50 Facts About Me Tag!

Hello peeps!

If you have me on social media, you’ll know that I’m currently in the middle of my busiest weeks in summer! I’ve just graduated and have pictures on instagram of my outfits & makeup, feel free to have a nosy, and am about to go on a girls holiday to Tenerife.

So I thought I’d make sure I’d leave you all with one big video to maybe watch at some point while I’m MIA!

I’m also no longer posting my holiday vlogs on my blog as I feel they’ve kinda taken over a little and that’s not what I wanted – so remember to SUBSCRIBE for those from now on!! Click here to sub!

Let me know what you thought and feel free to do the same tag if you’re a blogger or youtuber! Just be sure to tag me/mention me so I know to give it a good old read/watch!!

Are you similar to me in some ways? Let me know in the comments and remember to head on over to my YT channel and give it a big thumbs up! Be sure to subscribe for more.

I’m gonna miss ya while I’m away!! Leave me something nice to read when I return hehe. xoxo

Love Life, Lexi!

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