck it up and go. How I wish I could do the same. Ever since a young age, I’ve been teased about my ears. And ever since I turned 18, I’ve been saving up for them to be pinned back.

With this self-consciousness, comes at least 15 minutes of fiddling with my hair and bobby pins making sure that my ears don’t make an appearance. That’s for when I have classes, I’ve found a much easier solution for when I’m on a run or at the gym = HEADPHONES!

You guys have it so lucky!


3. Red-face

She Devil 2014 Halloween Costume + Facepaint_2509

I’m always left in awe at some of the girls that sweat buckets, yet remain the same colour throughout a workout. HOW?! TELL ME. Admittedly, it’s gotten better over time yet I still turn bright red when doing a little cardio. I’m aware everyone’s different, but can I just, not?

Not only do I turn a brighter shade of beetroot, it goes blotchy. Yup. Leaving white areas around my mouth and nose. It looks like I’ve face painted myself into a panda, except I ran out of black and used red instead. Let yourselves be known if you’re fellow pandas…

4. Top Rising


As someone who’s conscious of wearing tight-fitting tops most of the time, I nearly always grab a loose, baggy vest. However, what I don’t think through is what exercises I’ll be doing that day. As soon as I start putting in cardio effort (RARE) such as burpees or mountain climbers quick flashes of belly happen.

I’d just rather it didn’t if I’m honest. I know no ones looking but, it drives me mad knowing it keeps flashing everyone.

5. The Weird Armpit Bulge

Even celebs get it, is it a gift to be born without it?!

Once I first saw this on myself, I just can’t stop. You know where I mean, the awkward, weird bulge that seems to get cut into, and only made worse with a sports bra. The worst combination is having this on show and doing biceps…you’ll know if you’ve ever done it. I’m forever half-mooning (sounds rude) to get rid of them.

F I T N E S S  T I P: For those who have the same bulge and aren’t aware of the exercise Half Moon,  grab a dumbbell, do a bicep curl. At the top, twist your hand so the palm faces the mirror, keep your elbow in tight and draw a semi circle out to the side of you and down towards your waist. Repeat over and over!

6. See-Through Leggings

Lol. Over-exaggeration.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m constantly seeing girls with see-through leggings on, normally squatting on their toes (soz) drawing even more attention to the bright white thong you can see. I’m wanting to tell them, but at the same time – that would be weird.

But then it gets my brain ticking.”Are my leggings like that?  Should I be squatting with the wall behind me…or just avoid it all together? I’m going to the changing rooms to check.”

It’s always been fine with me, but the self-conscious, paranoid part of my brain takes over, as it does with most of these points.

7. Tripping On Treadmill

Treadmill Running 2

I think this is just fed by those viral videos of people flying off of treadmills. I’m left constantly making sure that my laces are tied, I’m not too close to the edges and that the speed is not too high. Silly right?

8. Light Weights


I don’t actually feel self-conscious about this one, but I know so many girls that do.

Lifting light weights seems to be embarrassing for girls and more and more are turning to home workouts because of it. Everyone has to start somewhere, and chances are (just like the rest of these points…I should take my own advice) no one cares. No offence, but they don’t.

If you’re in the right environment where people are going to workout, to concentrate on what they’re doing, then leave, its perfect. Focus on you and only you and you’ll soon work yourself down the dumbbell rack.

9.  Incorrect Form


There’ll be some exercises that I’m confident on as I learnt them through gym classes and the instructors. Those are cool, I can do them. But any new ones I copy off of instagram or youtube…I just get this over-whelming sense that I’m doing it wrong! Every glance or look I get from others that, I feel, know more about what they’re doing, I automatically assume I’ve got it all wrong and I’m “one of those girls”.

10. Sweat On Seats


Similar to the very first point, I thought I’d end on sweat. Lovely. We all know and hate to love those awkward gym equipments for us ladies…you know the ones. But as soon as I’ve sat down, I think “shit.”

I’ve just done a cardio session, and I’ve plonked myself down on this leather seat allowing the sweat to gather and leave a bum mark when I get up. I have no towel. Cue the rapid dash to the sanitising wipes on the other side of the gym before anyone else sits there.

This is more of a personal post for me and my blog, but I hoped you enjoyed it all the same! I should mention that I suffer with anxiety (not something I want to post everywhere). But I thought I’d say incase you think some of these points are silly or ridiculous…I don’t know if other people get the same self-conscious ideas so it’s hard for me to judge what’s ‘normal’ or not.

It would give me great comfort in knowing other people have the same thoughts while working out. I’m loving all the support so far, every like, every comment and every follow still get’s me excited that I can communicate with new people. For those that comment and have a chat as always, you’re the best!

Let me know what you think guys, what are your self-conscious thoughts? Do you suffer with anxiety too?

Love Life, Lexi!


