8 Annoying People In A Fitness Class

Hello fellow fitness bloggers,

Ever since I started my fitness journey (coming up to a year now), I’ve always attended weekly fitness classes at my university. Since then, I’ve accumulated a number of growing frustrations that occur within the class hall.

I thought I’d share with you as a way of, primarily, venting, and secondarily, to see if anyone else puts up with the following people constantly…

1. Late comers

The class started 5 minutes ago, and a group of chatty, oblivious girls wander in. I know being 5 minutes late might not be a big deal in other circumstances, but in a class environment, 5 minutes is setting up with equipment, warming up and getting your mindset going.


What I don’t need when I’m now in the zone and ready to go, is people rushing round you late, dashing in between everyone trying to find a space and attempting to get the hang of what routine we’re on. Whats even worse is when the instructor has to interrupt the class to tell them they’re too late and have to leave. Talk about killing the moment when you’re about to finish a set!! Be on time people.

2. Space Stealers

So you’ve got there ON TIME to make sure that you, as mentioned before, set up your equipment. Could be dumbbells, mats, steps, whatever class you’re in, but this means that once their placed down, thats your space. Your little bubble to work out in. Now these ‘Space Stealers’ work in a number of ways.

1) Before you even start, they place their equipment inches in front/next to/behind of yours, forcing you to move into a space that you didn’t want.

2) While working out, they’ll shuffle and travel to a spot that they very much prefer, much to our dismay.

3) Sometimes the instructor asks to move equipment to the side, this is their chance to pounce. Since theres no equipment marking where your bubble is, the world is their oyster. Or the gym floor space. They place their ‘innocent, clueless’ self in the exact spot you quite liked. *sigh*.

3. Chatterboxes

As the predominant class takers are female, its understandable that the urges and cravings for a good old chinwag are there. Trust me, I know. But pick your times ladies. There’s nothing worse than having a murmuring background noise when you’re listening in to what exercise is coming up within the next 3 seconds. Oh, yep, missed that transition and first couple reps.

4. Over-Squatters

You can pick these out a mile off. These are the girls that seem to think if you do 5 squats, you’ll turn around and see Kim K’s booty staring right back at you.


To tell who these culprits are, all you need to do is scan the class for someone completely over-squatting, in all the wrong ways. Legs out too wide, leaning forward, hunched over and nearly on their toes. Combine that posture and ‘technique’ with them squatting way too deep for the counts set by the instructor, ultimately forcing them to really struggle with a squat set. I feel like I need to give them a hug!

5. Show Offs

Mostly guys are guilty of this, not just in the gym but classes too. However, the difference in classes is, they’re doing their extra heavy set with those extra loud noises in a confined, closed space with other women present. In a gym, its different, you can get up and walk away, in a class…there’s no escape! Its almost addictive to watch if any more blood vessels are going to pop in their eyes.

Women are guilty too, but they dont ‘show off’ using the same techniques as men. It actually all happens in the water breaks and cool downs. Its almost as if they heard the instructor say “Now time for a competition to see who’s the most flexible by doing some irrelevant over-sexy stretches halfway through the class when everyone else is taking in some water!”

6. Face pullers

Ok, i’m holding my hands up to this one. The Face Pullers can be the grimacers that bare their teeth just to make sure they get through a set. They can be the puffers that blow their cheeks out to relieve the pressure almost. Or they can be frowners that look like an evil rage has overcome them. Seeing as I’m guilty of the first one, I’m not gonna slate you face pullers. Call me bias but, if it helps you get through a set then KUDOS to you!


7. The Farter

Come on, it had to be said. To any guys reading, if you’ve never experienced being in the presence of a lady when she farts, then you need to come to more exercise classes. Bare in mind that not all womens farts are as intoxicating as the ones inside of a class hall. It’s something about the sweat, the heat and perhaps the movement of air from the air con that makes it grow and get almost like an angry smell that won’t fade.

The worst part, is that your worried people will think its you thats let rip when you know its the masculine, boxer lady in front of you and can’t do anything about it!

