Struggles Of An Impatient Blogger/Youtuber

Hello lovelies,

I’m finally back on the blogging bandwagon after having some time off holidaying & spending time with family. If I’m honest, I’ve missed it a RIDIC amount – it’s made me realise that my internet life is a genuine hobby of mine. So maybe I should shut up and get on with it, I know that’s what you’re all thinking anyway…

As a VERY impatient person in every day life, I feel like it’s appropriate to tie this in with the blogging/youtube world! Some of these don’t necessarily apply to me, but being in touch with so many of you lovely bloggers has got me noticing certain things. Let me know in the comments if your read anything familiar…

1.Getting The Perfect Flatlays

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 1.21.23 PM

I’ll hold my hands up and admit that I’m pretty shocking at flatlays, hence why my blog is very different to the stunning, perfectly co-ordinated beauty blogs out there (I hate u). But I know what it’s like to attempt to get the perfect flatlay until you forget to eat. Anything over food and you know it’s serious.

I’ve read that moving one lipgloss slightly the right or tilted a brush to a different angle can ‘make the shot‘, not that I’ve got first hand experience of that. For all of you beauty bloggers that are constantly taking amazing flatlays with the classic marble/white/wood work background – I salute you.

Do you get impatient with it? Or does it calm you down?

2. Blog Growth


I think we’re all well aware of how long it takes to increase your following and engagement over on social media. But patience is an absolute virtue in the internet world and slowly but surely everything will fall into place.

Personally, I started my blog first, followed by twitter and later, youtube. They all build at completely different speeds so if you have more than one blog/youtube spectrum – let me know if you have discovered the same!


3. Waiting to Publish/Upload


Before putting anything live under your name, I feel it’s always best to just have a double check through. For fellow youtubers, it’s watching your video/vlog a couple times though and for other fellow bloggers, its having a thorough read with the spellchecker. That, for me, is painful enough as you’ve done all the hard work and want to be rewarded/rid of it!!

Then there’s waiting for the right times to hit publish. UGH THE WAIT. Normally, I end up publishing a little bit earlier on my blog, but when it comes to youtube – I’m so stubborn. Not one minute before not one minute past, bang on the hour.

But before you get to the point of making a video live, you fellow youtubers will know the struggle of uploading it to youtube. A 10 minute vlog of mine can take up to 5 hours to upload to youtube, meaning I’m at my most productive in the morning to try and get it up before the evening.

I once sat untangling an internet wire as I thought the internet might be ‘getting stuck in it‘. That was only a month ago. I’m hoping people may’ve lost interest in this blogpost by this point…if you’re reading this, comment below saying you’ve understood I am now the blondest brunette ever created lol.


4. Finding the Perfect lighting

Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 4.38.48 PM

As an avid fan of natural lighting for selfies, it can be a long game to play when you’re feeling yaself. Kinda the last thing you want is to spend all that time getting glammed up to then not find good lighting to help show all your hard work – am I right?!


5. Waiting for Lashes to Dry


This is for a more specific audience: LOVERS OF THE LASHES. I am never bored of fake lashes, it’s never a pain to put them on, infact I can’t wait to. So this normally ends up in soaking wet glue all over my eyelids as leaving them to dry for 30 seconds seems impossible. CHILL YOUR BEANS THEY’RE NOT GOING ANYWHERE. LET THEM DRY A BIT.


6. Entering All the Tags

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 6.41.19 PM

Luckily, over on YouTube you can set your channel up so there is a default uploading setting. This means that you can type in the tags that you want just the ONCE. If only I could say the same for wordpress.

I have no shame in saying that I use a lot of tags in my posts or even hashtags over on my instagram. Why would you be embarrassed? It’s your hard work and talent that got you to that point so why not share it with others?

The only con to this, is that it is SO time consuming. I tend to get bored and distract myself with another tab thats open or random youtube video, meaning the post gets delayed even more so to be uploaded. Anyone else?!


7. Waiting for Blogger Chats to Start


Will there EVER be enough blogger chats?! I think not. There’s a huge amount of them out there in the twitter world already, but without fail, I will nearly always miss the start if not all of them after waiting nearly ALL DAY FOR THEM. If you don’t know what I’m talking about then YOU NEED TO. They run for normally an hour using a dedicated hashtag to engage and discover new bloggers out there – if you have any more questions just ask in the comments.

For a student who’s home for the summer with bits of work here and there, I spend all day waiting for these chats (in amongst other things) yet when it comes to them, they completely go out of my MUST REMEMBER memory bank.

Anyone else? Do you engage in twitter chats? Leave your twitter name and I’ll be sure to follow ya xox

So that’s all that comes to mind when thinking about things that really show my impatient side when blogging/filming. Be sure to check out my twitter and youtube channel and subscribe if you like what you see!

What things frustrate you as a blogger?!

Love Life, Lexi!

43 thoughts on “Struggles Of An Impatient Blogger/Youtuber

  1. Yes I’m really impatient with it all too! I’ve just set up a youtube channel and uploaded my first video so goodness knows how that’s going to go! I think it can be quite stressful when you just start out and you have no views or followers for your videos, blog etc. I’m not good at being patient 🙂 x

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    • Ah awesome! Love meeting new youtubers – patience is something thats so rare to have and will always be jealous of those with a lot of it…maybe they could share some?! Feel free to check out the rest of my blog and my YT channel xo


  2. Good to see you back! You’re one of the best bloggers I follow in the sense that you engage with people… I seem to be following lots of bloggers who don’t care about comments and never respond, lol. Hope you enjoyed your holiday! I checked out a couple of the videos you posted and they looked great : ) Massive shame about the iPad though but hopefully you all had a good time overall.

