Excuses We’ve All Made to Avoid Working Out

Hello you lovely lot,

I’m currently on a 2/3 week break away from my university studies. I don’t know why it’s called a ‘break‘ because I’m still swamped under my dissertation. But instead…here I am…blogging. Moving on…

Being at home has made me realise just how many excuses me and my brain like to make up. It’s impressive. So I thought I’d share to see if I have any competition in successfully avoiding workouts…

1.I don’t have time


The all time favourite. The go-to excuse. This had to be number one right? I don’t think I could feel comfortable publishing this post without it on the top spot.

We have the time to do absolutely anything if we wanted. But life takes over sometimes and your priorities shift slightly. I don’t enjoy reading blog posts that are forcing it down your throat to believe that ‘you’re just being lazy’ and that ‘you do have time you just need to make it’. Partly true, but they’re forgetting we have other things to do at different points in our lives.

It’s ok to miss the one or two workout because you seriously don’t have the time. Let’s just not make a habit of it.

2. I haven’t eaten


I couldn’t think of a worse feeling when your stomachs empty and you’re trying to conjure up energy from somewhere. So to avoid this, I eat. And not go to the gym. As a fitness girl, food will always be my priority as mentioned on my girlie priorities post.

3. I’ve just ate


Typical. Not working out cos you’re hungry, not working out cos you’re full, and before you know it, it’s the end of the day and time for dinner. OOPS!

I know I said that working out on an empty stomach is bad, but I reckon exercising with a full belly is even worse. It’s not natural, it’s not normal, and I now MUST wait at least 90 minutes to workout. And in that time I will most probably eat again.

4. It’s rush hour


Sitting in traffic, bored stiff with a hint of road rage? I’ll pass. Why take twice the amount of time to get there to then arrive in a stinking mood. If you’re British, you would’ve felt the same frustration after coming off of the road at some point in your life.

Also, what comes with rush hour? A PACKED gym. Depending on the layout and amount of machines in your gym, it may be bearable. But for most of you, you start to feel like chickens in a battery farm. And then with busy times comes waiting for a space to cool down or do abs. Annoying and totally unnessecary. Why go then when a few hours later it will be quiet…or I’ll be tucked up in bed. Probably the latter.


5. It’s a Sunday


Even if you’re not religious, the fact that it’s a day of rest is constantly on your mind. Even if you do go for a workout (occasionally I do on a Sunday), it won’t be a maximum effort one…because in the back of your mind niggling away at you, is the fact that IT’S A SUNDAY.

The day that  lie ins are socially acceptable worldwide. Unless you’re a student, then it’s every day. When I think of Sunday’s, I think of late breakfasts in bed, fresh, crisp mornings with a Sunday lunch cooking ready for the lazy afternoon ahead of me.

I guess this post really isn’t going to help with my excuses. I will be doing nothing this Sunday now.


6. I’m ill


I don’t mean this is the hospitalised sense. If you’re that ill, please don’t think I’m forcing you to get up out of your bed to do 15 burpees. Not that anyone would be reading my posts while in hospital. ANYWAYS.

What I mean is, “oo my glands have swollen maybe another day” or “oo I have a snotty nose let’s stay in bed”. What my Mum has always taught me, is that if you don’t act ill you’ll be fine.  Fair enough, if you’re feeling a tad rough around the edges, go easy or even just get up to do a morning yoga session or stretching. Something is always better than nothing.

I should take my own advice.

7. It’s too hot


When summer comes, all the runners amongst us start to emerge. I won’t go into how jealous I am of you all, that’s from my previous post. But for me, when summer comes, it’s a chance for a new excuse to be used.

Some days,  it’s just TOO HOT OK.


8. It’s too cold


Oh yeah. And then it’s way too cold. No way am I leaving my bed to face the harsh winter temperatures in the UK. I’m a student too so having a car is a distant memory (non-existent, I’ve never had one) and I live 30 minute walk away from the gym too.

There’s just no pleasing me… except for the 5 days in the year that are PERFECT weather conditions and even then, I’ll probably come up with one of the other excuses.

9. I’m on


Sorry guys, this ones just for us girls. Period pains can have so much more control over your day then you want them to. When it comes to mother nature , she really does rule the roost. And trust me, I will abide by her and do whatever she wants me to do – listen to your body girls!!


10. But I just washed my hair


You’ve just washed your hair, put in your products and given it some real TLC. And while you’re there for the first time in what seems like weeks, you give everywhere else a scrub down and exfoliating. Feeling like the greek goddess you are, it then dawns on you that you’ll be going to the gym later/tomorrow. All your hard work undone in the first 10 minutes of a workout.

I don’t think this has ever physically stopped me from going to the gym but I’ve definitely thought about it…

So at least I’ve got all my excuses I make down on paper, well blog form…maybe it means I’ll stop using them…maybe not…

What excuses do you make?? Let me know in the comments

Love Life, Lexi!

