The Worst Feelings A Gym Fanatic Will Feel

Hello fellow bloggers,

After the success of my last post, Best Feelings for a Fitness Fanatic, I thought it only made sense to do the opposite for you! And plus, it’s a chance for me to rant again – and I don’t think you’d be classed as biologically female if you turned down that oppourtunity.

Please feel free to comment on the ones you agree with or any you have to add…I’m sure we’ll be here all day…and quite happily too.

1.When All The Equipments Taken



Having to wait to do something at the gym mid-workout is possibly one of the most frustrating things I’ve ever experienced. It’s not like you can do anything to change it either (except move gyms). It’s just one of those things that happen if you turn up at peak times. When I mean equipment I mean everything. Machines. Kettle bells. Squat rack. Even the ab sections full. The other day I had to wait to cool down. What is this!!

2. Waking Up To No DOMS!

For those of you who don’t know: DOMS = Delayed onset muscle soreness. Posh for that achey, sore feeling you get in your muscles the day after. I only used it for a catchy subheading if I’m honest – you know me by know, I’m not all that posh!

After a workout, you’re kind of craving that approval, or acknowledgement that you did a good job. As mentioned in my last post, it’s like a pat on the back. But when you put in all that effort the day before, and get nothing back in return, it feels like you’ve done something wrong!

3. Getting Injured



Ugh. You know it’s happened. You know you’re in pain. And also, in DENIAL. So much so, you end up injuring yourself further…good job. Best way to get through this is to listen your body and treat it with care, that way, you both get what you want which is to workout again!

4. Forgetting Padlock/Locker Coin

You forget just how crucial these little things are. I feel like they’re totally underrated until you’re in the unfortunate situation of not having them. You now become that person who either clutters up the changing room with their stuff, if you’re lucky enough to have a trustworthy gym. I definitely don’t, so if you’re like me – you have two options: 1) go all the way home and back again if you can be bothered 2) or look like a knob carrying your bags/coat/scarf (it’s baltic temperatures here in Portsmouth, UK) everywhere you go.

5. Getting a Stitch



The frustrating thing about these, is the speed they develop at. One minute your happy doing your interval training/burpees – when I say happy, I mean content – and the next, you feel like you’ve been stabbed along with period cramps and what you an only imagine having kidney stones would be like.  Crawling up into a foetus on the floor seems like an appealing thought right now. It would be better with some warning but pushing through is the only way. And I don’t like that.

6. Forgetting activity tracker

Whether it’s a garmin product, fitbit (WOO) or anything else you have, it’s really annoying when you don’t have it on you. Especially when you’ve killed it. You can see where you’ve left it, right on your bedside table, and I’ve turned back many of times to retrieve it. Cos – if you didn’t wear your tracker, did you even gym???

What’s worse than this, is forgetting to charge it. You end up wearing something that’s empty, dead, and completely meaningless. It’s almost rubbing it in your face as karma for not having your life sorted out the night before. Fair play trackers, fair play.

7. All Gym Clothes Are Dirty


Everyone’s been in this situation. The ‘Oh bollocks‘ moment when your gym drawer is empty. Everyone’s done the sniff test too right?…As a student, that’s part of every day life. But when it comes to gym clothes and knowing ‘I’ve sweated in this’, it becomes a little different than sniffing a pair of jeans. Not to mention more pungent. Eventually, there’s always that one top you avoid wearing, either because you don’t like the way it hangs on you, the colour, it’s itchy, too tight ect ect, the list could go on. But, you grit your teeth and wear it. Because quite frankly, you refuse to go wearing just a sports bra.

8. Forgetting Headphones

Do I even need to explain this one? Prepare for one boring workout.

9. Gaining Weight


Sometimes this happens. Whether it’s for reasons that you’re well aware of (having a good old binge) or for natural reasons (time of the month, water weight). It’s a real downer. The only thing that gets you through these times is a positive mental attitude. It was never going to be an easy ride, otherwise everyone would be slim.

10. Mismatching Gym Clothes

This often happens in summer when brighter colours are more acceptable. In the UK, we only have a short time-frame where we can get away with neon coloured gym clothes, but when we do, it can get a little OTT.

This kinda links in with no. 7: when certain gym clothing is dirty leaving you with colours and patterns that are OFFENSIVE to put together, you know you messed up. A voice in your head tells you that it works and you look cute and that you could totally get away with it. When another, louder voice tells you to find a neutral outfit because you aint fooling nobody.

11. Same Trainers

As a fitness fanatic, your trainers are your pride and joy. The apple of your eye. The closest thing to a child you have at the moment (unless you already have one, that would be weird). And to spot the same pair on someone else’s feet is as if they’ve cheated on you. Call me materialistic, but I like my fitness clothes, and having someone else work the trainers – probably better than me – makes me want new ones immediately. NOT FAIR. NOT CHEAP EITHER.


So there’s the other half to Best Feelings you’ll feel, and I hoped it lived up to it! Let me know if there are any fellow moaners out there that have something else that irritates them, or comment on which ones annoy you most!! Love hearing from you all, old and new.

Love Life, Lexi!


10 thoughts on “The Worst Feelings A Gym Fanatic Will Feel

  1. Hahah yes! No DOMS and forgetting activity tracker = heart broken.
    Something else that ALWAYS happens to me is I get zapped by the treadmill, EVERY single time. I only ever go on the treadmill for a HIIT or Tabata type session so am usually hitting the buttons to change speed / incline quite regularly – so I need to use my towel to act as a buffer/insulator so I don’t get zapped. Idk why it’s just me that gets zapped haha 😦

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jesus!! I don’t know if that’s healthy haha?! I wonder if other people at your gym gets zapped too…i guess finding out involves constantly staring at people waiting for them to press the buttons…whilst running….good luck !?xx


  2. DOMs are the most satisfying, yet painful feeling…and lots not even talk about the love/hate relationship with foam rolling. The battery in my Polar watch is out so I have been stealing my sister’s, but she has caught on and said no more.

    Liked by 1 person

    • haha I think I mentioned the love/hate relationships in my other blog post (Best Feelings) but as you said…most things are love/hate in exercise so near enough anything could do in either blog posts right?! x


  3. Probably one for gym etiquette but people who sling their belongings on two machines and a bench because they’re doing a perfect superset really grind my gears!
    Great post – I can definitely relate to most of these. I feel that I’ve failed if I wake up with no DOMS haha


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