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    • Hey Fed! Aw thank you so much – I can’t just let a comment go without replying, keeps me up at night! (ok bit dramatic but I think we all know that’s in my nature now). Yes the holiday was the best I’ve ever been on – I’ve still got a few vlogs to upload but don’t post them on my blog now as I fear I’ll annoy people with them so be sure to subscribe if you haven’t already for notifications!! I will be posting my main videos up on here though. Thanks so much for your support as always xxx

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  3. Yahh! Glad you’re back on here, although I do watch your YouTube too!
    I always ‘forget to blog’ I go to a cool new restaurant or an event, have a great time then think maybe I should have blogged about that haha! Guess I’m just not a natural lol!! Xo

    Liked by 1 person

    • aw yay! so happy I’m not alone in getting frustrated! Be sure to check out my youtube channel if you haven’t already, you may relate to a lot of stuff there too! xxx


    • Hahaha bless her that’s so cute yet so me LOL! Thanks so much for reading as always u babe.

      As you know I’ve been a bit MIA from my blog but normally, Sunday late mornings are the best time for me! I just posted this one last night because…I’m impatient. How ironic lol! xx


      • *blondest (though blindest is an interesting autocorrect there hah)
        I found Wednesday to be the best day for me, although it might have something to do with my blog name haha xxx


  4. Can definitely relate to a few points! Used to be a big worrier of blog/social growth when I first started, why weren’t people viewing my posts! I’ve now got a lot more patient and realise it’s not an overnight thing and not the be all and end all! Also, what are these blogger chats you mention? Curious to know more 🙂

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    • Good – so glad you could see familiar thoughts in my post 🙂 It’s what I aim for!!

      Ooo the blogger chats are amazing. Do you have a blog twitter account? Or any twitter account? These ‘chats’ run for one hour from another bloggers account who posts questions within a theme. For e.g the theme may be ‘Junk Food’ or ‘Blog Organisation’ (literally anything) and there would be roughly 4/5 questions per hour! Questions could be ‘Q1: How do you organise your blog? Does it feel like it helps?’

      The most important thing is to use the hashtag that they have dedicated to the blog. So one coming up this morning is the Bloggeration chat and the hashtag is #bloggerationchat which you use at the end of every tweet. Search the hashtag and chat for hours with others about the topic!! Great way to meet new people xx

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  5. I completely agree! Especially Twitter chats, I end up missing the majority of them or spend all day waiting for the ones I actually remember. What are your favourite chats? Great to see you’re back!! 😃 xxx


  6. What frustrates me as a blogger…whoo well I just stared mine about a month ago and already have found it to be rewarding and a pain haha. I’ve been frustrated revising posts, and like you just getting the darn thing up and published (and only to be seen by like, 5-10 people, maybe haha). Also just figuring out how to do certain things on wordpress is a pain. I am NOT savvy with a lot of this stuff and have to really do things slowly and one thing at a time. And it comes with the territory I guess but not knowing how sure I am about promoting myself on something other than twitter. I’m very hesitant about saying anything on fb! I should be out and about screaming about my blog but a big part of me is still shy about saying anything more on certain social media other than twitter. Anyway this is a great post! I’ll be following! My twitter name is beautlifemom (no y) and would love if you followed me 🙂 Thanks so much!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Welcome to my blog Jen! So glad you got to have a read and comment, especially as I can share with you that my ‘internet life’ is a total secret to every one too. A handful of people, being my immediate family ad boyfriend, are the only ones that know about it. I’m now on youtube as well as blogging/tweeting/instagramming so, it’s only a matter of time until it starts to get out but I won’t be posting on fb either!! I have so many people on there (need a clear out) that are judgemental and probably question what makes me happy. No one should do that to another person! Will find you on twitter xxx

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  7. ahhh glad to know you can still be successful without the whole fb thing!! Of course my husband posted about my blog which was sweet of him but I would never have had the nerve to do it on my own. Thanks so much for this!! I will have to check out your YT channel- always wanted to that but don’t have the guts (yet!!).

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  8. First things first can I just say HOW STUNNING ARE YOU! I can relate to every single one you’ve mentioned, I must be an impatient blogger. Well I’m impatient in general. My twitter tends to be the one that grows the most quickly, Instagram is very slow and my bloglovin is very slow at the moment due to being a new blogger..

    Claire ❤ | My Little Memoir

    Liked by 1 person

    • Welcome! Thank you lovely – I’m deffo an impatient person in general, walking behind slow people gets on my LAST WICK! But in terms of blogging I’m so glad we can relate – thanks so much for reading and leaving a comment! My instagram is the slowest by far! xx


  9. We’ve created our blog a bit more than 6 months ago (with a Facebook page and twitter account) and have just started youtube. If our blog has grown quickly and our twitter page too, we have been obsessively checking the number of subscribers we have on youtube (4 by the way) and can’t wait to see that number go up that we feel like that cat gif you put in his blogpost at the moment…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey! Welcome to my blog gals 🙂 It can get so addictive can’t it – I’m sure we’re all guilty of watching the follower/subscriber count, you’ll find it goes up when you’re not looking!! How cute is that cat tho xo


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