Traits Of A Bad Workout Partner

Hello lovelies,

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Happy May! This weeks blog post is all about company. Bad company. I’ve always been a lone wolf when it comes to my workouts, and there’s good reason for it. All the experiences I’ve had with exercising in pairs/groups have been awful and thought I’d share incase other’s have felt the same…it would make me feel better for being a loner in the gym…

1. Putting In Minimal Effort 


There’s nothing worse for your motivation, than working out with someone who’s putting in as little effort as possible. It’s like bringing that little cartoon devil that sits on your shoulder to the gym, whispering to you to give up on this set or lower the weights. Except, their life size and right in front of you (and don’t have horns, tail & bright red but you get what I mean). It rubs off. And you end up feeling less pumped & motivated than you did walking into the gym.


2. Being Your Shadow 24/7


It helps when people know their stuff. You understand we’re all beginners at some point, but feeling like you’ve taken a lost puppy to the gym isn’t gonna give you your best workout right? They’ll be copying you at every chance they get, side by side like a mirror image, which I know ‘is the highest form of flatteryWHATEVER, it’s annoying.

Having a shadow at the gym doesn’t always mean having a clone work out right next to you. If you need the toilet, be sure to find them trailing behind you. If you need to fill your bottle up, they’ll come with you. Yano like when drunk girls all go to the toilet together (guilty as charged) and flock away like a group of flamingos? (again, guilty I’m sure). This probably relates more to girls than guys, although I do see groups of 4/5 teen boys working out all together – that being, it’s actually 1 guy working out while the others stand their like zombies. Do you guys have the same shadow like workout partners?


3. Just Wanting To Gossip


This is definitely a problem for us girls. You all love a good gossip as much as the next person. But there’s a time and a place people. They’re chatting away to you, weights down after a few reps and well, you feel rude if you carry on am I right?! I don’t wanna be rude but I kinda wanna finish this set….sooo….if you don’t mind…

It’s even worse when you’ve got headphones/an earphone in. You get really good at lip reading.


4. Only There For Attention


We can all spot these types of people, male or female (usually female), a MILE off. They’ll walk out of the gym with not a hair out of place, not a bead of sweat, and not an eyelash out of curl. They’re there for one thing, and one thing only: ATTENTION.

Personally, ‘I can’t even‘ with these people. Sorry that was classic white girl of me. But I go to the gym to feel good…looking good is a result of it, and if they’re too busy taking mirror selfies, pouting, checking themselves out…I’ll meet them in the carpark when they’re done.


5. Having Incorrect Form


This is always an awkward one. With an incorrect form people can really hurt themselves, but you don’t wanna be that annoying person who’s always like “no down a bit, bend your knees, straight back, core engaged” because that’s an instructors job. You just came to work out but you kinda feel like you should be earning a wage what with all the instructions you’re throwing at em.


6. Being Late


You’ve got your pump on, you’re all kitted up ready to go…but no sign of your partner. Well, what. Do you start without them? Or wait around? This can be so annoying for people who are doing HIIT sessions as starting early can KILL you when it comes to your partner finally joining. It’s just annoying to agree a time for no reason right? Be on time peeps!


7. Opting For a Drive-Thru Post-Workout Meal


Like everywhere in the world now, there is never a drive-thru that’s too far away. Just opposite my gym is a Mcdonalds and next door to it is a subway. Cruel, I know. The worst workout partner would be one who heads into those places like a bull in a china shop just after a workout…dragging you with them. They’ll be saying “It’s for gains, it’s for gains I’m bulking okay“. Don’t fall for smart! Temptation at it’s best. Why do that to yourself and get sucked into other people’s bad eating habits after an awesome workout?


So there’s my honest blog for this week, I guess it was kind of a rant-like one and I’m a teeny bit sorry for it. But if all of you feel the same then it’s worth it! Let me know, have you had bad experiences when working out with others? Or another annoying point to add?

Let me know in the comments below & also be sure to vote in my poll if you can/care xox

Love Life, Lexi!

59 thoughts on “Traits Of A Bad Workout Partner

  1. Sounds like you’ve had a rough time working out with other people! I also prefer to workout alone, just so I can stay focused on myself. And for some reason when I wokout with other people, I get “embarassed” of my workout face and end up not pushing myself as hard! (though that’s something I’m trying to get past!) 😛

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    • Hahaha my face is normally gritting my teeth and that’s not too hot either!! Hope you enjoyed it – I’m hoping I’m not the only one who’s had a rough time!! Thanks for reading and commenting xXx


  2. I’m a lone wolf too. I haven’t had the best experiences with partners. Not at all to sound cocky, but I’m serious about my workouts. So if my partner is just there to look good, talk a lot instead of focusing and continually asking “when will I get a 6 pack?” is just not my speed!

