Behind The Blog: Things You Didn’t Know About Me

Hello lovelies,

As I posted on Twitter earlier this morning, I was feeling up close and personal with my blog and decided to break the mould a little in terms of my blogging style. I hope that’s ok with some of you – I understand it’s not what you expected from me today, let me know if you enjoyed it or not and it will give me an indicator as to what to post next!

My youtube channel is all set up and ready, I’ve got my vlogging camera and am waiting on a memory card. Instead of making the big jump straight from blog to youtube, I thought this would break everyone in a little easier if you’re going to have a snoop at my vlogs! Feel free to subscribe so you’re all set up.

So here are 21 random facts about me that you may not know otherwise…

1.I’m a Crazy Cat Lady

Totally & utterly. It’s physically impossible for me to walk past a random cat in the street as if it’s not there. I have two cats, Felix (soppy boy) and Willow (also soppy, but very needy girl). Scroll over the pictures to see who’s who. They’re an odd two but a loveable odd two. All they want is company and some doses, big or small, of attention. Any other cat lovers?!

2. My middle name is Alex(andra), hence LEXIlife

I know some of you are under the impression that my name is lexi. Pretty logical guess really. But actually, it’s my middle name and my mums name. I didn’t want to plaster my first name (Katy, I’m Katy btw lol) all over the internet as I’m not wanting people to find out about this blog and my internet life.

I’m getting braver and braver as more people are starting to know and I’m expanding out to youtube. But all under the name Lexilife. I find it a very personal thing and I’m not wanting negative thoughts and input into it from people who may not understand, but I have a feeling one day it’ll all come out!

3. I’m 5ft10


I’m taller than your average girl. You probably wouldn’t have known that even from my vlogs due to the camera height, but as soon as I stand next to people, you’ll see. It’s a love hate kinda thing.

Pros: Can reach tall places, long legs, different from the norm

Cons: Don’t fit in group pictures (have to bend a little), can’t wear heels & feel glam, work harder during exercise (which could be a good thing)

I’m the same height as my boyfriend, which means heels are just a no go. Least I’m comfy 24/7 right?

4. I Cry at Anything & Everything

I think when I was made, my crying ‘trigger’ wasn’t fully complete and now it’s as weak as anything. As mentioned in my Thoughts when Breaking up for Summer post, I cry at pretty much anything. A bench (plaque, not just a bench), adverts, old couples in the street holding hands, dreams ect. It gets annoying but we all know that refreshing feeling after a cry yes? It’s like someones pressed the refresh button the browser. Ahhh.

 5. My Favourite Season is Autumn


Ugh. Everything about it makes me so happy. Firstly, the colours are basically my wardrobe. Anything auburn, mustard, rust coloured it’s MINE. Secondly, the smells, but I’ll tell you my favourite scents later. Thirdly, ITS COSY.


6. I Have a Thumb that looks like a Finger

My left thumb is unusually skinny. I can fit rings on that one when the other can’t go over my knuckle. Not sure what went on there but it’s a little weird. I like it all the same though.


7. I HATE the Combination of Maple Syrup and Bacon


I know, I know. I’m gonna get a lot of hate for this. But the combination of sweet and salty is way too much for my taste buds to handle. My brother on the other hand is obsessed. I’ll happily make the american style pancakes, but I’ll be sticking with just the maple syrup. Are you a lover or a hater?


8. I Don’t like to Mix colours with Skittles

I dunno where this come from, but with a handful of skittles I’ll only ever put the same colour in my mouth. Weird. I just feel like I get to appreciate the flavours more ok???? I will not taste the rainbow, I’ll taste a colour.


9. I Want to Start Vlogging

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 11.09.40

As mentioned about 872 times already. I wanna start vlogging on youtube. Not for the views, or the subscribers, just for fun. It will be the best thing ever to look back at family holidays, girls holidays & everyday life in the summer and remember those things that you would otherwise forget. Those little conversations by the pool, chats with the locals abroad ect. If it happens to be an entertaining watch for you guys too then it’s a win win!

P.S **Since posting this, I’ve uploaded my first ever vlog! Click the thumbnail below**

PicMonkey Collage


10. I’ve Been Attempting To Grow My Nails Since the Womb

Horrible habit I know, but I just can’t stop biting my nails! I’m envious of the people that have strong, perfectly manicured hands with the perfect cuticles. Can someone tell me HOW!? Occasionally, I do well and leave them to grow. But as soon as I have a drink, BAM. I wake up after a night out and they’re all short again. No idea. Weird trait to have when drunk.


