My Best Ways To Take A Rest Day

Hello again fellow fitness bloggers!

I’m blogging abnormally soon after my last post about lazy gym hacks, mainly because I wanted to say a HUGE thank you as I’ve reached over 250 followers now! Should I make a twitter & Instagram for this blog? Would you guys be interested in that? Please let me know!

I love giving you guys entertaining posts to read. And it’s also comforting to know that some of the stuff I write relates to others too – I’m not alone!

Anyways, on with the blog post Katy. Today was my rest day, unexpectedly due to university studies taking priority for once, but I wondered if it would help to share what I do on my rest days with all you. It would be great to know what you get up to too, comment below and I’ll be sure to get back to you.

1. Eat As Healthy As You Can

Seeing as you’re not getting extensive exercise into your daily routine, the last thing you wanna do is eat a shed load of carbs and end up feeling real sluggish at the end of the day. Try and eat a little healthier than you would do on a normal gym day as you’re no longer doing the extra burning of calories. You’ll probably be mega conscious of it anyways if you’re like me – guilt ridden for taking a rest day!

2. Pack in the Protein



Just because it’s your day off, doesn’t mean to put down the protein shake or chicken out on the chicken. A study showed that, there’s no real scientific evidence proving that taking protein supplements immediately after your workout is most beneficial for you. In fact, taking in the same amount of protein over an average period of time helps, due to the way our body’s work. Your muscles will still be craving the protein so pack it in anyway!

3. Stretch

Roll out the foam roller and care for your muscles. Although it’s agonising, you’ll thank me later. If you don’t have a foam roller, do some deep, extensive stretches that open up all different flexors and shoulder blades to really prepare you for the next couple of workouts.

4. Holistic Conditioning



Another way to relax yourself and your muscles, is to take up some yoga/pilates/holistic conditioning (mix between the two). I feel like when I’m stretching and increasing my flexibility within a class environment, I sink deeper into relaxation. I don’t know if it’s the atmosphere or the fact someones calmly walking you through it, but I’d recommend it to anyone (especially over home sessions).

5. Mobility

And no, not like the scooter. A rest day should really mean no hardcore exercise, give your muscles and tissue a break. Doesn’t mean you can’t choose to walk over the bus or car. Half an hours walk at medium pace can burn over 200kcal so my FitBit states, so why choose to sit in traffic, get a bit of road rage and have trouble parking when you could be burning 400kcal +! (there and back).

6. Distract Yourself



If you’re like me, you may feel kinda guilty for having a rest day. Even though it’s completely normal and actually more beneficial to you and your body. Dumb of me, I know. So the best thing for me to do is distract myself and keep myself busy so much so I forget and then don’t have time for a workout anyways, even if I wanted too. At the moment, my distraction is blogging, university work and spending time with my boyfriend. What’s yours?

7. Do Things You’d Normally Couldn’t

Going out for lunch, visiting people, calling relatives. All of these things and more used to be a part of every day life…until the gym started being your other half. Take this day as a blessing to go out and do the things you miss or have always wanted to do but never had the time to! You’ll feel refreshed, happy and ready to attack the next set of workouts.

So thats my advice and what I tend to (try to) do on my rest days. I wanna know what you do to make the most of it! Comment below so we can share.

Also, remember to let me know if you’d be interested in a twitter/instagram for this blog – I want to properly join the community and follow you lovely fitness bloggers too! I’ll be looking for your comments hehe.

Love Life, Lexi!


9 thoughts on “My Best Ways To Take A Rest Day

  1. Great little blog post!
    I would say definitely start up your Instagram and Twitter pages. They are so good for interaction with your followers!!

    I’m terrible on a rest day – I always get all twitchy and want to do something all of the time. Doesn’t help that I still wake up super early even on a rest day!!



    • Thats so much Tiff, I’ve recently started up all my social media tonight and it’s ready to roll as of tomorrow. I’ve scheduled a blog post come 9ish so hopefully I can see you on other social media platforms!!

      I’ve recently got injured, both my knees are painful making it near impossible to exercise….physio here I come :(xx

      Liked by 1 person

    • Even on your non workout days, you;re probably burning calories without knowing it! Ever since I got my fitbit its opened up my eyes as to just how good walking his for me. Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment x


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