Taking Progress Pictures Confessions


Hello again fellow fitness bloggers,

It was my birthday yesterday! I am officially 21, meaning responsibilities have automatically increased and I’m expected to be more mature…hm…cue blog post on selfies! 

I think we’re all guilty of taking a few full body selfies to either help track our progress or just for the sake of it, because why not. Whether we’ve kept it private on our phones in amongst pictures of food and random screenshots. Or we’ve published them on our blogs for all to see (a very scary, but amazing thing to do for your self-confidence and anxieties).

If any of you follow me on instagram, you’ll know I love a good selfie or two, so why not admit to some confessions I have when taking them? You guys seem to love the more honest blog posts that I do, so this is for you…and for me to see if I really am that vain.

1.Sucking in


Come on, everybody does it…even if it’s just a little. Many of my progress pictures are published, so half the time I’m left thinking that there is NO WAY a 100% relaxed progress picture is going online. And if that makes me ‘fake’ then so be it. It makes me feel better and at the end of the day, my selfies are what I genuinely look like – there’s no photoshopping going on here. Does anyone else suck in, just a little?


2. Picking A Good Filter

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 15.13.13
Example of a good old filter from my instagram: lexilife95

At this point in my fitness journey, a filter can be your all or nothing. Selecting the right one can really enhance different shapes and angles of your muscles. Don’t tell me none of you have gone through the whole of the filter list on instagram? Or even adjusted the brightness/contrast settings?! This post could really make me out to be a loser.


3. Flattering Clothing


It’s common knowledge that the darker shades make you look skinnier and more toned. So that’s probably why half of my selfies are in all black! Plus, I tend to snap away a lot more if I’m wearing my favourite patterned leggings that fit just right. Feeling better in yourself = more progress pictures!


4. Good Lighting

This is the same woman, just different angles of light…

The lighting in the gym changing rooms or my bedroom at home tends to help me out a lot. Especially when it comes to arm flexing selfies. If you’re like me and your upper body is the weakest of all and seems pretty stubborn to improve, then good lighting is your best friend. It’s not to say the muscle isn’t there at all, it just helps you out a bit in terms of the camera picking it up! And I need the help.


5. Morning over Evening


Many good progress pictures are taken in the morning. We’ve just spent 8 hours lying down, meaning my stomach is normally the flattest I’ve ever seen it. So why not take advantage and take a quick snap?! As soon as I eat anything, I have serious bloating and I don’t know why! Anyone else the same?


6. Cropping My Face Out

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 15.15.39

As most pictures are taking in the morning, I don’t need to show you my tired face with messy bed hair. So the classic move of either covering your face with an emoji, which I’ve seen done a few times, or cropping it out all together –  JOB DONE. I’m aware some people like to ‘get ready‘ for a selfie, but by that time my stomachs probably de-flattened and gone to it’s normal bloated state.

I may or may not have made me out to be a complete sado, but as I said, my more honest and personal posts seem to be the most popular. And I think it helps people open up more if I do the honest part first!

Do let me know if you do similar tricks or even the exact same. If you take progress pictures for just your eyes only or post them online, you’re slowly accepting you for…first step to self love. That’s half the battle done and dusted!

Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Love Life, Lexi!


52 thoughts on “Taking Progress Pictures Confessions

  1. I do all of these! We all want to look our best to try and motivate people 🙂 Sucking in, for me at least, helps show my muscle better, just like posing in a body building competition. I try and take my pictures first thing in the morning as well because if I eat a grape I automatically have a food baby! Haha not sure why this happens either. And I rarely put on makeup unless I’m going out so I just crop out my face in most since I know I could look better if I tried! I love to take a ton of progress pics for myself because sometimes it’s hard to remember how far you’ve come, and I like to share them to motivate others 🙂

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    • Yay!! It seems like we can relate on a lot of things here. Probably more than we think that I didn’t mention in this post…so thanks for commenting Samantha (was gonna call you Sam but thought – weird – I don’t know you) and letting me know I’m not alone xx

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      • Haha feel free to call me Sam, no one calls me Samantha! 🙂 It was brave of you to post this talking about all these things! I loved it, us fitness girls are more alike than we know 😉


  2. Happy birthday to start with…we are 2 days apart …I love the selfie part too especially when we work out so hard to stay fit ..I’m in my late 40’s and I’m damn proud of the way my body looks…cheers again xox delba


    • Thank you!! Happy Birthday for tomorrow in that case! Yay. I love it, age doesn’t matter when it comes to selfies. We’re in the 21st century now everyone should be partial to a quick selfie. Go you – I want to be you when I’m older. Thanks so much for commenting and making me smile xx

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  3. I don’t edit my photographs and often, the outcome is pretty scary but at my age, I’ve come to expect nothing less. I was looking at a photo taken of me on Friday after a run, side on as I was breathing out. I didn’t much like the shot but it was me, living and breathing and feeling pretty darned beat after a run. I am as I am with cookie hair and gawky legs and I’m pretty ok with that because in truth, it’s who I am. I shall celebrate that fact.

