The Struggles Of Being Indecisive

Hey Peeps!

Before I get into this blog post, I just want to let you know that I’ve started to VLOG! I’m finally getting in front of a camera, taking you around with me (including holidays) and putting the voice behind the blog. Let’s hope you like my accent right?

Feel free to head on over to my youtube channel where my first vlog is waiting for you. If you liked it, give it a thumbs up and even subscribe?! Who knew I’d be sounding exactly like everyone else on youtube. lol.

I am an INCREDIBLY indecisive person most of the time. And it even annoys me. As I said in my previous post, I will not be giving up blogging so why not share some struggles I have daily when trying to make decisions! Let me know if anything sounds familiar…

1.Everything Takes FOREVER


A quick shop in Tesco turns into 30 minutes of pure decisions. And that’s just in the reduced aisle. A trip into Superdrug leaves your hand full of swatches so you start resorting to your arm. And the same time it takes you to eat your meal when eating out, is the same as deciding on it. It’s always handy to have some spare time floating around just incase you come across a situation which involves you, and only you, to make a decision. Because you’re gonna be there a while.

2. There’s 10x More Stress Involved


You’re aware of how indecisive you are and how much time you’re taking…it just automatically amplifies the stress that comes with making a decision. Especially if people are waiting on you. Then that’s when everything really does take FOREVER. There’s less stress when the decision only affects you, but god forbid when it can affect other people…cue flustering.


3. People Get Frustrated With You


For others, making a decision is easy. It’s black and white. They just don’t get how difficult some people find it and start to get (understandably) frustrated. It then makes the whole situation worse as you can feel the pressure piling on, the decision alone was enough pressure!? But now they’re getting impatient and annoyed which almost starts the whole decision making progress again. You’re flustering and panicking. Either make them wait some more or you chose randomly and hope for the best.


4. Big Decisions Are Easy


I’m just being totally honest here. I know it doesn’t really fit in with the rest of the blog post about ‘finding decisions hard‘ but, I always blog honest. I find making the bigger decisions in my life like taking a masters, choosing units or an essay topic really easy to make. It’s almost as if I didn’t know the what indecisive meant. It just comes to me, I know what’s right to do and best for me. But…


5. Little Decisions Are A NIGHTMARE


Stick me in front of a Barry M counter and tell me to pick one nail varnish. Put me in front of the fresh tortellini packets in a supermarket (you know the ones with 567 different stuffing). Or in front of a rack of eyelure lashes. I’m there all day. How does that work?! It’s as if the tiny decisions get more thinking time than the bigger, life changing ones. Anyone else find that?! Or do I just have my priorities all wrong…

6. Telling Us To Hurry Up Won’t Help


If you’re reading this so far as someone who can’t relate to any of this rubbish, then READ THIS ONE! If you wanna make it worse, go ahead. Tell us to hurry up. It’s automatically adding an extra 5 minutes onto the decision every time you say it. You could be stood in Sainsburys in the pasta sauce aisle for a VERY LONG time.


7. Doubting Every Decision EVER


After you’ve finally made a decision, the doubts start creeping in. Was it the right one? What about the other options? Would they’ve been better? How different would it be if your decision was different? This sounds deep. But this is just over your Chinese takeaway order.


8. Letting Other People Decide For You


Aaaahhh and *breathe*. This is the best possible outcome to making a decision. It’s off, you can relax. The pressures now on someone else that probably doesn’t even think twice when making a decision. They’d read this and think…is this girl ok.



9. The Exhaustion


If you weren’t lucky enough to have someone come over and make the decision for you, you unfortunately had to make the decision yourself. And are now DRAINED. You wanna just get into bed with all of the decisions you made that day, and relax. And also wish to never make a decision AGAIN….and then it dawns you that you have to decide what’s for dinner. THE MOST CRUCIAL DECISION IN LIFE.

I have no idea if anyone else can relate to these struggles but I thought I’d put it up on my blog anyway. It always makes me feel better, especially when others know what I’m talking about. Let me know what you thought in the comments and if this describes you too!!

If you enjoyed this post, you should check out my YT channel for more of my thoughts…just with a voice and the face to go with them!

Love Life, Lexi!

39 thoughts on “The Struggles Of Being Indecisive

    • Aw thanks Lani! I actually use KeyNote on my macbook air. If you’re not sure what it is, it’s the mac equivalent to powerpoint. Weird I know. But it’s SO easy! Hope this helps xx


    • Glad you enjoyed the post and can relate to it! It’s so frustrating and having someone there to guide you to some sort of decision makes life so much easier right?! xXx


      • Yes I did, they’re going so well! I love doing it and people love watching so it’s a win win! You should check my channel out if you’re into vlogs, I have another one coming tonight shhhh hehe. I’m just finishing off my load of chicken burgers!! xx

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      • awesome, vlogs are a pretty interesting side to the blogging world, something I might get into at some point. ohh cool ill give it a look. I’m sure they are awesome

        should have some more food items appering soon, not sure if you saw my latest big ass sandwich recipe. its called food: round two

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  1. I can relate to the indecisiveness to some degree. I find that the more I have to make those small decisions the better I get at doing them. Its like a muscle or something…lol. I don’t know, it just works for me.


    • Thanks for reading Pamela! I’m glad you could relate to it, it makes me feel ten times better knowing other people suffer with the same kinda thoughts! Hope you get a chance to look round at some more of my posts xx

      Liked by 1 person

    • Yay! So glad it makes you feel better. That’s all I ask when I blog, for other people to feel comfortable and less scared/anxious about things. Woop! So glad you like it, feel free to have a look around my blog. I also vlog on youtube if you wanna check it out xxx

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