Things Beauty Bloggers LIVE For ft. Fav Beauty Bloggers

Hello lovelies,

Today’s post is for all of you beauty bloggers! Including those who just pop on a bit of mascara (I hate U & want 2 be u) and those who live and die by the brush. I’m posting this in the hope that we can come together to discuss the things that constantly make us “YAASSS” whether outloud or mentally and to basically have a chinwag and share blogs/social media links. See u all in the comments!!

Now I’m no pro at makeup whatsoever, I’m just familiar with a few things that really make me LIVE in the beauty blogging world. SO here we go…

1.Taking Your Makeup Off


We all get to that point where you just want to rub your eyes out, wipe your brows off and give your face a good old scrub. This normally happens at the most INCONVENIENT times meaning it makes it 10x better when you arrive home and whip out the makeup remover. Personally, I feel like the most satisfying is a makeup wipe and a lot more refreshing but, let’s not be picky here.

TAKING YOUR MAKEUP OFF FEELS LIKE YOU’VE BEEN REBORN AGAIN. Granted, you initially look like a toe. But once the redness goes down you feel like, you. And you’re free to rub your eyes, lean on things and wear white quite safely.

2. Blogging About Your Newest Purchase

Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 4.15.41 PM
One of Iridescent Places GORGEOUS flatlays.

Although I’m not a full on beauty blogger doing all the INSANE flatlays with a classic marble dropback (*cough cough* Iridescent Places, who’s flatlay is above^), I can appreciate a good looking product. I often spot a pretty looking highlight or blush that would look perfect on a flatlay but then I realise I have 0 skills lol *violin*.

BUT, if I were to run a blog dedicated to beauty, then I would 100% be influenced to buy a product for it to look pretty in a blog pic. Guilty.

Also, if it was a high in demand product or something a little pricey, then why not show it off? I feel like some people take it as ‘rubbing it in‘ but really, they’d do the exact same if they were able to get their mitts on it. So you GO BEAUTY BLOGGERS!


Screen Shot 2016-05-08 at 09.06.07

Sometimes I feel like the lead up to going out is so much better than the actual night out…the lead up being = MAKEUP TIME. I set aside a good 3 hours to get ready (including taming my mane of hair) so I’m not rushed, I’m prepared for any emergencies that may happen and I can put in that little extra effort.

It’s also prime time for selfie taking lol. I don’t even care that it might sound sad. My insta is full of them and I feel that if makeup makes you feel good about yourself, SHARE IT!

4. When NYX FINALLY came to the UK

Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 5.48.37 PM
Image from Sprinkle Of Roses NYX blog post!

If you’re a UK based beauty blogger and this doesn’t make you YAAASSS then I’m not sure how you’ll get on with this blogpost. I think we all went a bit mad especially with the angelic Matte Lip Creams. But now that we’re all calming down and coming to our senses again, we’re started to see other products other than the Lip Creams from NYX. I featured one of their VIVID BRIGHTS eyeliners in my Boots & Superdrug haul over on my YT channel, IN LOVE. Even just talking about it now..I think the boots website has mysteriously opened up on my browser…?!…

I recently saw a blogpost on NYX from Sprinkle Of Roses where they helped distinguish the difference between all lip glosses along with sharing their impressive collection so far = goals!

5. Duty Free Makeup


Recently I purchased my first ever mac product all down to DUTY FREE! The above picture was actually taken on the plane waiting to take off lmao, when there’s a will – there’s a way.

Most airports force you to walk through duty free to get to the waiting lounges before boarding. Genius idea. But I often view that walk as the journey that shows the men from the boys (metaphorically speaking). One by one, each member of the public are getting dragged into the depths of duty free and rarely walk straight on through. There’s a lady with some perfume ready to spritz, an attractive man in a suit ready to charm & sparkling clean counters with products on display all like BUY ME.

What’s the most you’ve spent at duty free? Or do you resist!?

6. Creating (And Instagramming) The Perfect Wing!

I’m gonna start this one off with a mention of one of my favourite blogging gals. Aimée Deléis! When my wings are just not behaving (everyone has those days right?) I’m left being soOoo jealous of her immaculate eye makeup. Well actually, makeup in general lol, I’ll leave you her insta here and blog here..she’s on the left above!

