Calling All Followers…I Need Your Help!

Hello Peeps,

This is just a short mid-week post reaching out to you lovely lot, ALL 1,000 OF YOU! So so grateful and I have endless thank you’s for each and every one of you who clicked that follow button. Love the relationship and community I have on my blog, it’s so supportive and encouraging. I couldn’t have asked for more. Soppyness over. Sorry. It doesn’t come out often but when it does, I go all American Cheese on ya. MOVING ON.

What I need from you is….


Would you watch what I get up to in some Summer Vlogs on YouTube?


Vote in the Poll found on my Side Bar!

If you’re on your phone, it’s right at the bottom after the comments!

I would share it on here too, but I want to know if it would be worthwhile! I have a poll on my sidebar near the top (ish) and I would LOVE it if all of you could vote so I can get an idea!

It’s been on my mind for AGES, but I thought I’d give myself the milestone of 1,000 followers before I give it a go (never thinking I’d reach it any time soon).


I know a lot of people say, ‘Don’t think about the views/subscribers, just do what you love!’ but if I’m honest, and honest being a key theme in my blog, I’m PETRIFIED! A lot of people I know in real life, don’t know about this blog. Only my boyfriend (hey) and my family (hey). I keep it pretty private. So, to then expand out to youtube is a scary prospect.


Please be honest and let me know via the poll or even in the comments below. You know I love a good chinwag down there (as always) so don’t be shy.


Any other youtube addicts out there? Any one with their own channel have any advice for me? Would you watch me? I trust your opinions.

Love Life, Lexi!


43 thoughts on “Calling All Followers…I Need Your Help!

  1. YouTube can be scary but it’s also fun! I just started a vlog on YouTube and once I worked out the kinds of camera, being on camera, talking at a camera, etc, it was fun. Plus, you can reach more people! So, if you do YouTube you can count on me to subscribe :). Also, very few people know about my blog too haha! Cheers to cyber friends 🙂

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    • Oh really! I had no idea you started it up, I will deffo give you a follow once I set up my youtube account. I mean IF. IF I set it up…Lol. Thanks Jenn, it makes me feel better knowing I have 1 person out of the WP community watching lol 🙂 I’m glad it’s kind of like our little secret, do you fear they find your youtube too? xx


    • You sure did – can never thank you enough girl!! Cyber friends all the way. I would most likely be chatting away about stuff that normal people wouldn’t even think about. Today I tried to make sure a pigeon was ok and that he had enough room on the pavement…I’m not alright. But WOO! Hope that hasn’t put you off now…hahah xxx

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    • No worries! I’m taking comments into consideration too so perfect!! Thanks so much…this is inching me closer and closer to actually gaining the confidence to do it!! I wonder what peeps would think of me..xx

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    • Awww thank you so much Charlotte!! Ah god I feel like now I’ve said it, you lot will be waiting for it…which is SO EXCITING, and actually will make me bite the bullet with all your support before my doubts start getting to me. My blog is only a little snippet of what I’m like, I sound well posh on here with all my words and english language degree but actually..I say some really dumb things pahah. I need you on my shoulder telling me to do it every day lol! xxx

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      • if all these people on here are telling you to do so then they obviously wouldn’t be false and tell you otherwise, but 1000 followers on here, think of what you can do with youtube too!! all of this interaction as well, people will love to get to know you more, so why not!! 🙂 you have to do things in life youre scared of so one vlog & you’ll have overcome any fear or doubt you might have had xx


  2. I think it would be a great addition to the blog! I know what you mean with being more on the private side but I definitely think the youtube will help you grow even more and draw an audience in! Plus your blogs are amazing, there so honest and filled with great content. You keep everything light and REAL! I think more people like you should start vlogs to show others what this journey is all about. And I would most definitely watch them!

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    • I’m soo scared though! I think you and I both know what some people can be like. The ones from school that you see at the pub or even you friends who quite happily talk about you behind your back…it puts me off! But I’m constantly in a battle thinking ‘no! It shouldn’t put me off!’ I’m just embarrassed incase it’s not popular but, there’s only one way to find out…at least I deffo have a viewer in you!!xxx


      • Oh I know all too well what those people can say behind your back! But you are strong independent person and you have a lot going for you! Don’t let those thoughts shy you away from going for something you want to do! I know what you mean though I would definitely have the same thoughts but you have WAY more supporters that have your back!

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  3. I would love to see you do YouTube! I’ve been thinking about it myself but like you want to wait until I’ve hit a certain milestone on my blog first! I voted on your poll but felt like I needed to let you know that I think you’d do really well on YouTube!! xx

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    • Hey Jess! Yay thanks so much for voting, it’s really helping me gage what people want and if they’d actually set aside time to watch little old me chatter away to you lot about life. I will deffo watch you when you decide to start it up! I will keep you posted if I EVER take the plunge and hit upload….eeek! xxx

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    • Hello! Welcome to my blog, glad you found your way here and that you let me know whatcha think. I’m glad you like some of my posts – I hope you do with future ones too! You speak words of wisdom…I’m edging closer and closer to getting a camera Xxx

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    • I’m sure you will – I love the style of your blog so much! Others will see you and feel the same. Thanks so much for the comment and hope you enjoy my vlogs! I am uploading my first one tonight eek! xx


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