The Perfect Summer’s Brunch (Goodbye Fry-Ups)

Hello lovelies,

I’ve got something a bit different today. I was inspired by Paperless Post to put together my ideal brunch bash including the invites, menu and decor. My mind immediately went into overtime along with my imagination and couldn’t wait to get started!

You may or may not know that my life basically revolves around FOOD. I love creating fresh light dishes in the summer along with belly-warming, comfort food in the winter. But one meal I feel gets left behind is the beloved brunch.

If I’m 100% honest (as per usual on my blog), brunch has never been a favourite of mine. But this is only because I am SO BORED of the classic fry up. As a ‘borderline‘ vegetarian, it gets pretty difficult when someone announces they’re doing a fry… I end up having beans, tomatoes (if done right), the yolk of an egg (I hate the white) and toast. Weird. Very weird.

So this is my chance to prove people wrong in thinking a ‘fry’ is all you need for a brunch & inspire you all with my fresh and airy theme!

The Invites

Paperless Post is a company with the aim to redefine the way we communicate with others, both online or off. Their website consists of beautiful designs for any occasion, including brunch! Here’s my invitation for the brunch bash hosted by yours truely, all made for free on their website

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 11.20.20 AM

As you can see, my theme involves shades of greens and yellows with a slight hint of gold to give the impression that the event is (somewhat!) classy. The champagne logo also does the trick & maybe attracts people to join even more, I know I’d be sold at that alone…guilty.

You can even customise the envelope and I went for a rich yellow-verging-on-gold inside cover with white polka dots. Cute!

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 11.20.28 AM

I forgot to mention the scalloped edge on the invite above, anything scalloped is instantly cute right?! Life too short for boring, straight edges with 4 corners!



The Decor

I would want my decor to be like the brunch itself, light & refreshing. So what better colours to pick than green & yellow! I like the fact that these colours are SO easy to find in nature and are naturally pretty.

Here are some pictures found on Pinterest that (in my opinion) create the perfect brunch atmosphere. I used Roomstyler to create a moodboard:

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 2.25.12 PM


I think you can tell I am loving the foliage, but I’m also a fan of copper and terrariums so would like to see those scattered amongst the leaves. Mimosa’s tie in nicely with the colour scheme and for those not drinking, orange juice would be served in mason jars with those cute barber shop pole straws! I didn’t want anything too fancy with the cutlery and plate sets as I already feel OTT with all the shrubbery.

What do you think? Would you eat inside or out?


The Menu


When looking for potential dishes for my menu, I noticed the lack of meat on anything that wasn’t a fry up. Maybe that says it all in terms of why every brit craves a big fry come Sunday morning. For me, it works out perfectly. I tend to avoid meat whenever it’s on my plate mainly because I hate the texture of it. I’ll start with the savoury dishes:



Cheese, runny egg yolk, tomatoes & greens. It’s just so happens that they all fit my colour scheme too YES FOR COORDINATION! What vegetarian dish do you enjoy?!



YUM. The nutella stuffed pancakes pushed me over the edge and am now considering grabbing a spoon and the jar from the cupboard. The top left picture was found on Zoellas Pinterest and I’ve since made those exact ones! Obviously not as pretty, but they are amazing and I often deal with requests from the family to make them! I’ll leave the link here.

The top right is Baked Berry French toast and the bottom right is cinnamon bananas. Safe to say I’m VERY hungry after writing this.

Are you more of a sweet eater? Or do you prefer the savoury menu? Let me know in the comments!


I hope you enjoyed this post! I know it’s a little different to what I normally do but I love creating cute, pretty things that I know are completely unachievable for me in real life.

Massive thank you to Katie for reaching out to me and asking me to make this post. It was so fun and I now want every aspect of my life to be green and yellow.

What did you guys think? Would you attend if you received the invite?!

Love Life, Lexi!

18 thoughts on “The Perfect Summer’s Brunch (Goodbye Fry-Ups)

  1. FOOD!? Hell yeah we would come! Oh what a cute theme you got going there – I feel the Brunch-ness! So summer time fun!

    Brunch is the best, how could you not love brunch but of course we’re the typical toast and avocado type of brunch people you see haha

    Loved the dishes you picked out though! Oh I’m hungry now! Yum!

    Thanks for sharing, would definitely use this company if we ever need something like this!

    Jessica & James☺️💓

    Liked by 1 person

    • Maybe your invite could just be FOOD. BE THERE! Thanks so much for reading babes, it was honestly so fun to do this post and such a change to my normal thang. I really want pancakes & nutella now too…xx


    • What ones got your stomach rumbling the most?! The sweet treats made my belly produce a whale’s mating call! Outside is always nice but rare in the UK! Thanks so much for reading! Glad you enjoyed x


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