44 thoughts on “Excuses We’ve All Made to Avoid Working Out

  1. It’s too cold and I ran out of time are my top two I’ve used but I like to workout so I don’t make a habit of not working out. Now that I live in Texas, too hot may apply, we’ll see! 🙂


    • I totally get you, I love to workout too but sometimes I have an off day and find excuses…as do we all. Happy for you having a warmer environment though – from a jealous Brit! x

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  2. “Work sucked and my commute home sucked. Forget exercise – where’s my beer?” This is my number one excuse. I’ve overcome this instinct before, but I can’t claim its easy 😛

    Liked by 2 people

  3. #2 is a huge one for me because I’m usually trying to hit the gym immediately after work which is about 4-5 hours after lunch so I’m going on E. Haha
    But also, I’m too tired!! Haha by the end of the work day I am drained!! So while sitting in rush hour I’m struggling to stay awake! So this easily detours me from the gym. Get this, if I skip out on the gym because of this reason, I don’t even take a nap once I make it home. Makes no sense haha.
    Either way we all have those reasons that convincing us that we will be fine without working out that day and that day, which may lead to weeks and so on. Procrastination at its best.

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  4. I think my biggest excuse I used when I’ve not been active in a sport or the Marines was that I didn’t know how to use the equipment properly. I don’t like to do anything half ass (sorry for the language) but that’s just my personality. If I’m gonna do it, I want it to be right and to do my best while giving it my all. All of these excuses I’ve probably used in the past but thankfully I can say in the last six months no matter what thanks to the bf, we both make it there.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this, it’s really interesting (to me) to see different peoples reactions to see the excuses out in front of them. Er, do you want to make a clone of your partner so I can have someone to knock the excuses out of me!! xx


  5. “It’s too cold” is my main one! This British weather is cold, cold, cold, cold!! Sometimes I wish I was out in the Caribbean, but then I remember the Cream Teas, and realise why I live in Britain! I love your posts!

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    • This is literally me this morning. I’m still sat in bed looking out at such a grey day! But then again, I don’t think I could run in the Caribbean heat..wouldn’t say no to a holiday there is you’re offering?? Thanks hun, you’re the best, always full of compliments! xx

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  6. Periods is the best excuse for 1 week of no work out.

    Oooo….there are the rare ones.
    1. My gym shoes are not fitting.
    2. Exams tomorrow.
    3. Leg pain or head ache.
    4.Too hot in India
    By the way a very nice post. I will think twice before making any excuses. Though I do enjoy exercise these days.



  7. I used to make more of these excuses when I worked a typical 9-5, but since I’ve started freelancing it’s been so much easier to get motivated! I can work out during my lunch break :). I think my biggest excuse is probably similar to the “but I just washed my hair” one – it’s usually that I’m already dressed cute/wearing makeup/etc. and I don’t want to take a second shower and do it all over again. Even more reason to try to get my workouts in earlier!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ah that’s great news that you’ve got time now, I really want a flexible job so I can keep my fitness up in future. hah YAY I’m glad you could relate to some of them, I wasn’t sure whether to put the hair one in as I thought it might come across as ‘silly cos it’s just hair’ as some of my friends tell me! Thanks for commenting xx

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  8. A big one of mine was… “I need to study for my exam this week!” But now that im just waiting for my dissertation topic to be accepted my biggest excuse is…i just hate going alone 😦 and my gym partner doesnt take it serious always.


    • Haha I feel you on the dissertation stresses, mines due in like 15 days and I’m so not ready. Especially as my 21st is on Saturday lol! …and the fact I so often chose blogging over work. Thanks for adding to the, what seems like an ENDLESS list of excuses haha. I think the biggest mistake I make is going to workout with a partner. I know everyone raves about how good and motivating it is, but all of my mates want to do minimal and then chat. We can do that over coffee! Not at the gym! Glad you enjoyed xxx

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    • Great to see you enjoyed it! I know it’s terrible really when you think about it!! Ah can I ask how did you discover me? I can’t see your follow yet and have had a recent problem with follows redirecting elsewhere! xx


    • Hahaha. How could I forget that one! Rest days are so good but at the same time so bad for your motivation right?! Great point, thanks for commenting. And I’m so glad you enjoy my blog!! I have a new post ready to go up on Sunday…hope you get to see it 🙂 xx


    • Glad you enjoyed this – it makes me feel better knowing everyone else is using the same excuses too…is that wrong? Thanks for stopping by though, hope you enjoy some more of my posts xx

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  9. Is it bad that I’ve used everyone of those excuses, multiple times =/. The worse thing is, I’ve used a few of them to stop myself even from signing up to the gym. I really need work on my mental block with exercise/ the gym…


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