Tips for Sticking to My Workout Resolution

Hey Peeps!

Thanks again for the 200 followers! It’s been a while I know, but I have good reason. My university work and lifestyle has completely swallowed me up this term – in a good way. My works flowing and my workouts are killing me! Also, my new years resolutions seem to be going good too. So I’d thought I’d share with you ways that help me stick to a workout routine and most importantly, my resolution!

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New Years Resolutions: Better Health, Body and Mind.

Hey peeps,

I’ve just reached 200 followers as of yesterday!! I still get that warm, fuzzy feeling knowing someones chosen to follow me after all this time and appreciate it every time one of you do so thank you for letting me know you’re all there with me!

Now, it’s that time again. New Years resolutions…

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