11. Obsessed with Yankee candles


Right now, from where I’m sat, I can see four big yankee candles, some not even touched yet. My family has caught onto the fact that I love a good candle in the evening. It’s probably one of those classic, generic gifts that people may get for you when they don’t know what else to buy. AND I COULDNT BE HAPPIER. These will keep me going for minimum 2 years. But always room for more…


12. I Like My Own Company

I’m not like one of those people that has to have company 24/7. I can sit with my mac and a hot chocolate in costa/starbucks and feel completely content. When I return home from uni, I don’t have the classic student social life. I’m a home girl that enjoys the company of her family and cats, as well as a good family holiday. As long as I’m happy, that’s all that matters.


13. Rarely go a day without my brows on


Stupid, 13 year old Katy thought it would be a good idea to over pluck her brows. God, when Mum says to leave your eyebrows, LEAVE YOUR EYEBROWS KIDS. I’m still waiting for mine to grow back fully and I’m 21. Thankfully they are growing as over plucking can stunt the hair growth.

So if I knew Anastasia Beverly Hills, her and her dip brow pomade would be my live long friends. If you need to fill in your brows everyday, then GET THIS. It’s only £15.00 and I can tell it’s gonna last me well over a year. I doubt you’ll see me with my eyebrows off…

14. It’s Rare for me to Laugh at Something on TV

This makes me to be out to be such a heartless ice queen, but I just don’t find many programmes on TV funny. With the exception of Friday Night Dinner. Nothing seems to make me chuckle. I like dry, witty humour the best. I promise I laugh at other things though!


15. I am Sims Obsessed and Always Will Be


I’m a sims girl at heart. Sims 2 to be precise. I have a theory that I’m now as obsessed with homeware and little touches to a home because of that game. I know people would skip past the house building section and try and get a ready built one. For me, this was one of the best bits. I have it downloaded on my mac and often relapse back into it…I have one coming up I’m sure.


16. I’m An Early Bird

I’ve always been one to make the most of the day and get myself up early. Within my exam seasons, I found I work better in the morning. Now that they’re over (WOO) I feel like I blog and engage better in the morning too. Plus, I’m half asleep come 11pm. I’m not really selling myself in being a student for 3 years am I?

17. I Like Trashy TV


You name it. Anything with Ant & Dec in it, The Real Housewives of ANYTHING, Dinner Date, Come Dine With Me, Four In a Bed, Dance Moms ect ect. I bloody love it. Whether it’s just on in the background or time to zone out, it’s my cup of tea.

18. I’m also a Sucker For Murder Documentaries

Anyone else feel like Making A Murderer took over their life and all thought processes?! I get so into things like that and end up feeling like the next Sherlock. I get my guesses wrong every time. I should give up. Anyone else enjoy documentaries that little bit too much?


19. If It Wasn’t Frowned Upon, I Would Wear My Pj’s ALL DAY


Why wouldn’t you? They offer the ultimate level of comfort. Why go through the pain of getting changed into LESS comfy clothes…maybe one day..

20. Occasionally, I like to wear fake, thick, black rimmed glasses when blogging.

I tweeted this earlier in the week (hello twitter followers xo). This has just started recently, but I like it. The glasses are fun and it makes me feel like a typical tumblr blogger. The glasses I use are from primark and still have a plaster around the middle as I used them to dress up as a ‘nerd‘ for a night out at uni. Is it sad? I’m wearing them on top of my head right now. Yeah it’s a bit sad.


Everyone has their favourite smells right? Here are mine to finish off the blog post. Do you see any familiar ones…

Favourite Smells:

✾ Nearby bonfires
✾ Fresh rain
✾ BBQ’s
✾ Petrol
✾ Cucumber

So there we have it. A very personal post that’s not in my nature to blog about. If it wasn’t your cup of tea, I’m sorry! I hope you understand that I wanted to help bridge the gap between me and my soon to be vlogs!

If you did enjoy it, let me know in the comments! We may have some similar interests too, would love to know 🙂 **ALSO** if you girls wanted to do something similar, be sure to tag me if you do this tag that I’ve accidentally made up(?!) 

Love Life, Lexi!

