30 Reasons Why Autumn Is The BEST Season!

Hey peeps,

If anyone follows me on Twitter (I tweet A LOT) then you may’ve noticed my excitement for Fall. Admittedly, Im writing this in August as I was convinced that August marked the start of Autumn (maybe I got confused by the similar names idk). But people associate August with Autumn right?! Imma go ahead with the blog post anyways…

Personally, waving goodbye to the months that causes places to sweat that I never thought possible, is a godsend. Summer’s a time when you more often than not, smell B.O on public transport, feel more body conscious and look at shaving your legs as a CHORE.

As you can tell, I’m not a fan of the warmer months. So you can guess my levels of ‘omfg I’m so happy‘ when it became the 1st of August. Also, it was 100% satisfying that this year, it was on a Monday. I love Autumn.

If you’re a fellow fan of the fall, (alliteration at it’s best, year 7 English teacher will be proud) let me know in the comments below or share this around to find other lovers of everything Autumn! If you’re not so fond of this season, by the end of this – YOU WILL BE. 

  1. Everything’s so pretty


Autumn gives us the perfect combination of colours. Oranges, reds, mustards, and browns.   BROWNS. I mean, any season that makes brown look inviting/warm needs a medal, because let’s be honest, it’s poo colour.

     2. Meaning everything’s so much more Instagrammable
     3. The conkers
     4. The kicking of pretty leaves



Beware of hidden dog poo (You’ll never look at a mound of leaves the same)

      5. Crisp Mornings
      6. Prepping us for Winter
      7. Rain making everything prettier


Rain in summer makes everything ugly. But rain in autumn, ER MA GOD. I feel like it has the same effect like rose water on eyeshadow (any beauty gurus out there, u feelin me?)

       8. Not sweating out when the suns out 
       9. The belly-warming food
       10. All the cinnamon/pumpkin/apple flavours
       11. The hot drinks


Pumpkin spice latté. Do I need to say anymore?

       12. The return of the coats
       13. The fluffy socks & slippers
       14. The oversized jumpers & blankets
       15. The cosy hats/gloves/scarves


Is it not obligatory to basically get a new wardrobe for autumn?…Why did we all hate putting gloves, scarves and hats on as a kid?! I feel like we hated them to the same degree as going to sleep at night and, well, look at us now. Napping at any opportunity & getting our cosy garments out ASAP. Weird.

       16. The candles
       17. The baths
       18. The STAYING IN & it being acceptable


       19. The pumpkin carving
       20. HALLOWEEN
       21. The festive decor

Source: Claireabellamakes

       22. Berry lips
       23. Amber/Rusty eyeshadow
       24. The 5th of November
       25. The sparklers 
       26. The clocks go back


An extra hour in bed. Are you still arguing that Autumn isn’t the best season?

       27. THE BAKE OFF IS BACK 
       28. Cuddling isn’t a clammy mess
       29. Movie nights are daily (and acceptable)
       30. The countdown to CHRISTMAS can begin! 


There are my 30 reasons as to why Autumn is the best season out of the lot. Do you agree? Which points were you ‘YAAASSSS’-ing at? Or is another season the front runner for you? Let me know in the comments below and be sure to RT/share if you were high-fiving me throughout.

I couldn’t let Autumn pass without doing a post dedicated to it so I hope you understand the slight change in blog style. Let me know if you enjoyed it! 

Love Life, Lexi!

38 thoughts on “30 Reasons Why Autumn Is The BEST Season!

  1. I’ve always said summer was my fav, but who are we kidding here – summer in the UK where pls!? So I guess Autumn wins and to be honest, who can argue with anything you’ve listed!?!? Unless you’re a boy and you’re not about that Berry Lip life and eyeshadow shut I feel your excitement girl! Loved this post, thanks for sharing!

    Jessica & James

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha woo! I’ve converted a summer lover, my job is done. True, the guys can skim past that one maybe or replace it with ‘MY GF LOOKS HOT AF IN WINTER COS OF HER BERRY LIPS’ ? Thanks so much for reading babes xx


  2. I literally just tweeted asking if I am allowed to start wearing dark lipsticks, boots, and cardigans since it’s August! Autumn and Winter are my favorites because they’re just so cozy (and because my legs don’t stick to chairs due to sweat >.<

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha YAS you berry your lips away! I also had a last minute thought about the outfit choices – tights, boots & cardigans COME ERE (obviously with a dress on, naughty). So glad you liked it, feel free to have a look around – I do YT too! xx

      Liked by 1 person

  3. 100% agree. I can’t wait for Autumn! I feel like it’s acceptable to start thinking about Christmas when we hit fall 🎅🏼 x

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Hey Lexi I’m with you all the way on this. You see , like you, I believed and still do this marks the start of Autumn.

    I say this because if you follow the old Celtic calendar Autumn begins today and ends with Halloween. All Saints Day technically the first day of Winter.

    What I like about this time of the year is the Edinburgh fringe, knee length skirts, the Saturday curry, Glasgoes Poetic poetry festival , National poetry day, gentle breezes, and the return of Strictly. These are just a few reasons I love this time of year.

    Best Wishes
    Gayle X

    Liked by 1 person

    • How could I forget about Strictly! Won’t be the same without Len though. Thanks so much for reading and offering your insight to why Autumn is the best season! Be sure to check out the rest of my blog & youtube channel xxx


  5. The past couple days have been rainy and the weather has felt like fall, which has made me so happy!! I mean, Bath and Body works has their fall line out, so it is obviously fall. Haha.


  6. I think I need to print your list and hang it somewhere visible for the days when I’m soaking wet from rain and all moody. Every season of the year has something great about it and I love how you put such a nice list 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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