Why I Have Bad Workout Days

9 thoughts on “Why I Have Bad Workout Days

  1. Definitely spot on! Although, I do not go to a gym. So the pervy men are a non-issue (except for maybe my hubby 😉 ). The two main reasons for me are lack of energy and poor sleep. One of the things on my ‘2016 the Year of My New Beginning’ goals list is to get more sleep. I average about 5.5 hours per night. Definitely not enough for this old body to regenerate! 🙂

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  2. I like your posts. You’ve got some great content on here! 😊
    I’ve replied to your comment on my post. I hope you find me on Facebook as healthy eating isn’t and doesn’t need to be expensive .
    Keep up the good work on here , I’m now following 😊💖


  3. I hear you on the lack of energy. I find the more I workout, the less energy I have!! I also find that if I’m doing two days in a row that the first half of my workout is hard. Loving the blog posts 🙂 xxx


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