92 thoughts on “Behind The Blog: Things You Didn’t Know About Me

  1. This was such a cute idea!! First, I had a very similar eyebrow experience my mother almost hit the floor when I showed her what I had done (especially since she’s a cosmetologist) I have not a clue on how to do my eyebrows though so I’m jealous! And I literally thought I was the only person in the world who rarely laughs at anything on TV and is obsessed with murder documentaries!

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  2. Seriously the more I read your blog the more weirdly similar we seem to be… I’m also a 5 foot 10, Yankee-candle-obsessed, over-emotional, pyjama-loving, sims-playing introvert and full-on crazy cat lady! I love this post – considering doing my own now, I think it’s a really nice thing to do as a blog post. I hope you have a great day! x

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  3. Love this post. Very enjoyable. The smell of petrol was kind of a weird one. I do love the smell of matches. So yes, I am weird too.

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    • Haha, there are a few others out there that enjoy the smell of petrol. note FEW! Thanks for reading, glad you enjoyed it! Be sure to tag me if you do something similar xx


    • Welcome to my blog! Thanks for having a snoop and realising that I share a lot of my habits/hobbies with other bloggers! Sims AND pajamas…now there’s a party hahah. We know how to live. Thanks for commenting, hope you get to enjoy some more posts xx

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  4. Ah~ I adore cats.. but I think I can only be called a pseudo-catlady since I don’t actually own my own cat (will get to that when I finish uni and get my own place). I cry (ok more like tear up) at everything too… it’s really difficult especially when I’m at work and I start tearing up because of some picture I saw on Facebook. I don’t exactly want to explain to my co-workers that I’m just crying because of a picture. Autumn is my favorite season as well! I don’t like mixing skittles, actually I never even thought that was a way to eat skittles. Candles are my jam and the only reason why I played sims was because I can get a huge house and decorate it.

    Loved this post! We have much in common haha 🙂 Hope you’re having a good Tuesday!

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    • Omg are! This is insanely similar and it makes me feel more part of the community knowing we all love the same things! Not that we love tearing up and getting a lump in your throat at everything. Sims was all about splashing out and doing the motherlode cheat right?! So so relieved you enjoyed it, I was worried people would be put off by a more personal post! Thanks so much for commenting xxx

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      • YES! That motherlode cheat was the best, the infinitely amount of money to buy whatever I wanted for the house. So happy you get me 🙂 thank you for sharing your personal details haha. It definitely made me feel more connected, especially with this many similarities!

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  5. Love this post, really enjoy reading more personal posts about people behind the blogs, helps me relate to them a litter bit more (and I’m super nosey so they fill my curiosity about people!). I love the smell of petrol and bbqs but cucumber? It doesn’t even have a smell haha!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yay so glad you enjoyed! I was a little hesitant to post something a little different, but by the sounds of things it’s going good!! ER CUCUMBER SMELLS AMAZING…like the freshly cut kind as well as the aesthetic smell from moisturiser or deodrant..and yes I am aware that this may’ve made me out to be a tad odd hehe. Least you know more about me! Thanks for commenting babes big love!! xx

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  6. Loved this post! We have so much in common (I love Yankee candles, being alone (that sounds so sad ahaha) & friday night dinner!!) I’ve subscribed to your channel and can’t wait to see some videos from you. Creating my channel was one of the best things I’ve ever done so I know you won’t regret it! Be prepared for people to find out though as it’s a lot harder to hide a youtube channel than a blog but from my experience everyone is surprisingly nice about it so don’t freak out like I did haha!
    Good Luck! Izzy xx

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    • YAY! So glad you liked it, was so nervy about doing some more personal as my blog isn’t really about that but slowly and surely it may well be! Omg friday night dinner is coming back btw, thought you should know. *FREAKS OUT*. I’m already subscribed to you and love your channel so far! How soon after did people find out…I have a feeling some people I know may not be as understanding and nice… xx

      Liked by 1 person

      • Noo don’t be nervous! Personal blog posts are my fave to write and read so would love for you to do more! omg NO WAY!?? thank you for letting me know, how bloomin’ exciting!! Aw thank you so much I’m really happy you like it ❤ and I told my close friends and family when I started making videos (after having a secret blog for a good few years) but now (10 months later) I'd say a good portion of my sixth form and people from my old school probably know (but only a few say anything to me about it haha). It really depends on the people but generally I think if people are rude or negative, they're the ones who stalked enough to find my channel anyway so they're the sad ones!! If they're horrible about it, get them outta ur life gurl! xx

