Summer Workout Problems!

Hey Peeps,

This weeks blog post is going back to my old blogging waysfitness problems! As we’re just coming into the summer seasons, I’m beginning to notice just a handful of problems that weren’t there in the winter. I’m sure the number will increase as the year unfolds, but lets start you off with some of my thoughts and see if you’ve felt the same! Let me know in the comments if you can relate to any of the following…

1.The Dramatic Increase in Sweat


Sitting down on a bench never used to be a problem. But after that session on the treadmill or even the walk from the car to the gym doors…it’s deffo an issue. You stand up leaving a nice, moist outline of your bum on the leather material…do you risk it & go and get some tissue to wipe down? Or sit back down and pretend no one saw it (when they did)? Or were you smart and bought a towel with you?

I’ve never treasured a towel more so than I have in summer. But that doesn’t stop the back/underboob/armpit sweat soaking into your dark top. WHY DID YOU WEAR A DARK VEST TODAY. The sweat patches grow by the second, more so in winter, and you feel like you’re doing 10x the work. When really, it’s just really hot.

You also start to sweat in places you never even knew had the potential to do that. The other day, my knees were sweating. KNEES. I kept looking like…are u ok knees or do you need some air. I was half expecting my elbows to start dripping!?

2. Feet Overheating


Towards the end of my treadmill interval sprints, my feet have recently started to get really hot. Like, ‘I’ve got them resting infront of an open fire‘ hot. I’m not sure why it happens, but it does, and it feels like I’m running on hot sand. Does anyone else get this? I feel like my toes sweat which is a new place to add too the sweat zones…

3. Overcrowded Gym


It’s enevitable that around this time of year, as well as New Years, the gym can be PACKED. The last minute dash to the gym where the delusional girls head, thinking that a week before their holiday they’ll end up with a Kim K booty & toned abs. Not quite how it works. I wish it was. But if it was that easy – everyone would be fit!

Not to stereotype or anything (sarcasm), but these girls usually come with a face full of makeup, not a hair out of place and the perfect gym outfit. Not a drop of sweat can be found and they end up leaving looking the same as they came in. And all that hard work checking themselves out in the mirror, trying to get the attention of the hot PT that was completely oblivious to their existence. Gotta give it to them (again, sarcasm).

Can you tell I’ve needed that rant for a while now? …I apologise, moving on.

Boys can be just as bad as the girls. I’m sure some teen boys or even fully grown men have the same pre-holiday panic (see my panics here) and head down to the gym. But they tend to do so in packs. Testosterone fuelled packs. At one point, I think I saw a group of 5 hanging around one machine. 5!? Where is the logic! One person using the machine while others stand around like T.V zombie’s (reference to my Struggles from the Weights Room post) or checking out themselves/the girls mentioned above.

OK RANT OVER. Does anyone else get where I’m coming from?!

4. New Audience…


With a new crowd comes new sorts of people. Including those that aren’t really there to focus on themselves…the pervs. I won’t go on, I’ll be here all day. But does being in lycra give guys the right to endlessly stare? No. I don’t take it as a compliment like most people. When a guy’s going out of their way to make you feel uncomfortable, it’s rude & selfish. I just want to finish my workout, comfortably. It’s what I paid for right?! 

5. A New Smell


If you’re into your beauty, the smell of a bakery/biscuit tin follows you around in summer. Fake tan. With added heat and sweat, I’m pretty sure the smell just intensifies by 10. It’s not great.

The gym is also an amazing place for lighting. As in, you can now spot all the errors you made. All the dry patches that you didn’t moisturise. All the dark patches. The lines. *sigh* Anyone else see the errors when it’s too late?

6. Change in Outfit?

Exclusive... Amber Rose Stops By Starbucks After Her Workout

With summer, comes the acceptance of brighter colours. Some like to go neon, others (me) just slightly tone it up from the all black outfits. But I LIKE my all black outfits! I like the dull, dark colours. We all know it makes us look slimmer. So why would I then go and put on a bright pink top showing all the lumps and bumps…because it’s summer? Na. 

These struggles are what have come to mind just recently with the summer heat creeping in. I may’ve missed or not thought of some just yet – be sure to share with me below if you’ve got some Summer Hates come to mind!!

Did you relate to any of these problems? Make yourself known in the comments below…we don’t judge here. Promise!

Love Life, Lexi!


13 thoughts on “Summer Workout Problems!

    • Woo So glad you agree Abigail! Also, welcome to my blog chick 🙂 Hope you get the chance to look around and even watch some of my vlogs if you want. Big love for the sweaty feet gang hahaha xx


    • I completely get you! Luckily my gym sends me peak times of usage so I aim to go when it’s at its lowest!! Thanks so much for reading, hope you enjoyed it babes xx


  1. All very true, and I constantly have heated feet, not even when working out sometimes they just decide ‘hey man, you are looking overly comfortable, let me fix that real quick by confusing the sh*t out of you’ and it starts. Man I hate it. It’s not like I can whip out my size 7 shovel feet out of my shoes at work just to check if they are on fire. Okay, rant over. You made me too emotional haha X great post, is what I came here to say 😚


  2. I hate this time of year for working out its waaaay too hot.. for some reason it seems to make me out of breath and i just flop on the floor to die! Im lucky that my gym only has around 5 or so people in it even at the peak times i go, so i never have to compete for anything or get perved on. Same cant be saud for my friend who’s local gym has something like a 2000 member attendance ! (Obvs not all at once but a gym with that many members i dont see how you will find anywhere below 100 members attending at any one time!!)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Omg you are SO lucky!! Sometimes I’m like your friend and I feel like a chicken in a battery farm lol. Glad you could relate to this, it’s proved I’m not alone i hating summer workouts! x

      Liked by 1 person

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