The Signs Of Having Your Sh*t Together

Hey Peeps,

Before I get this blog post started, I just wanna say I’ve added another social media platform – Youtube!… After getting amazing feedback from some of my closer followers on twitter, I have plucked up the confidence to vlog my summer! If you think you’d watch me or give it a go, feel free to vote in my poll in my sidebar (mobile version is at the end of the comments section). I’ve got my channel all set up so don’t be afraid to head on over and subscribe so you’re ready to go!

On with the post. After the past few weeks of my finals, one could say I’ve been pretty friggin stressed. So stressed, it’s made me realise that I really DONT have my shit together. I’m 21 and still floating about life banging into things. So I’ve put together a list of random pointers that screams I have my life in order, and I’m winning at it

1.Having A Skincare Routine


As a blogger, I’m constantly exposed to ‘skincare routine’ blog posts with a minimum of 7 products to lather on your face every morning & night. Ok maybe not 7, but it seems like a lot considering I use just the one. Maybe two if I’m treating myself. All the different steps and stages and cleanses, it seems so complex…but I’m willing to learn to get one step closer in having my sh*t together. But I’ve heard it’s expensive and I’m a student. So. Maybe not.

2. Meal Prepping 


The majority of my blog posts have been health or fitness orientated in someway, so I’m often seeing other blogs use Sunday’s as their ‘meal prep‘ day. For me, Sunday is an excuse to be lazy and eat toast in bed. Preferably with no crumbs in the sheets but, it’s a Sunday. Chill (don’t tell my boyfriend that though). But people who really have a strong grip on life use this day to plan every bit of food they eat for that week. I don’t think I’m ready for that sort of commitment! And plus, I kind of feel it’s the naughty child effect (made that up). If someone tells me not to eat something, I’m gonna want to eat it. Hence why I just don’t do diets. I’ll always be in awe of these people’s self-control! Does anyone feel the same? Or does anyone meal plan?

3. Having Fully Charged Accessories


My phone seems to be under 20% when I need it most. It’s as if it knows. I don’t think I’ve made it on a full night out without it dieing on me or giving me a useless 5 seconds on snapchat before it dies. WITHOUT letting me ‘story’ it.

But people who have their phone forever in the 80%’s really know how to handle life. They either must have it on charge 24/7 when they’re not out and about with it, or have everything turned down low. Like those tight arses who have the brightness settings pretty similar to a black screen. Always awkward trying to read their screen when they’re ‘showing’ you something.

4. Exfoliating Regularly 


I’m yet to think of exfoliating as a treat. I’m gonna be honest (as always) and say I don’t get excited about the prospect. However. While I’m doing it, I bloody love it. The results afterwards are so worth the 10 minutes you scrubbed your sore, red T-zone. I use the No. 7 Beautiful Skin Radiance Exfoliator for Normal Dry Skin and I SWEAR BY IT. Me and my mum both use it and after the first time, we realised that this is what our skin is MEANT to feel. Get your hands on it if you can, it’s seriously good stuff.

I think I’m nearly there with this one, except I’ve heard that to get real benefits, you should exfoliate a few times a week. I do about once a fortnight. Progress Katy, Progress.

5. Getting 8+ Hours Sleep Every Night


HOW. TEACH ME. My average is around 6/7 so I’m close. But my body clock is a bitch recently and the slight bit of sunshine means to wake up. It doesn’t help that I live in student accommodation where the curtains are just as good as holding a piece of netting up against the window. 8 hours is supposedly the best amount of time to sleep, are you one of those annoyingly perfect sleepers? If so, HOW?

6. Having Nail Varnish That’s Not Chipped


I think I can go 24 hours (just) without my nail polish chipping off at some point. To be perfectly honest, I can’t be arsed with all the base coat, top coat blah blah blah. So I’m probably shooting myself in the foot here (weird, never used that saying before). But people that have PERFECTLY shaped nails with a PERFECT coat of nail varnish really have their sh*t together. Not a smudge in sight. Most men don’t appreciate the blood, sweat & tears that go into nails. Exactly why I get mine shellaced (they still chip a little).

7. Having The Next Netflix Series Lined Up


More often than not, me and my boyfriend will find ourselves completely hooked on a Netflix series. Making of a Murderer – done. Gavin & Stacey – done. Peaky Blinders – done. It’s all you think about during the day and what you look forward to come the evening. But when it all comes to an end, it feels like your missing a limb. But having your sh*t together in life means not having this feeling of emptiness and having another series ready and waiting to be broken into. How people think this far ahead I’ll never know, but that’s probably why I’m making this envious post and why I deffo DONT have my sh*t together.


