10 Things That Will Inevitably Happen At Uni

Hey lovelies,

If you’re reading this as a confirmed student that’s starting in September, then be prepared for the best 3 years of your life. If you’re reading as a graduate, prepare for mental flashbacks. And if you’re here just for a read well HEY ANYWAYS! I’m heading into my Masters come September and feel there’s a few things I need to share…

University is the perfect stepping stone into becoming an adult (in my opinion). You’re independent and living away from home, yet in the company of others – best of both worlds. You’re learning to manage your money, whilst not actually working for it. It tests your tolerance, time management and how much alcohol your body can really handle.

It just seems to me as if uni is an adult equivalent to nursery before primary school. It’s a practise run for the real adult world. And I thought I’d share with you some things that you may need to prepare for…


1.Attending Lectures/Seminars hungover

All I can say is PREPARE YOURSELF. Once you’re in that room, with the lecturer & students, its very hard to get out without causing attention. In seminars its a small group of roughly 10-15 people, in lecture halls it’s very noticeable if someone were to leave and walk past rows and rows of people. So here are my tips:

  • Sit at the back/Nearest the door = you never know when you’re going to need to vomit dash

  • Dress for summer = whatever season you’re in, whatever weather situation you’re dealing with, DRESS. LIGHT. University rooms can get very hot and stuffy on the best of days. When you’re hungover and feeling a little worse for wear, a hot, smelly room whilst wearing a jumper and only a bra on underneath is not what you want. You then become HOT & SMELLY.

  • Take water = plenty of it.

  • And a coffee if you can = falling asleep is never good because your lecturer WILL call you out. They’re ruthless.

2. The 2 Day Hangover

Screen Shot 2016-08-06 at 7.25.25 PM

I’m heaving just thinking of it. Most of us here have experienced at least 1 unearthly hangover. By that I mean, not being able to keep anything down until 6 and moving from your bed to the toilet is either a race or just 100% effort. The only thing getting you through the day is the thought of waking up tomorrow fresh as a daisy, skipping down the road all happy-go-lucky style. But what you’re not prepared for, is when that day never comes.

You wake up in disbelief that you still feel like absolute crap. Maybe you’re ill? Maybe you’re dehydrated? Maybe you just shouldn’t have drank that much. Yeah. The only thing that can help you now is the long forgotten friend that you neglected for a whole day: FOOD.

3. Working in a group

I’m all for a bit of team work and sharing the love, but working in a group with people who a) don’t pull their weight b) hate life c) don’t speak English. Nah. Give me a solo project right now.

What’s frustrating is the lack of variety in marks when working as a group. You’ll hear your lecturer clearly state about 2348 times that “You’ll be individually marked“…Bullshit. Everyone gets roughly the same mark in first year so, yeah. Prepare to watch all your hard work get the guy who ‘slept in‘ 5 times in a row, a good mark. Positive is that you got a good mark too?!

4. You will run out of underwear

I think I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve had to go into my wash basket to find a bra. God know how many times I wore them without washing, yes it’s disgusting but you kinda block that out of your mind when you’re faced with having to go braless the day you’re wearing a tight, white top.

Having lived with my boyfriend for 2 out of the 3 years at uni, I’m aware he’s had to turn a few pairs inside out (hope u don’t mind me saying Matt, but it’s too late the time you’re reading this anyway..assuming you’re reading this..). It happens to the best of us OK – shit happens, you have no underwear and you deal with it, if it means being a bit grim well you’re a student and CE LA VIE.

5. Long Library Session

Screen Shot 2016-08-06 at 7.25.06 PM

If you manage to get through 3 years of university without doing a 9 – 9 shift at the library, I applaud you. At some point, you will have – what seems like – an impossible amount of work due in all at the same time. You’re sat there questioning  whether your lecturers were DRUNK when they set all of these deadlines or if they just really have it in for you. But the only way to get through it all, one day at a time, is by spending 12 hours straight in the library.

It would be silly to say you should be working for that amount of time. Tips to split up your day…

  • Don’t get lunch before, for once I’m saying not to prep. Head out to the nearest co-op/Sainsburys or even starbucks at lunch time and just chill out for a bit. Getting some fresh air can do wonders.

  • Meet up with friends! I often took coffee breaks in our library cafe with my friends who were working in a different area to me. It’s a chat, ofc I’m gonna go..what else do you expect from me?!

  • Constantly refill your water bottle. Doing the water run for whoever you’ve camped out with, or even if its just for you, can help refresh the mind. Taking the time to get up and leave your place of study gives you the chance to think about other things, even if it is ‘Wonder how long they’ve been asleep‘ ‘Are they playing pokemon?’ ‘They look like they’ve been here all night‘.