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    • Exactly!! And then I read posts saying it’s better to workout with someone! Deffo not in my experience! Glad you feel the same, phew!! Thought the problem might’ve been me haha xx

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  3. Totally agree with #1 & #3…I also just get it done on my own, unless I meet someone who has the same exact fitness goals, it’s not happening. How about the ones who finish their workout and hover around you until you’re done and you just feel so bad having to make them wait that you just cut your workout short so they feel better? I can’t with these people either 🙂

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  4. I think if you do partner workouts you have to find somebody who is just as passionate about it as you are because then you will both be working hard and not playing around and slowing each other down. I haven’t found that person but I’m kind of a loner myself so I’m not searching for it either :).

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    • Yay! Another loner in the gym. Phew. I was getting so paranoid that maybe I was the problem but this post has proved to me that I’m not being alone..if you get me haha. glad you found your way to my blog! Feel free to have a look around xox

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      • Aw thanks so much babe! I kind of writ in the hope that other people feel and think the same things…kinda risky but looks like it’s paying off…lol! Be sure to vote in my poll in the side bar if you have a spare minutos xoxox


  5. Wow, sounds like you’ve had some real bad experiences! I feel lucky that my gym partner is one that will push me to give that extra 10%, especially on days when it’s mind over matter. Having said that, there are times when I’ve gone by myself and enjoyed the freedom of running around to do whatever I fancy!

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    • It seems like it doesn’t it!! Most people have struck lucky and found the perfect partner for workouts, I’ve just been naturally unlucky since the womb. Guess it shows I’m trying to keep positive by blogging about it in the hope others are in the same position! You don’t know how lucky you are hehe. Thanks for reading xx

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    • Thanks for this!! I did a practise vlog the other day and sent it to some of my followers on twitter who were wanting to see it and I got such good feedback. Now to buy a camera and start! woop xx


    • Woop – so glad you liked it. I never even thought about running with others, I think you’re either a sociable exerciser or not. We are deffo not haha. Hope you enjoy some more of my posts xx

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  6. LOL! The truth hurts, right? Everything you listed is exactly why I workout alone and outside. I can not even stand to enter a gym right now. So anti~social of me but makes me a much happier person so it’s all good!

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    • Our happiness comes first, and if that makes us a lone wolf then so be it!! Glad we’re in the same position and have the same thoughts about working out with someone. Having a partner seems to be the thing nowadays and I can’t be doing with it! Thanks for commenting as always!! xxx

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  7. My husband is usually my workout partner and it never ends well… we usually end up fighting! Don’t know what that says about us, but we’re working on it. 😉 Haha.

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  8. I don’t even like workout partners… well, let me be honest, I don’t mind bringing along someone close to me but I much prefer us to split up and do our own thing and maybe meet in the middle. I think you hit the nail on the head with this one. Everyone has their own goals and everyone’s body is different and we really can’t go to the gym with people expecting to share and do the same workouts. Also I don’t like to do too much talking while at the gym and I can’t fathom anyone sitting there trying to have a conversation with me – I usually put on one of my playlists I’ve created with Apple Music or watch Youtube videos on Youtube Red.

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    • Hahaha the youtube videos have come up again. I think it’s taking over our lives, happily too. I’m the exact same as you, as long as I get the best work out I can, going lone wolf is totally fine! Glad you enjoyed the read xxx


  9. I’m the same way!! I do so much better on my own. Every once in a while I think it would be nice to have a workout partner…and then I go to the gym and see people sitting around talking and I think no way…

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    • Hahah omg yes! The doubts start to creep in. I’m actually going to give it a go with my brother who’s a couple years younger than me. I feel because we’re siblings I can tell him to shut up or go away or help me or basically be rude without it being rude. The same for him to, you get me?! xx

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  10. I feel your pain – esp. with number 5! Just can’t help blurting out corrections and then feel like I’m being super annoying haha

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    • I’m so glad I’m not alone on that one. It’s annoying but we don’t wanna seem like a know it all right? But we can’t just let them suffer and potentially injure themselves…still a lone wolf!! Thanks for reading hun & welcome to my blog 🙂 xx


  11. Totally agree with what you’ve said. We are strongly influenced by our peers both positively and negatively. I will go to the gym with other people on the basis that it helps encourage them (and me) to go. However I always do my own thing and make it clear that I’m there to work out not use WhatsApp! !

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    • Hahaha very true. Our phones can be a huge distraction when with others! So glad you could relate to this post. Hope you get a chance to read some more of my posts xox


      • Aw thanks so much! You should join me. I have a new one up tomorrow – it gets addicting and before you know it, you don’t care what anyone else thinks!! Go for it xox


  12. Super post and most importantly very true. I for one hate to workout with anyone. I have tried it in the past and it’s not worked. Try to fit time around each other never works in the long run. Also, we all have different aims, goals and thought processes. Which does not help the situation. With work, kids, and pressures of everyday life, I find my time in the gym is actually very relaxing! Hard to believe but very true. I can go when I want, I can finish when I want.


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