        Liked by 1 person

      • Aw you are so sweet!! Thanks so much for this little chat. You’re right, if people are going to take the time and be rude about something I enjoy, they’re not worth my time. They can continue to stalk all they want – guess it gives us more views right? hahaha. It’s just the thought of them finding one thing which leads to my blog then my insta then it’s all over! But I know that time will eventually come! Thanks so much xxx

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      • Aw you’re welcome!! Exactly. Those kinds of people are definitely not worth it and often negativity comes from jealousy anyway so as long as you’re happy just keep doing what you’re doing! Trust me, I was so so paranoid and scared about people finding out but after telling a few friends I decided to pop my blog link in my insta bio and now I do the occasional instagram with ‘blog post up now’ etc – I still get nervy about it every time I post one so they’re quite rare but they surprisingly are often ones with the most likes which shows how supportive people can be!! xxx

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  7. Really really enjoy your blog! I’m also 5’10 and massively feel the pain of group photos / not being able to dress up in heels haha! Look forward to watching your first vlog!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Omg really! Woo for being abnormally tall hahaha. It’s so annoying at times, but we gotta learn to love the body we have right *yawn* Thanks hun, if you don’t follow me on twitter I basically ordered the camera without a memory card. DOH! Will be starting soooonn xx


  8. love posts like these! I’m totally with you on PJ’s all damn day, love the smell of petrol and cucumber too!!
    Oh and I never laugh at TV or movies its not because I don’t find them funny though I just don’t laugh out loud at them, My boyfriend thinks I’m weird, but I remember going on date to the cinema with a guy when i was younger and he did this crazy out loud laugh the whole movie… I was mortified, needless to say there wasn’t a second date and I’ve never laughed out loud at the TV since, haha! xo

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hahaha! Yeah like I laugh inside a little but not enough to cackle like that ex of yours…maybe he didn’t even make to an ex, the DATE. Mine always looks at me like ‘are you not finding this funny??’ and I’m just like ‘inside. yes.’ haha. Glad you liked this post, if you end up doing something similar be sure to tag me so I can have a read xxx

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  9. This was such a lovely post! I’m the same as you, I’m quite tall for a girl; 5’7 so I can’t wear heels etc and I feel like a giant against my friends! I also love watching trashy TV and I was OBSESSED with the Sims, I actually miss playing it!! xo

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    • Glad you liked this post! Let me know/tag me if you do something similar, would love to have a read! i actually caught the sims 2 complete collection when it was on sale in the app store for macs for like £12.00…its amazing!!! You need to get it again. Plus, when I was younger half the buttons I didn’t use but now I have a few more braincells it makes it so much more interesting and complex when making a house lol! So happy you found my blog xx

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      • I definitely will do, I like the idea of this post! Have you tried the sims 3 and 4? I personally prefer the sims 2, so definitely will be buying it again! I’m happy I found your blog xo

        Liked by 1 person

      • I’ve tried sims 3 and I didn’t mind it, I just feel like it got way too detailed and made it too different from sims 2. I was like what noooo where’s this gone and that and what the hell is that. So i boycotted it and reverted back to 2! I think we would’ve had problems if you preferred 3/4….

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      • I was the same, it feel completely different didn’t it? I’ve not tried 4 though but it’s probably just the same as 3! Haha well that’s good I didn’t prefer it then!


  10. Aww this was a super cute post! I also LOVE cats…and the fall is my favorite season. Also, one of my favorite things about wearing abayas (kind of like a dress that you put over your clothes) is that sometimes I actually do wear my pajamas all day and no one knows haha! Best thing ever.

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    • Of course it does! Haha, trashy TV doesn’t always mean bad – it’s a daily ritual for me hehe. Thanks so much for having a read and your kind words! Let’s hope you enjoy some more of my posts xxx


      • Already ahead of you, re-installed it last night will hit it after work. Or you know, I could do something healthy and attempt running or going to the gym. But we’re all honest here. I’ll just make my Sim swim for 6 hours. Shame they’d evolved and now can jump out of the pool even when you delete the ladder.