Recently, I’ve fallen in love with NYX vivid brights eyeliner and will 100% feature this in my June Favourites! That’ll be up on my YT channel very soon (promise). I have the Violet shade and is in the image above! Do you own any?!

7. Grabbing the Newest Eyeshadow Palette

Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 5.58.20 PM
From Izzy’s Modern Renaissance Palette blog post

Whenever you’re reading this blogpost, I guess the idea of ‘newest palette‘ would change. But currently, the one to get is the ABH Modern Renaissance palette. I vowed to myself that I would get it for a treat and I’m lagging. But someone who was right on the money was Izzy from daisychainsintherain. She suits the colours beautifully. I’ve noticed in some new videos she’s been werking the shades so i’m left like Y DO I STILL NOT HAVE IT!

When you ask that question to yourself, u know you’re in need of it. Nothing haunts us most like the things we didn’t buy. LIFE MOTTO.

8. Perfectly Overlining Lips

Above is me on the right (sc: lexilife95) and the beautiful Cari-Ann from Beauty and the Basics. I have NO IDEA if she overlines her lips but I couldn’t not include this girl in a lip themed point. Lip GOALS! I also love her posts and feel like she needs more followers than she has so head on over to her blog!

Overlining your lips can be as challenging as winging your eyeliner. You’re working from a blank canvas and are in 100% control of the shape. That’s a lot of pressure. God forbid doing both overlining lips & winging it within the same makeup session, I think I’d need a lie down.

I don’t do this daily, but with liner, I can’t simply stick to my natural lip line. My thought process is normally “Oh go on then, while I’m here” and end up overlining my top lip within an inch of it’s life, ngl. But when it goes perfectly and you feel like the next Gabriella Lindley, life is great.

9. Natural Lighting

Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 4.38.48 PM

As someone who is not gifted enough to have a ring light (YET) I depend on the natural light for the best kind of selfies. I feel like fellow selfie-takers have the sudden urge, when all glammed, up to head to the nearest window, angle the camera slightly upwards and snap away.

Natural lighted selfies paired with a good filter = THANK U & GD NIGHT.

10. When the Brows Go Right First Time

These are the times to treasure. To remember when things get tough & you’re on your 3rd go at making them flawless. To remember when you give up in a strop and go back to your room for 10 mins until trying again…just me?..

When they DO go right first time, I’m often left stood staring at myself expecting me to wakeup from a dream or to find something wrong with them….utter disbelief is the way I’d describe it haha. The rest of the time I spend on my face is spent very slowly and carefully, especially around the brows area.

A certain beauty blogger who seems to always have perfect brows (AS WELL AS AIMEE) is Honor Ireland featured next to me in the images above^^. Whenever she pops up on my twitter I’m reminded of that BROW ARCH GOAL! Check her stunning blog out!


So that’s my round up of 10 things that Beauty Bloggers LIVE for! I’ve intentionally made this post more about sharing my favourite bbloggers who are all just LOVELY and felt like giving something back to them all. They’re legit so supportive and have helped me along my blogging/youtube journey massively so yeah ok I’ve gone all soppy for this post. GUILTY.

Here are a few others I didn’t mention above that you really need to check out:

Laura over at Laura!

Lani from Laniraeblog!

Kate over at The Makeup Artists Choice – Some insane skills, some of which I’ve never seen done before!

Sophie from Sophies Beauty on a Budget!

Sophie from Petals Of Perfection!

Ruby From rubyredr0ses – Bae since day 1

Charlotte from lovefromcharlotte – another bae since day 1 with a StUnNiNg blog!


I hope you enjoyed this blog post and let me know what you thought in the comments!! As i mentioned at the top, this post is aimed to get everyone together sharing links ect and giving feedback and just being all round nice people ok. So feel free to bombard the comments section, reply to others and share linksI ALWAYS reply!

I feature some beauty themed videos over on my youtube channel so feel free to check that out and subscribe – would be much appreciated!

What point hit the nail on the head for you?!

Love Life, Lexi!