8. Having A Themed Insta

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 16.49.43

I saved this one till last as I’m not sure it can relate to a lot of people. But I’m currently in the progress of building one up myself and finding it SO. HARD. I’m not gonna sugar coat it. I’m finding myself wanting to instagram everything pretty. But turning it down and classing it as not insta-worthy as it doesn’t fit in with my theme is painful. How do people manage to get new posts up every day that fit perfectly! Anyone else have a themed insta? I need to follow more bloggers on different social media!

This is just a silly post. As per. Don’t take it too serious. Although, I am. I need to have these sorted by the end of 2016. Anyone else joining me?

Let me know what you thought and if you agree. Or if you have any other things that seem to say ‘She/He has GOT IT TOGETHER!’

Love Life, Lexi!

98 thoughts on “The Signs Of Having Your Sh*t Together

  1. I definitely don’t have my shit together either, and this list is so similar to what I think it would mean! I’ve just been trying to keep my phone charged as my first point of action, so I got myself a portable charger, but keeping THAT charged is another headache. So I’ll be joining you too in getting my life sorted by the end of 2016! x

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    • Hahaha. I got given one for xmas and I’m yet to work out how to get it charged in the first place. It could be my life saver at times but thinking about it – you’re right, too much headache! Glad we’re on the same page and that you’re joining me! xXx


    • It’s so annoying but, I think I’ll be more annoyed if I posted a picture that’s totally out of theme. Glad to know I’m not alone with that one! Thanks for commenting – hope you enjoyed Kaitlin and that you enjoy some more of my posts xXx

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  2. My skincare routine is so simple (*cough* lazy *cough*)… I only wash my face @ night, alternating between Cetaphil and St. Ives green tea scrub, then finish off with witch hazel & coconut oil for deep moisture. SPF 30 in the morning and I’m DONE! Badabing, badaboom. This mama ain’t got time for all that stuff!

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  3. Feeling better about myself… This week: no meal prep, phone on 30% but I am one of those people that keeps it dim and it annoys my husband… 6 hours of sleep each night with the worst chipped nails you’ve ever seen. The polish is almost completely off now… no use getting the remover out now!

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  4. So excited for your Vlogs, subscribed and eagerly waiting for them! So much on your list is true. I have a /rough/ skincare routine but I frequently forget it. In fact, I even make a meal plan! Except I rarely ever stick to it and even when I do it feels more like someone is forcing me to stick to it. Apart from those two and exfoliating, I don’t do anything else on the list! The only other things I could think of to add to your list would be exercising regularly (who has time to do that?) and having a cleaning day/routine.
    Loved the post and can’t wait for more! 🙂
    Ktkinnes xx


    • I’m so happy you could relate to some of the points on here meaning we can suffer id disorganisation together!? & WOO! Thanks a bunch for subscribing! I never knew you were into vlogs, and especially mine! I hope you get to know me and like me for me behind the blog as well as my posts! BIG LOVE xxx

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  5. The meal prep! Ugh! I will never be able to do it. I’m all about healthy eating but I just can’t- plus what, you eat the same meal 30 times over the course of a week? No thanks.

    The skincare one though- work on getting a routine! It can be super simple and doesn’t have to be full of expensive products, that’s not the point. It’s about taking a couple minutes just for you, to treat yourself and your skin. I want to write a post about Mindful Skincare lol because that’s what it’s about.

    Love your posts mama, stoked for your YouTube vids!

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    • Woop, so glad you enjoyed this post and that we’ve found common hate for the meal prep process. I’m deffo going to give my skin some TLC once I return home from uni, I’ve neglected the poor thing – Thanks for your advice!! And woo, will share them on here once they’re up, I can’t see who’s subscribed so far so you may well have already, but be sure to head on over if not – I’m ‘stoked’ too!! xxx


    • Ooo really! This is gonna be interesting, I have no problem chatting away to a camera I know that for sure. I can’t see the names of all my subscribers (10 lol! it’s a start!) but be sure to subscribe if you haven’t already. Thanks for this extra push!! I feel like I’m gonna need you on my shoulder telling me to do it before hitting upload… xXx


    • Hahaha Hey Betty! I have been noticing you sharing the love on a few of my posts recently, I really appreciate every like. So happy you’re enjoying my stuff woop. I think the world of blogging as helped open my eyes a little into other peoples daily routines. Without this, I’d have no idea what a skincare routine was – I’m sure!! Thanks for commenting, so happy you enjoyed the read xXx

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  6. Absolutely love it as usual! I’ve always got my phone above 50% so I’m half way there with that but I can never seem to do a full meal prep! I always get 3 days done then say ‘screw this, I’m going playing the Xbox’ haha 😛

    Keep up the great work! I’m looking forward to your vlogs!

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  7. You are abolutely hilarious ! Love the post and your style of blogging too. Definitely need to get my shit together too, but I always have my phone charged above 50% before i leave home or office. And I have had my phone die on me only a handful of times, so I guess that is one less problem I gotta deal with and something to be proud of ? 😛

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  8. definitely need to get my instagram together.My more recent blogger posts are pretty “themed” but I find it so crushing to go through old photos and delete them all because I need to revamp my insta. But i guess you gotta do what you gotta do!