63 thoughts on “My Self-Conscious Fitness Thoughts

  1. Sweat patches on my… Wait for it… Arse! Hahah! Brilliant! From a guys standpoint, still concious of when I look up and there’s a woman with a better bench press or squat than me. It happens quite often too! 😥

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    • I so used to be like that when I first started to exercise classes, but I budged my way to the front one day and found it so much easier to copy the instructors form as well as seeing my own – give it a go!! xx

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      • I’m usually found hiding away at the back but I will give the front a try next time, at least I will actually be able to see myself in the mirror then! Thank you 😊 xx

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      • In all honesty, I found being at the back a lot more self-conscious. I know that sounds silly, but hear me out! Being at the back means you can see literally every one else in that class, making you constantly question what you look like whilst comparing yourself to everyone else. When at the front, you see you and only you. Everyone else are just tiny little ants in the mirror reflection! You won’t regret it. Let me know how it goes?xx

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      • That does make sense, and I can hardly see the instructor at the back as well! I will be brave and venture to the front next time, I’ll let you know how it goes! Thanks 😊 xx

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  2. I have these exact same anxieties. I can’t tell you how freaked out I am over whether or not you can see my ass through my pants or how I look god awful after a workout and there are some girls who look incredible. I have weird sweat marks, sometimes my sports bra hugs the girls a bit much and I get an overhang. OMG its awful! Even my form, I once had a guy try to correct my form and I pretty much turned the color of a tomato. Ever since then I am so conscious of my form.


  3. Haha, this is great! So true that we all are self conscious at one point or another. What’s helped me a lot is noticing that I don’t pay attention to anyone else at the gym. So they’re probably not paying attention to me, right?

    P.S. My face gets super red and “watermelon-y,” too. You’re definitely not alone on any of these (as long as we’re both having a tough day at the gym.) 🙂

    XO, Jessica

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    • I totally agree! I used to be the worst in classes when it came to being self-concious, but one day I just though ‘BOLLOCKS’ and plopped myself at the front of the class. Ever since then – I’ve made a whole new fitbit group, new friendship group and never looked back…literally! I didn’t even realise people were in the class. Probably because my radiant red face is glowing right back at me!! I need you next to me to make me look less red hehe xx

      Thanks for commenting and glad you enjoyed!

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    • Love it! I have a few friends that don’t understand why I’m constantly looking at myself in the mirror, I have to explain that no it’s not that I’m being vain!! And I for sure do not look cute. I just have my insecurities you see! I’m not doing it for anyone else, just for me 🙂 xxx


  4. Haha, good post! My only insecurity is underwear lines on my bum! Plus my bum used to be nice and firm and look really nice in yoga pants but now it’s gone all soft so the panty lines are even more visible! Gosh I hate that.

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    • Hey! Thanks for commenting babes and welcome to my blog 🙂 VPL (visible panty line) is a no.1 fear, I don’t know how I missed that!? But that’s what the comment section is for! I’m more conscious of the colour of my underwear as I like to have a colourful selection (TMI? It makes me feel pretty ok) so 9 time out of 10 you can see the illumines pink!! xx


  5. I get self-conscious about how loudly I’m breathing, particularly during cardio. So much so that I’ll discreetly pause my music to see if I’m being too loud. It’s terrible! I also am always worried about my footfalls on the treadmill. Like, I don’t STOMP CLOMP CLOMP like some people do, but I’m always wondering AM I A STOMPER?! Those are in addition to the ones you mentioned, particularly the stupid armpit bulge. I’m constantly readjusting my sports bra to try to tuck it back in, but I do a lot of chin-ups, so they just pop right back out! Generally I’m not too self-conscious, though, unless there’s some gorgeous someone-or-another around, and suddenly I’m all too aware of how my face is lobster-red and I’m dripping sweat EVERYWHERE. My KNEES get sweaty, I mean, come on.

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    • I can so relate to being conscious of heavy feet on the treadmill! But after a while I’m so out of breath to care…roll on the heavy breathing paranoia. It’s like a vicious cycle!? Maybe we just need to suck it up, act like we own it (it will probably feel so cocky) and get on with our workout. Your knees sweat!!? Wow, that is a level I have not reached yet…I’m obviously not working hard enough. Thanks so much for commenting – glad we can relate xx


  6. Hahaha I liked this post it was super cute and relatable. I’m totally afraid of tripping on the treadmill. I picture it happening in my mind and I’m like omg I have to stop thinking about or it will happen. I’ve even considered attaching that little red safety thing to myself but I’m too embarrassed to look like a nerd hahaa!

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    • Yay – so glad you can relate to it! Lmao I think I have actually done that once and then looked around and realised that it so was the not-cool thing to do…I slowly unclipped it and carried on! OOPS! Thanks for commenting and glad you enjoyed the read 🙂 xx

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  7. Hi, Fab blog! I have just set up mine, but still in the very early stages! Just making efforts to link in with fellow bloggers to improve our followers and get the word out there for us both. I would appreciate you having a peek at my blog. Feel free to like, comment, follow or just take a peek. Thank you 🙂


  8. I relate to the hair issue, except I can’t wear headphones whilst sparring. I have the curliest hair in the world (I hate it everyone else loves it) I spend a few minutes every day blow drying it and straightening it to perfection all for the warm up to make the curls make their dreaded appearence lol.

