Pre-Summer Panics

Hello peeps!

Hope you’ve been enjoying my extra posts recently, now that summers here and uni is over for the academic year. I’ve taken up vlogging – be sure to check me out on youtube and even subscribe!

This post, as you’ve guessed, is all about those pre-summer thoughts that create a slight level of panic in you. I’m currently 6/10 in the panic zone but it’s increasing daily as I’m my holiday is in 2 weeks. 2 WEEKS. So what best to do than blog about it rather than work out, right?

1.The Body


Obviously, I had to start with this one. I feel like most of us only realise that we’re going to be in a bikini/swimming costume with 2/3 weeks to go. A month seems ages away but take away 7 days, and PANIC. My main issue I have is my stomach, not everyone is self-conscious about this part of their body but I always have been and probably always will. But this time around, na. It’s not going well. As a woman, I tend to always blame it on  TOTM…but this TOTM has lasted about 3 months now. Lol. I’m sad. Anyone else?


2. The Clamminess


As a UK blogger, I can assure you everyone loves a heatwave. They seem to be getting hotter and hotter each year, which to most, is LOVELY. But to me, horrible. I feel like the heat is so much different in the UK to when you’re abroad in Tenerife or something. It’s so much more heavy and sticky. Does anyone else know where I’m coming from here??

I tell my family it all the time and they can’t seem to understand whilst the camp out on sunbeds in the garden. Feeling clammy is worse than being freezing in my opinion, especially in bed. The sheets start to stick and wrap around you like cling film – NOOO THANK YOUU.


3. The Melting Makeup


With being sweaty, comes the melting of makeup. We can prime till our hearts content, but ultimately, if it’s hot, we get home and wonder what the hell is staring back at us.

I feel like the one thing that’s safe is your eyeshadow. Your brows are taking full brunt of the heat and collecting the sweat for you. Lord knows how Anastasia Beverly Hills’ dip brow pomade stays on but it does, I’m not gonna question it! So if there’s one thing to love to do during summer, is get your shadow game on point and BLENNDDD.

4. The Tanning Situ


If I just say #paleproblems would that be enough for this one?

Not only is it EFFORT, I feel it also gets smellier in the heat. I’ve discovered this after numerous gym sessions in winter stinking of a biscuit tin. Now I smell just on a trip out shopping with all the heat. My paranoia takes over and I’m left thinking “Can other people tell that the smell of Tesco’s bakery is me or just the general aroma..” *leaves quickly*


5. The Wardrobe


With hotter temps, comes less clothing. Another reason why I’m a fan of Autumn/Winter more than Spring/Summer. God this is making me out to be so miserable?! May as well live up to the British stereotype right.

However, I have found a solution to feeling uncomfortable in shorts, CULOTTES. They’re so light and airy and solve everything wrong with the world. But not only is it uncomfortable for some of us to put on shorts, but I find it majorly awkward with a girl walking in front of me with both cheeks hanging out. Like where do I look, they’re out, staring at me. I’m left feeling embarrassed for her.

Always use a full length mirror peeps!


6. The Pampering


I feel like everything is under a magnifying glass when in summer. As if the world is suddenly brighter and can see every pore and every hair. So I automatically feel the need to endlessly preen & pamper myself. Not willingly either. Every now and again is fun and exciting, almost like a treat! But multiple times throughout the week because it’s summer? It becomes a CHORE.

  • Shaving your legs constantly. And not even for people have have darker hairs, I have fair hairs but because the stupid sun is up, the light shines on them like and makes them shine like they’re in a hair advert. Ew. I have an image of my leg hair being long enough to plait now. That’s disgusting.

  • Toenail polish. Not only is it elbow grease trying to get the random patches that you painted over in winter off, but if they’re not shaped nicely or you cut/picked a nail too low down = RUINED.

  • Armpits. Never forget them. Could be ugly next time you point something out or help an old lady reach the highest shelf.

7. The Workouts


The workouts just get harder. The sweat patches get bigger. The sweat PLACES increase. I find the backs of my knees and toes start to produce sweat in summer…I don’t think that’s normal. When writing this…I’ve just thought to myself that this could be a complete different blog post, so hang tight on this point. I’ll have a new blog post up for specifically fit bunnies in summer soon!

So this post turned out to be more of a rant about summer, but it did highlight a lot of panics I get around this time. Anyone else get the same? Or did I not mention some? Let me know in the comments below – share and share alike!

Also, what do you guys think of my new style of featured image? Making it the same kinda style as my vlogs thumbnails…my OCD is coming out a little.  

Love Life, Lexi!




43 thoughts on “Pre-Summer Panics

  1. I loved this post, your so right about all the panics. As Brits we get so excited about the sun and yet freak out when we can’t control our makeup sliding down our faces! Ps. My trouble area is my stomach too! Your not alone in this ☺️xx

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    • Yay! So glad you found your way to my blog, welcome babes. And thanks for letting me know that we share the same panics – it deffo helps! If you’re into vlogs on youtube be sure to check out my channel BIG LOVE xox


      • Your welcome ☺️ I know the feeling chick, when I read your issue was with your stomach I just felt so comforted, it’s the only area I massively struggle with! I certainly will check them out. I am in the process with setting them up myself but can’t find the right editing platform, it’s turning the videos pixelated 😔xx

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    • Thanks so much Sarah! Can always rely on you making an appearance on my posts – big love! If you’re into watching vlogs, check out my Youtube channel if you fancy xoxox

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    • Yay, so glad to hear – does that mean you’re joining me on my summer panics?! Also, if you’re into watching vlogs check me out on YT if ya fancy xo


    • SO glad you could relate to this. I was actually just on twitter saying I was having a bit of a bad day, and this new comment/visitor cheered me up 🙂 Thanks so much for having a read and comment. Feel free to have a look around or subscribe to my YT channel xoxo

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    • Woop! SO glad you enjoyed it! You’ll probably like tomorrows post too hehe let me know what you think!

      And thank you! I have a new vlog going up tomorrow too – it’s all happening on a Sunday haha. Hope you get to see it xx

      Liked by 1 person

    • So happy you enjoyed it and could relate! The weather’s turned horrible here too…maybe I was a little early with it but maybe it’ll help people prepare for the ridiculous sweating situations hehe. Feel free to take around at some of my other stuff xx


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