8. Full Facers

The classic girls that come to pull. Well, try to. They have their ‘full face’ of makeup on, will pout all the way through the session, constantly check themselves out, take a selfie, do everything half-heartedly, and by the end of it, you look like you’ve been dipped in hot treacle, while they haven’t got a hair out of place. Unbenknowst to them, the male instructor their attempting to impress, think they’re just as much as an idiot as I do.

There was a study that proved men find women more sexy sweating at the gym then all done up for a night out. Take note and ditch the lippy!

Do you peeps agree with some of these? Or have any more to add?? Im sure the list is endless….;) Are you a culprit like me (number 6) of any of these? I can forgive, I promise.

Love Life, Lexi!

22 thoughts on “8 Annoying People In A Fitness Class

  1. The only class I take is pole fitness, and everytime I’ve gone someone hasn’t shown up and it annoys the crap out of me. The teacher runs the studio on her own, it’s her business and income and its frustrating when people no show because that’s putting her out of pocket if she had to turn someone else away because the class is full and these people don’t even have the courtesy to text and say they can’t make it. It’s nice to have the smaller class and more 1 on 1 attention but it makes my blood boil everytime she’s like “…I guess ****** isn’t coming so we’ll just start.” it’s just so rude of them.
    The one time I got called into work I text her two hours before and felt bad for the short notice but she was just grateful I let her know.

    Sorry, rant over.

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    • Omg, this annoys me so much too. At university we have a first come first serve booking system, if the class if full you get put on a waiting list. Aka the most pointless list because people dont cancel their spot!!! Ive made friends with an instructor and even though the class is full by stats, we all know it wont be, so she lets me tag along regardless. Its good to rant!! Im a fellow ranter too so go ahead xx

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  2. This is so funny and I can totally picture each one of these in my own classes! The other category that I find funny are the ones that act like they could teach the class themselves… so funny how many people fall into these categories without even realizing it!

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  3. Funny post, Lexi 😀 Personally, what really irritates me are those girls with a full face of makeup who hardly put any effort into anything for fear of looking ‘bad’. Fair enough if you’ve just come from work or whatever, but if not then why even bother putting so much makeup on? I look like a tomato-faced, sweaty, gross mess at the end of my workouts and that’s how I like it! xx

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    • Thanks Conni :), Yes number 8 annoys me too. I don’t think they realise just how much damage they’re doing to their skin my sweating under an inch of cloggy makeup! Even still, if you come from work, chuck in a makeup wipe to at least let your pores breath. Yes, and men love sweat too so embrace it!! xx

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  4. Sadly, I think I am guilty of number 4… but not intentionally! I just cannot get the hang of the squat. If my legs are only shoulder width apart, I fall backwards. So to counter that I either lean way to far forward with my body or I spread my legs super far apart. Honestly, I have no idea why but I just can’t do a “proper” squat. I hope I’m still getting something out of my workout with my version.


    • Sorry Alex, I’ve just seen this. I think all people guilty of number 4 are not aware so not to worry!! Have you considered asking a member of staff or class instructor for tips? You may be causing strain/damage to your back rather than gaining something for your workout! Ive been told i’ve been doing wrong before and they corrected me :):) xx

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      • No worries Lexie! Lots of comments to respond to on a busy blog! I’ve reached the point when I avoid squats when I can. I did ask for help once but the girls answer was very generic and not helpful. I’ll have to ask a different instructor next time I do a class. It’s been a while though!

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    • I’m so sorry, I’ve just seen this my lovely! My previous posts have explained I’ve had a little break over summer so I do apologise. Nevertheless – I couldn’t agree more with you! I’m hoping that come the new university term, I won’t run into the same makeup ridden girls again…but a new batch of freshers are due to arrive – no escaping!x


  5. Wowsa, what about number 9. The judge, jury and executioner!!!

    I think I’m guilty of at least a couple of these but I’ve stopped being annoyed by other people in classes.


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