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    • Ah thank you! If you’re into vlogs be sure to subscribe over on my channel to make sure you’re all set up ready to watch – if you want that is! I’m glad we share the frustration over having a themed insta too! xox

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    • Haha WOO!! If I had these all checked off I would feel like I could run for prime minister no joke haha. So glad you found your way to my blog and I’ve just seen my phone light up from twitter – THANKS U GEM xoxo

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      • Hahaha!! Oh me too I get so wrapped up in twitter sometimes that I forget to check out peoples links!! Love your blog!!Of course, I’m all for helping bloggers out I hate that so many people think its all competition!

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    • haha yay! Thanks so much, glad you found your way here and that you could relate to this post. I think I’ll feel put together once I actually DO these things…I’ll come back in 10 years still not having a skincare routine ahaha. Feel free to take a look around xo


  9. I just turned 26 and I still feel like I don’t have my shit together.. I’ve heard that’s what your 30s are for.. Guess we’re stuck waiting! So happy to hear about your YouTube channel! I’ll be heading over next to subscribe!!


  10. Just found your blog and oh my goodness I love it! I especially love your honesty about not having your life together – I’m exactly the same as you and always feel daunted by the people who seem to do all the things you’re meant to in life and still have time to blog about it or put it on instagram! Keep up the lovely posts, can’t wait to see what you write next 🙂 x

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    • Hey Alice! Welcome to my blog, so glad you stumbled across it and that you could relate to some on my’s all I ask for when I blog. It makes me feel better as well as other people so it’s a win win right?! Need to check yours out too. Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoy some more of my posts! xx

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      • Aha yes, definitely win win! My blog is nowhere near as developed as yours but if you do take a look I hope you find something interesting to you 🙂 have a great day x

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      • I’ve just went to have a snoop but says there’s nothing to be found! 😦 Sad times, get back to me once I can have a proper good old nosey. You too xxx


      • Ahhh no! I recently tried to change my blog’s url and I’ve had problems with it every since! Thank you for trying anyway, hopefully I can get it up and working soon 😁


    • Beauty routines are costly right! But so worth it, it makes you feel ridiculously organised – something I am yet to feel! Thanks for stopping by, hope you get to read some more of my posts soon xox


  11. Loved this post! I´ll be joining you!
    I was reading and was like “wow I got my sh*t together” and then as I kept reading I realized that I don´t quite have it together…the nailpolish, sleep, netflix and charged accessories are the points that I need to work on;-) thanks for the fun read. Now I know what I have to do to get my sh*t together;-P like do my nails ASAP:-)

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    • If you could see my nails right now, you’d know exactly why I wrote this post …as a reminder for me to get it together!! So glad you found your way back to my blog! Hope you find some more reads enjoyable too, I have one coming up tomorrow xx

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  12. Hi there, me again! Sorry for bothering you, but I think I’ve got my blog back working now and I’d love it if you took a quick look, if you wouldn’t mind. I’ve just made a new post, too 🙂 like I said though it’s still very much a work in progress! x

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    • Glad you found your way to my blog and that you enjoyed this post! I’m in the middle of sorting out my skin care routine now…wonder how long it is till I’m bored…well like, now. I’m blogging instead hahaha. Thanks for stopping by xoxo

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  13. Love it!This actually made me laugh out loud in real life- (not like when people say lol and don’t actually laugh).So true and I’m still struggling with all of them, including 20 minutes of early morning meditation, making my own energy bars that I don’t eat all at once, having Tupperware with lids. Awesome x

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    • Available and complete tupperware is such a good one!! SO glad you came across my blog, I hope you get to see more of my posts. Means so much I made you laugh! Like for real! xx

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    • Woo thanks Laura! It’s deffo making me more at ease knowing other people are in the same position as me haha. Glad you enjoyed it and that you get a chance to see some more of my posts to come 🙂 xXx


  14. Saw this post on social the other day but only just got the chance to read it. I can quite honestly say, at 30 years old, I do NOT have my shit together 😂👏🏼 in just embracing the chaos. Definitely going to check out your vlog channel too ❤️ watching vlogs xxx

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    • Yay I’m glad you got a chance to have a read! What social media/account site did you catch it on? Interesting to know for me haha 🙂 SO glad you could relate to it and found it funny! Weird we crossed paths like twice on the internet!? Thanks for supporting me on Youtube too! My links in the post somewhere and in my sidebar…eek – scary but hope you enjoy watching me! xXx

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    • So glad you found your way to my blog and that you enjoyed this post. Relating to stuff on here is what it’s all about for me haha. Hope you get to see some more of my stuff! Thanks for commenting & welcome xxx


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