    Great article thanks for sharing 🙂

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    • Wow I really didn’t think I’d find anyone else that has a hair issue. Although it’s nothing to do with your ears (which I’m still jealous of) I guess we go through the same, draining effort to make sure everything just right. Only for it to be ruined hahaha – why do we do it! So glad you enjoyed, that’s all I aim for! Thanks for commenting and making me feel a better xx

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  9. I can relate to half of these! I avoid buying skin tight work out gear like NikePro because I’m scared i’ll flash when I’m doing Yoga or something in the gym. I almost did it today doing pull ups! 🙈
    I’m always sweaty too. Even in yoga. I bought my own mat instead of using the gyms because I hate the idea of other people’s feet stuff being on the same mat but I just slid around. Worse hour of yoga I’ve ever done 😦😧. And yes, that fear of people judging you while you attempt a new exercise! I’ve always learnt by watching others, watching youtube or instagram too.
    & while I’m being honest, I suffer with anxiety too…I know what you’re saying. I try to concentrate on myself while in the gym. Can’t lie though, I hate it when it’s super busy, I walked out before. 🙈

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    • Oh my gosh yes, I’m so happy I’ve met someone else that finds similar situations a bit too much. Anxiety sucks, and it’s even worse when people don’t understand! I actually haven’t joined the gym this Easter (back from uni) as it’s always busy and the people that go there make me feel really uncomfortable. So have started doing home workouts instead which works! Thanks so much for commenting and letting me know you understand and suffer with the same kind of paranoia/anxieties!x


  10. I can totally relate to 2, 4 and 6! What’s annoying about my hair is that I have so many baby hairs and I look electrocuted every time I exercise jaja


    • Yay! Thanks for commenting Vanessa, so happy that we’re not alone in this. Especially the hair one…I was a little apprehensive as I didn’t want people thinking I was vain. But turns out honesty is the best policy!! Thanks for stopping by, hope you find some more of my reads entertaining xxx

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    • It’s pretty reassuring to hear you say that…otherwise this post could’ve turned out to make me look like a paranoid loser at the gym. Thanks for stopping by and getting me know what you thought – means a lot! x


    • Yay so glad you found your way back to me. I thought this would be perfect for you and basically every other anxious gymmer!! Thanks so much for your kind words, big blogger love xxxx

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  11. At the start of a workout I am way too self-conscious ! Making sure everything looks good and on point. Especially making sure I do the exercise correctly. There will always be people looking at you at the gym and judging whether you’re doing the exercise right or wrong. After some time, I just want to do my workout and I just focus on doing my thing. ;D

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    • That’s very true Tom and a different perspective that I hadn’t thought of yet! So thanks for commenting, it’s been noted and I should probably just suck it up and get on with it! Thanks for stopping by xx


    • haha yay! Welcome to my blog – so happy you could relate to this even if it’s just on the one point. It’s all I aim for when I write so I’m glad I’m not alone. Thanks for your kind words, lets hope I keep it up ay! xx

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  12. Dying! Awesome post 🙂 Red face is something I can totally get haha I’m so pale so the slightest cardio makes me look like an ambulance needs to be called STAT. Nice to know that I’m not the only one who worries about this stuff! I’m a fitness instructor and that doesn’t even help me haha. Oh well! I power through it some days.

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    • So glad you found a laugh in this post!! I think it also helps people to overcome things if they just make fun of it a little. Thanks for commenting and hope you enjoy some more of my posts Xxx

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  13. Totally relate to all of these!
    Particularly the top riding up bit! Can’t stand it! I spend 99% of my time pulling it down.
    With regard to the see through leggings….funny story….

    Was once in a spin class and a woman on the front row – who is incidentally a spin instructor was wearing very seethrough leggings with nothing on underneath!
    Needless to say it wasn’t a pleasant sight!!! The blokes in the class were fairly interested though lolz


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    • Yay! So glad you can relate meaning I’m not a loner in being so paranoid of these things. Oh god. You’d think she’d know better being an instructor! I bet you didn’t quite know where to look haha. Thanks for commenting and so glad you enjoyed and found my blog, let’s hope you can relate to more posts in the future xXx


    • So glad you found your way to my blog! And that you could relate to this one. It makes it so much better knowing everyone else has the same paranoias haha. Thanks for commenting and welcome! Hope you get to take a look around xxx


    • So glad you enjoyed it! Oh don’t. I was so paranoid about that today actually and just ended up staring at my crotch rather than my form. Perving on myself lol. Thanks for the comment & hope you get to have a look around xxx


  14. These sets of intense activity are followed by a predetermined time of rest or low intensity activity.I think most of us really connect with you on this all are real life situations happening with me too. Keep posting more such fitness related posts.

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