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    • Hey! Great point of view to have. I’m kinda jealous of you if I’m honest. That frame of mind would be SO perfect in this day and age. Kudos to you – thanks so much for commenting! xxx

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  4. I’m sure most of us have done these and not just in before/after pics. I think the problem (and I’ll avoid stepping onto a soapbox here) becomes when people alter too much or use photoshop excessively then it goes from creating motivation to setting unrealistic expectations.


    • Hey Daisy! Thanks for commenting (as always). Yes I totally agree, I think that’s when it gets difficult and a little controversial. I’m not into that – I still want to look like me right? Otherwise what’s the point!? xx

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  5. Haha I do all of these in every progress photo, continuously lying to myself! Happy late birthday by the way, hope you had an amazing day! X

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  6. definitely guilty of all of these at one point! I definitely tense a lot to create definition rather than just holding the breath 🙂 but filters & the rest is pretty spot on. But yes photoshop I feel is one step too far! Lovely honest post! And a BIG welcome to official adulthood 🙂 We have to be all responsible now…haha x

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    • So glad you enjoyed the read! Sometimes it pays off being dead honest as I find other people know where I’m coming from!! Photoshop is very deceiving. Not into that either! And thank you!! Does that mean every time I get drunk it’s now irresponsible? Boo!! xx

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    • Haha you sound surprised!! Just kidding, glad you enjoyed and could relate to it in different contexts. Feel free to have a snoop at my other stuff if you enjoyed. I’m working on making blog posts more unisex! Thanks again xx


    • Hey Luke! Thanks for reading, it’s really helpful to hear back from some of my guy followers. Im really working hard on making my blog posts relatable to both men and women!! And thank you – it was the best weekend and I’ve come out the other end an adult…with responsibilities..ugh! xx

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      • You’re doing a great job! You’re literally the only blog I read on here😂 so that says it all… There’s loads of stuff that I find relatable✌️ ouch responsibility😢 I hope the alcohol count wasn’t too high… You’ll suffer it for in the gym like me if it was😂 keep up the great work👊 xx

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      • You are so sweet!! Wow, that’s awesome that I’m the only one you read…no pressure right hehe. I think I suffered enough with a sore head this morning, although exercise can be unforgiving when you boycott it. Thanks again Luke! You’re just the best ok!


    • Thanks for commenting Rebecca! Yes honesty seems to be the best policy on here 🙂 I was a little apprehensive in posting this as it couldve ended with everyone not knowing what the hell I was going on about leaving me looking like a right loser!! Phew … Glad you enjoyed, hope you get to see more posts – one coming on Sunday! Xxx


  7. “De-flattened”! Lol I love that comment. I do my pics in the AM as well. Don’t have time to get pretty for it. But maybe real has as much beauty in a way as made up?
    It pains me to do the selfies for posting. Definitely use the iPhone lighting edit, but it’s usually to make them brighter.
    This may sound odd, but I feel like the pictures usually look better than I do. Like it has an automatic filter that edits by softening my skin. Though I do feel like the mirror makes me look slimmer (And I choose angles that are more flattering) I actually left the last fit pic with the underarm strap pudge showing on purpose. Perfect is overrated, I’d rather go for personal.
    Happy Belated by the way!
    If I could tell myself anything at that age or even now, it would have something to do with denying perfection and going for presence. Risk discovering what you’d never think to question. And whatever makes you feel scared or insecure, go there (obviously within reason). XoXxox

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    • Love this comment. SO many truths! And I’m sure you can tell by now that I’m all about ‘honesty is the best policy’. in my blog posts. I think we all have our favourite mirror and favourite post and favourite outfit to wear for selfies right?! Glad I’m not alone in this one. Thanks so much for commenting and your birthday wishes!! I’m really going to try and take that advice actually. My anxiety can get the better of me at times. Thank you again and hope you enjoy some of my posts to come xxxx

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      • Pointing out anxiety has so much value. In your 20s, your prefrontal lobes (front of your brain responsible for social skill etc) is still developing. It’s why things you though you liked when you were younger you may not. It makes it a time you want to fight those anxieties because you don’t want to get stuck with them. Failing forward is a brilliant practice! It means you keep moving; falling only means you you learn which areas (life muscles) need to be strengthened. Sometimes we look at the life bump and people that are a part of it as though that is the limitation when really it’s about strengthening our own spiritual stretch to hurdle it the next time or 20th time it takes.
        It’s gonna be great! Can’t wait to hear about it!
        El Lenjel XoXxox

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  8. I love how secure you are about your body and who cares how you show that! You have something worth showing! I admire your panache and love for fitness! I’m just starting this journey, I’ve lost 60 pounds so far, have a ways to go, but I am starting to enjoy selfies more and more as I have progress to show! We work hard, why not record that work and the exciting journey getting to where we wanna be! And thanks for the sweet comment you left on my VERY FIRST fitness blog. You started me out well.

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    • So glad you found your way onto my blog – and that you enjoyed one of my posts! It means a lot to hear such nice things, as I’m sure you know. Congratulations on losing such an incredible amount of weight – what’s stopping you now! Keep up with the blogging and I hope you enjoy some more of my posts xxx

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    • No one has mentioned that point before, was starting to think ‘maybe I am the only one that thinks it…’ but yay! You’ve joined me. Hope you enjoy some more of my posts, thanks for commenting! xx

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