Hey Peeps!

Another vlog for you lovely lot…for such a dull day (weather wise, I’m in the UK so it’s normal)…SO MUCH HAPPENED! I had two deliveries that I unboxed on camera, and am in need of your help in terms of my new sunglasses!

I’m loving all your support from my blog and transferring it over to youtube! Remember to subscribe if you enjoyed it, I would be SO grateful!!

Happy watching everyone!

Love Life, Lexi!


  1. are you still wordpress.com or converting to wordpress.org! the struggles 😦 PS BIG FAN CONGRATS ON YOUR YOUTUBING 🙂


  2. I love the sunglasses!!! What did you end up getting your domain name through? WordPress or the other one? And was it expensive?


    • I’ve popped it in the video’s bio! I went with GoDaddy and it came to a total of £15 for the year and that’s with personal information protected!! So good. WordPress charges $8 a MONTH lol na thanks.

      YAY you like the glasses ok good that’s one vote FOR. Thanks so much Morgan you babe! x

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  3. These vlogs are very cool – you’ve inspired me to try this out myself. I have a holiday coming up soon so I’m going to try making a video when I go 🙂

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  4. ive been away for a few days & so just been watching your vlogs now!! never fail to make me smile and laugh 🙂 a feel as though we are on the same level with so many things haha 😛 cant wait for your next vlog!
    p.s LOVE the sunglasses & sooo chuffed for you that you have a domain name!! xx

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    • Ah wonder where you’ve been!! Happy binge watching hehe. It’s so nice to feel like I’m the same kinda person as a lot of my viewers, makes me feel 10x more at ease/natural! and EEEE thank you! I’ve actually lost the returns form so it’s a good job you like em! xxx

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