New Years Resolutions: Better Health, Body and Mind.

Hey peeps,

I’ve just reached 200 followers as of yesterday!! I still get that warm, fuzzy feeling knowing someones chosen to follow me after all this time and appreciate it every time one of you do so thank you for letting me know you’re all there with me!

Now, it’s that time again. New Years resolutions…

           1. Volunteer more


I volunteered for an elderly Xmas party in December and loved it. I was left wondering why I hadn’t done it more as the feeling it left me with was too good not to try and get again. I ended up talking to an elderly man for a good 50 minutes only to be thanked for taking the time to talk to him…my heart.melted.

     2. Make the effort with socialising more


It seems more often than not that plans keep falling through right at the last minute or excuses are made. This year I wanna say goodbye to me using ‘I used to work with them’, ‘we went to school together’ as a reason or excuse for not seeing people anymore. Really, if people make you laugh and have a positive impact of your life: see them more!

     3. Lose weight/Tone up


I’ve put on a ridiculous of weight over the first term of university and over christmas. I did exercise very regularly and if I’m honest, hardcore, at uni – the diet however let me down. I read somewhere that losing weight is 80% diet and 20% exercise so, I was doing it completely wrong – knowingly too. I just got a nutribullet too so that should help!

    4. Stress less


This is, potentially, the most stressful 4 months coming up for me.  I just need to remember that, it’s not the end of the world and that my anxiety/worrying thing I have is just a wasted emotion. Stay Clam.

   5. Look after my skin


Now that i’ve come out of teen stage where spots were a regular thing. I think it’s safe to say that it’s time to start looking after my skin. This means washing my makeup off every night and moisturising at least twice a day. 

    6. Take care of my body more


After I closely escaped having root canal a few months back, I really need to start paying close attention to my teeth. I hate flossing so I’ve got those dental brush that basically do the same thing. Not to bite my nails too.

What’s your New Years resolution? Any the same as mine?!

Love Life, Lexi!

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