6. You’re probably going to have at least 1 breakdown

I say ‘at least’ because I am the master of all masters at breakdowns. I’ll admit it. I’m a bit of a drama queen & am VERY GOOD at working myself up instead of actually getting shit done. But sometimes you need it? Don’t be embarrassed if at times, it all gets a bit too much. A lot of things can contribute including basically everything in this post. Just let it out, have a good cry and feel refreshed. I’m a pro, so trust me.


7. You will experience wifi like never before

Screen Shot 2016-08-06 at 7.25.16 PM

Uni offers wifi from one end of the spectrum, to the other. The library wifi from my macbook is pretty decent. I didn’t start my youtube channel whilst at uni so I’m yet to test the upload speeds, but I’ve heard it’s amazing….guess where I’ll be uploading next year! The library is normally at the heart of good wifi.

Whereas, walk back to your halls/student housing and your left trying to find spots in your room that offers at least one bar. Leaning out of bed, putting your phone on the floor, trying to connect to next doors wifi. Ultimately, you’re 3G is going to be rinsed, so make sure you’re on a SICK phone plan to avoid extra charges.


8. Your food will be stolen

Usually committed by a drunk, hungry student that’s returned after one too many at 3 am. Say goodbye to your left over pizza, and in my case… my beloved CHEESE. Any sober person would know not to touch my cheese. Hulk mode is often activated.

I’ve heard and read about slightly more extreme situations where, 100% sober housemates would cook a full on meal with your food…I’m not sure how common that is, feel free to share/rant down below, but normally it’ll be the odd drunkard ‘bumping’ into your fridge shelf.

9. Passive Aggressive Notes/Whatsapps


Unfortunately, in student halls, you can’t chose who you live with. You’re never going to get on with everyone and that’s fine. You’re very lucky if you do – I envy you for sure. Common ways of dealing with things – things that you could quite easily lose every single one of your shits over – is passive aggressive note leaving. And if I’m honest, it works. People get the message and back off/do as they’re told.

Your other option is to have a full-blown confrontation which could either leave the house/kitchen divided and mega awks, or resolved and A-OK. For me, that’s too much of a risk. Knowing some people I lived with over the past 3 years, the chances of it being absolutely fine afterwards was the same as me not grating cheese all over my pasta – VERY VERY SLIM.


10. You’ll have a case of homesickness

Personally, my homesickness got steadily worse through the 3 years. Weird – you’d think it gets better? Nope. The more stressed I got, the more I just wanted home comforts – and understandably. Nothings worse than coming back to a mouldy bedroom smelling of damp, no food & a freezing house when all you want is THE OPPOSITE!

Have any of you dealt with homesickness? I’m not 100% sure what to advise as a trip home for ME, made it 10x worse. It was like being shown around the Ritz and being told you can stay here for free any time you like but then having to be shipped back off to your mouldy house at uni. Agonising. I feel whatsapping & facetiming worked best!


So there’s 10 things that will ALWAYS happen at university, of course there’s plenty more so feel free to share if you’ve graduated or are about to go into 2nd/3rd year! If you’re yet to become a student and are joining us all in September, be sure to ask some questions below and let me know whether this post has helped!

Love Life, Lexi!




10 thoughts on “10 Things That Will Inevitably Happen At Uni

  1. My experience is that it’s good to meet people from all walks of life at Uni (or College here in the USA). You will need to work with people like them in your professional life. Be kind to everyone, you will benefit from it. When you get a chance help others who are struggling, you will be a star for doing so.

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  2. Urgh… your post reminded me of group work, where we were constantly told that it was to get used to “real life, because you would have to often work with people you didn’t get along with”. I had far too many late nights where I had to edit the slack students “work” so that it was of a standard that it could be marked.

    In the 1st year I was so particular about my food/cutlery that I kept as much as possible locked in my room (along with a mini fridge)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sorry to bring up some dodgy memories!! But we do all go through it, so I hope that made you feel better about it. We can laugh now! I didn’t have to keep food in my room thankfully – where did you go?x

      Liked by 1 person

      • Ha, ha – no it’s all good in reflection, did once go to a student house many years after finishing. It was so grimy couldn’t wait to leave! At went to the University of Teesside up in Middlesbrough 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

    • Hey! How exciting – I’m so envious of you starting your journey soon. I graduated this summer but still have one more year of a Masters degree! Thanks so much xx


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