42 thoughts on “Things Beauty Bloggers LIVE For ft. Fav Beauty Bloggers

  1. Haha, most of these are oh so true! Whenever I feel like I nailed my make up I’m attracted to the natural light like a moth to a flame!
    Speaking of mostly beauty blogger –> *shameless self promotion* hope you check it out 🙂
    P.S. I’ve been loving your vlogs since the day 1, I can’t wait for the ‘every day’ ones to come back, it makes me feel better about mine haha xxx


    • Hey babe! I so know you from twitter! Will check out your blog straight after this comment, self promotion is where it’s at lol.

      and YAY for youtube! So nice to hear you’ve loved them from the start, when you say ‘every day’ ones are you referring to the days I vlog at home? Will get back into those soon I promise! How come it makes you feel better about yours? xx

      Liked by 1 person

      • Haha oh you’ll know me from youtube too, I’m that girl that constantly comments about your sunglasses, domains, cats and what not (by the same name as here) guilty as charged 😀
        And yes, the home vlogs! Love myself some of those. It makes me feel better because they are very similar to mine 🙂 So then I know that not everybody climbs Everest every frickin day. Not that we don’t do stuff…we so totally do things.. haha
        Also watching those is another excuse to have a cheeky snack for me! xx


  2. Natural lighting is definitely one to live for! NYX came to Belgium as well with a store in Ghent, the city where I study. I was so excited! I bought way too much lol 🙂


  3. Such a fab post!!! Definitely spoke to me with every point – especially the taking the makeup off one I thought it was just me, it feels so good! This must have taken you ages to write, its so fab!! Thank you so much for the link! xo

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Sooooooo many new blogs for me to read now! Thank You pretty lady! Loving my NYX eyeliner as well, I need them all!
    I need a ring light as well, I love the natural light thing but its just so temperamental. Where do we get them from and will they cost us the earth!? I dont just want to buy one off of Amazon and then it be rubbish..
    Honor Island is such a babe, I found her recently and followed her across everything. Iim her number one fan and proud lol! Am also yours though, and will be buying Lexi merch when you make it big on the Youtubes cause your gonna, Zoella ain’t got nothing on you!
    Thanks for the mention again you utter babe x

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hahah oh my god this made me chuckle/smile so much! Lexi Merch will happen when pigs fly Kate I am TELLIN U NOW lol! I know I’m so tempted to splash out on lights & tripods but then you just can’t beat natural light…I recently filmed some main videos on the friggin cloudiest day so the lights changing all the time but…POOR YOUTUBER PROBLEMS. Your essay/comments are my fav 😂 Big love xxx


  5. Howwww do you manage to still look stunning when you’re pulling a face, like you are in your main photo!? Hahah 🙈 I’m not a beauty blogger but I totally understand the love of blogging about a new purchase, I always just want to post the review immediately! 😂 I still need to check out a NYX counter at Boots, I haven’t had the chance yet!

    Abbey ✨

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aw!! You’ve made my day! Thank you Abbey. NYX is slowly creeping into my makeup bags, slowly but surely, I’ve just posted a June Favourites on my youtube channel that includes their contouring stick ITS AMAZING! Thanks so much for stopping by and being a nice person. 🙂 xx


  6. I burst out laughing at the bit about looking like a toe! I totally agree it feels refreshing to get all your makeup off. Like ahhh… a clean slate. I’m starting to learn how to do winged eye-liner, so those pictures you included are the dream! This is a fab post, missy. XOXO

    Breanna Catharina

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Getting your brows perfect first time is the best thing in the world, but getting home at the end of the day and finding you haven’t managed to smudge them is definitely on par with it! x

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aw hey!! Whats your twitter? Will follow you for sure, can never have too many blogging gals can ya. Thanks so much for reading and I’m so glad you could relate!! If you liked this you may like my youtube channel – I just uploaded a June Favourites video…it’s all very chatty just like my writing style hehe. xx


    • I really feel like I needed to give something back to these girls!! Thanks so much for having a read Jessica, I’m slowly gathering up a group of girls/toes that agree – we’ll make a foot soon LOL xx


    • So sorry for the late reply Nicky! Thanks so much for reading and being an al round lovely person hahaha. Love the compliments and I’m still going hard at the blogging!


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