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      • did NOT know that. It’s so weird playing it 10 years later when you actually know what the hell all of the buttons mean that you used to ignore lol! Have fun! xx

        Liked by 1 person

    • OoOo really!! I have my first ever vlog going live at 8pm UK time…I’m SO nervous but hope it’s enjoyable to watch! I need to check out your vlogs but will try not to compare as it’ll make me more nervous hahaha. xx


  11. You sound just like me! I love to sit around playing Sims whilst biting my nails and being surrounded by my cats (I have five.. Definitely a crazy cat lady). When Im not doing that you can find me cryng at adverts with my tears falling from a great heart also, but I will not smile/laugh at all for the TV. Ive been called Frostbite 🙂 and proud! xx

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    • So glad you found your way to my blog Kate! We are literally the same people hahaha. Thanks so much for reading and making me feel better about being an emotional sim playing wreck xxx


  12. Great post! This is such a great idea for your readers to get to know you a little better. I might even steal it… 😉
    I am also Sims obsessed but haven’t played in forever! I’ve built a ton of my dream houses. I’m also a complete homebody and whenever I walk by Yankee at the mall or Bath & Body Works, I better just grab my credit card RIGHT AWAY because some serious shopping is going to happen!

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    • You should deffo do it! Be sure to tag me so I can have a read too. Whenever I build houses from scratch and go back to look at them, I can see and remember what I was obsessive with at the time haha. I was so good the other day and walked straight past a yankee shop!!!? Thanks so much for reading xo


    • Thanks for reading Lottie, so glad you liked it. Feel free to do the same for your followers and tag me so I can have a read!! Imma check you out now (your blog that is lol) ABH dipbrow pomade wins all brow products! xx


    • Just followed you too! WOO omg I think you’re the first person I’ve come across that agrees with me!! Whenever I say it, people look at me like I’ve got two heads haha. I see you do youtube, will deffo have to check you out – I’m new as of a day ago, it was so scary eek! xx

      Liked by 1 person

      • I’m not a bacon fan anyway but I too get the same look😂😂. I’m 4 weeks into the bloggers world but I think the best policy is to support each other as bloggers. Bloggerslove❤ xxx

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    • Omg finally I’m not alone in liking the most loved flavour combo in the world haha. We could never be American..awkward if you actually are… Thanks for ready babe! xoxo

      Liked by 1 person

      • Haha I’m actually American but I don’t do the stereotypical things possibly because I have foreign tastebuds – I’m half West African and I love lots of foreign foods and such.


  13. SIIIIIIIIMS! Yes! I absolutely love that game, I would spend whole days on it when I was younger, used to drive my Mum mad 😛 I am pretty much the same height as my bf as well (I’m 5ft 7.5, he is about 5ft 9) so whenever I wear heels I am taller! I don’t mind though, I think it’s funny 😛

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  14. I love fall too. It’s the best season in my opinion. So many people live for summer, but I’m always over here begging for fall. Summer in the South is no joke. I love when the syrup runs on my bacon. It’s so good and now I want some breakfast food haha I can’t let my nails grow either. They’ve always been weak and brittle so I end up getting fake ones put on. I prefer to be alone too. I’m perfectly content to sit home alone (with my dog) and watch a movie or hang out. I prefer to be alone. I am with you on the brows!! I overslept the other day and didn’t have time for any makeup. HOT MESS! I’m definitely down for PJs all day every day. I love dressing up, but nothing beats PJs at the end of a long day. I’m new to your blog and I loved learning more about you. I’m following now so I won’t miss a post!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yay for water works!! I get changed into PJ’s as soon as it gets that little bit dark…hehe. So glad you enjoyed it! If you do something similar, be sure to tag me so I can have a good read too xxx


  15. Pretty sure we are THE same person! I love The Sims (2 forever & always), pj’s, sherlock and getting up early! 😀 so glad I found your blog. Definitely following! 💜

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  16. Haha yay! I was so obsessed with it, I’d spend hours building houses, I even downloaded so much custom house stuff for that game, so maybe I’m mad too! 😂
    I will! 😄 xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ah really! That’s awesome, you should deffo do this tag that I somehow created (I’m not sure) and be sure to tag me in it so I can have a read too! xx


  17. I love this type of post, your getting to know the person behind the posts. I also lovvvvvvve the smell of petrol, it all started when I was pregnant 21yrs ago, I used to always go with my exhubby when he was filling the car, and just sit there sniffing the air, I know complete fruit cake 😜😂lol

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hahaha I totally feel you on being a bit fruit cake-y, I put the windows down in the car especially! What is it about that smell!? So glad you enjoyed it – feel free to do the same and tag me so I can have a read hehe. xx


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